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Sahuja12 10-26-2010 10:20 AM

Please help! How bad is this T Score?
Hi All,

My mother who is 58 has osteoporosis. Two years ago, her overall T score was -2.5. Two years later (after Actonel) its -4.1!!!!!!

She is very thin. About 5'1 and 115 lb!!! She also has a duodenal ulcer and very bad anemia. She is going to go on the yearly osteoporosis treatment now.

I believe this T score is quite severe. She has a lot of back pain etc. IS there anything that could help or reverse??

taape 10-30-2010 03:33 PM

Re: Please help! How bad is this T Score?
Sorry to hear your mom has osteoporosis. I'd say she has severe osteoporosis. My T scores were in the -3's although some spine levels are or were near -4.

If she's not eating calcium rich foods or taking calcium supplements that may be something to try, if her doctor agrees. If she can take walks if her pain isn't too bad that will help also. If her doctor can figure out why she has this then that may help decide what treatment would be effective for her.

Let us know how it's going for her.

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