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Stavia 11-03-2010 08:51 AM

Question About DEXA Results
I had a DEXA done last week. The results show improvement compared to the results from my last DEXA in 2007. 2007 T Scores were: lumbar spine -1.24, left femoral neck -2.39. Last week's T scores were: lumbar spine -1.01, left femoral neck -0.96. This much improvement, especially in the left femoral neck, doesn't seem possible. The only change that I made in the last 3 years was that I switched from calcium carbonate to calcium citrate and I increased my vitamin D intake from 600 units to 1000 units.

Has anyone experienced such huge improvements in bone density ? DEXA mistakes ? I'm wondering whether I should try to pursue this further with my doctor or the hospital where I had the test done.

Thanks for any responses.

phylwill1152 11-03-2010 10:54 AM

Re: Question About DEXA Results
HI Stavia, those are great improvements and you should be very happy with them, but i do have a few questions. Did you have the DEXA on the same machine as last time done by the same tech? Different machines can give different results and even slight differences in how the tech has you postioned can affect the scores. You said switching to calcium citrate and adding more D are the only things you changed, but have you also increased your exercise, added new things to your fitness routine or made small diet changes that you aren't taking into consideration? Small changes can add up to big gains. What did your doctor have to say about your gains? Did he seem surprised? Did you stop taking the calcium for a day or two before the scan? Sorry for all the questions, take care...phyllis

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