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Osteoporosis at young age

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DeeDee1980 HB User
Osteoporosis at young age

I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me understand where to go from where I am now. I am turning 32 next week. I am married and have two small children. I have been a stay at home Mother for many years and my life is all about my family.

As a brief history, I am small framed, white and have a history of spine, cervical issues. I was diagnosed with Idiopathis Scoliosis at the age of 15 and also a small herniated disc in my neck also at the age of 15. Up until my early twenties it never bothered me too much. I wasn't until around 23 that I started having paralyzing spasms that were debilitating for days before I could gain range of motion back.

After I had two kids my pain rapidly increased, and it was all over. I had shooting, stabbing and burning pain all over my neck, down my arms and hands and after I did facet nerve blocks I started having the samekind of nerve pain down my legs. Now I have weakness and tingling in my fingers. I recently had an MRI which shows now 3 bulging discs and arthritis in my spine.

I also have had sever reactions to pain medication which forced me into pain management. That was something I refused for a long time every time my doctor recommended it. She treated me for fibromyalgia to rule it out to no avail. Then she put me on Tramadol. That medication induced a grand mal siezure and it was that point that she ushered me off to pain management. We did cortisone and I got no relief so they put me on percocet. Since no pill is gonna get rid of all the pain they were trying to push morphine on me. I refused every time until I got sick of them trying to get me to take it and I discharged myself.

Recently I got a Neurosurgeon but it hasn't gone anywhere as of yet. I also went to a new pain doctor who is all about keeping my meds down to a minimum and wants me to do another injection procedure to actually treat the discs.

The appointment with the new pain doctor was yesterday. Ironically, when I got home from the appointment I got my mail and in it was a letter from my Primary physician telling my that my bone density shows osteoporosis.

For me this has been a battle I've been fighting since I was a teenager and it has taken ever bit of motivation I can muster to go on with my day to day activities. It has affected every aspect of my life with the most damage being done to my marriage because the pain often prevents me for being able to attend to my husbands intimate needs.

I feel like a women of the age of 50 rather than the young age of almost 32. Osteoporosis is now just another thing on top of another. I don't know what to expect in terms of all of these things combined. Is there anyone out there who can give me advice that relates to what I am going through and how I can achieve a better quality of life in terms of what I can do for myself at home?

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VJ22 HB User
Smile Re: Osteoporosis at young age

Hi DeeDee,

So sorry to read all that you've been through. Sometimes it takes going from doctor to doctor to find one that comes up with a regiment of treatments that can help you not live everyday in pain.
With a family, I can imagine how hard it is for you and your husband.
I went through surgical menopause at age 28 (complete hysterectomy). My doctor told me if I wanted hormone therapy to just call the office and he'd call in an RX. Well, I never called because I had tried them before and they made me shake and gave me a terrible headache.
I went on with my life, husband and kids and had hot flashes for 2 or 3 years. (hellish!) I didn't expect bone problems and ignored aches and pains at forty, thinking it's part of getting old. Also, at that time hormone therapy was being scrutinized and blamed for assorted cancers.
I started having bone density tests about ten years ago, MRI's and xrays for a very sore lower back. My upper back was starting to curve like a hunchback so my friends told me to 'stand up straight and quit slouching'. I was checked for scoliosis and I do have that, also.
All my bone density tests are off the chart at high risk for fractures.
My doctor put me on Calcium and Fosomax and chewing tums. I'm lactose intolerant so no dairy products which I have been off for 20 years.
It seems too late for me to hope to stop osteoporosis as my doctor said all people get it even men (that was suppose to make me feel better!) But I feel by ignoring it, maybe it wouldn't happen to me.
I'm in pain everyday which my doctor really feels it's fibromialgia and has given me pain pills so at least I can keep working. But it's my whole skeletal system that aches! So, I don't know if that's fibromialgia or not.
I just hope your doctor encourages you to keep up the calcium and pills that stop osteoporosis from getting worse. I was told it can't get them back as dense as they once were but it can stop it from getting worse. (I just am not a very optimistic person, I guess, after hearing lawyers on TV sueing Fosomax for causing leg fractures!). There must be others on the market that don't do that.
Please do keep your spirits up which I know is hard! Don't give up on doctors because new meds and ideas are always in a research mode.
Now that I'm a Gramma, I'm starting to get that senior 'attitude' of wanting honest answers from my doctors and pills equal to the pain I'm having (to hide the symptoms!). If there's no cure I don't want to live my life in bed half the day!

Best of Wishes to have a better year in 2112.
Please keep us posted. PM me if you'd like.

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DeeDee1980 HB User
Re: Osteoporosis at young age

Thank you so much for your kind words. I didn't expect a reply so quickly. Right now I'm avoiding pain killers. Since I had my seizure from the Tramadol and had an allergic reaction to Vicodin I was immediately put on percocet. I developed a tolerance and a physical dependence very quickly even at the lose doses I was started on. I was so disappointed that the only med which gave me the least side effects (chronic insomnia, I cannot, I mean to stress cannot fall asleep on my own anymore, even now that I have taken myself off the percocet), also has the highest addiction rate. When I had days where the pain was never ending and I had to take my percocet as prescribed, if I didn't ask for a new script, which frankly I am always nervous to do because doctors give you raised eyebrows the majority of the time when you do, I've had to endure the horrible physical withdralw symptoms that frankly, feel worse then before I was ever prescribed a pain killer. I loath the pills. I get sick to my stomach just just thinking about it.

Before, I was really counting on the facet nerve blocks. When that didn't work I was counting on the neurosurgeon to tell me that I would eventually be a candidate for surgery, before my pain became debilitating again. Now I'm faced with another epidural procedure, which I know when I wake up I will be in alot of pain because I was the first time I did it. I know no neurosurgeon will touch me because of my young age.

Having said all that, discovering I have osteoporosis makes me feel even bleaker about my future, especially when it comes to my family life and my marriage. I know I should probably get into counseling and get into a physical activity like pilates or yoga, especially when it comes to addressing the osteo. I know I am facing having to make some major changes in my life. I just don't know where to start. I can't let myself depend on these medical procedures for all the answers to my problems. but thank you again for your story as it gives me hope that I too can overcome my fear of my future.

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