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indi123 10-05-2010 04:01 AM

Information on hip pain
Hi all, i was diagnosed last year with osteoporosis after i broke my ankle and wrist after a minimal fall. Three months ago i thought i had hurt my back and ended up in hospital as i could not walk. Since then i am have been told my hips popped out of their joint socket and left a gap which filled up with lots of fluid and was quite inflammed. I still have a lot of problems and the slightest wrong move aggravates the hips and causes quite severe pain. My question is, has this happened because of the osteoporosis, or would this have happened anyway. I am -3 in the hip area.


taape 10-07-2010 10:40 PM

Re: Information on hip pain
Hi Indi123,
Sorry this is happening to you. I don't know whether the osteoporosis caused your hip problems. It sounds more like a ligament problem like these stretched out too far and popped your hip out. I'm not a doctor but I would give your doctor a call. I assume the doctor drained the fluid and put your hip back into the socket. Ouch. Let us know what your doctor says.

indi123 10-08-2010 03:40 AM

Re: Information on hip pain
Thanks for the advise taape. I have been having physio and chiropractic treatment which definately helps. I went for x rays today to see whether the hips are back in their sockets correctly. It will also give the doctor some idea on what my future outlook might be on the same thing happening again. He seems to think that between the osteoporosis and the hips popping out i might need some sort of surgery down the track. He also said he did not think the osteo has caused it. Which was good news.

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