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  • Doctors committing fraud and lied to me!

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    Exclamation Doctors committing fraud and lied to me!

    Hi everyone,

    I haven't posted in a while but I really need some advice, help and information on how to approach my issue with my pain doctor.

    I am currently looking into finding a new one and thank you lord that i have an amazing pcp who has my back!

    Ok let me start from the beginning. I currently have no insurance but it is because we can't pay the premiums without the taxcut since we are having issues with the IRS.

    Every thing has turned into a nightmare with my Paindoc.
    At around September she started to lower then up my meds every month I. I did not fight this because I knew nothing I would say was going to change the fact plus she doesn't care about the patient, only about money!
    In February I was told if I didn't have insurance by march she wouldn't see me anymore because I was unable to pay for the meds, Urine tests, procedures and visits.
    So right away I started looking for a new pain doctor and called my pcp to let him know what is happening and that I need a good doctor who doesn't play games. Long story short the message I left for my doctor was misunderstood because it went through a few people and as you know the initial sentence changes completely when it reaches the last person.
    Instead my pcp thought I not only needed a new pain doctor but figured I needed meds as well and was so "kind" to bringe me until I went to see him. I saw the mistake right away on my mobile app for my pharmacy and since I had just gotten my prescription from my pain doctor I didn't hesitate one second to call my pcp back and left yet another message that I didn't need the meds because I had plenty. The pharmacy in the meantime though I was doctor shopping and called both my pcp and pain doctor to let them know what was going on and that I wanted extra meds. One day went by and I started to freak out because I knew this can cost me my whole reputation. Finally my pcp called me back and apologized profusely, said he had taken care of everything, wrote a formal letter to the pharmacy and had the red flag removed. He also said that he would give my pain doc a call if anything happens. Which it did.... big time.
    When I went to get my records from my pain doctor, they hadn't even scarend my request in and tried to blame me for trying to get my records in under 2 weeks. Mind you this was after my primary had fixed the issue. So while waiting to have my records printed my pain doctor called me into her room and told me she would see me for cash if I will get insurance sometime this year. I told her ok. I'll come back for my appointment since I had no records to show to my new pain doc. I went in on my date due for the refill, she increased the dosage I was on since I was taken of my LA meds because "l couldn't get them if I didn't have insurance", so I had to make my breakthrough meds last and she agreed to up my dose.
    I put the whole scenario behind me while patiently waiting on my records, my next appointment rolles around. Still no records after two months. My pain doctor got wind of me trying to find a new doctor or at least get a second opinion and came into the room to confront me. Not about my new doctor whom isn't going to do anything unless he knows my history.

    So she rolls in and tells me that she had to lower my dose again, which stunned me because She had just increased them the month prior. Then she pulled all my pharmacy records, which of course where clean and attacks me by stating that "i had fought with my pharmacy 4 weeks ago right after my last appointment, demanding my meds". Bug my primary doctor had called them in 2 months prior and removed it after 2 days. At first I smiled and told her that this was a big mistake and my doctor can talk to her about it if she likes.
    She proceeded to tell me that this has nothing to do with my pcp and that I was the one demanding the meds from my pharmacy going as far as getting into a verbal fight with them.
    I was blown out of my socks and told her again that this was a mistake and that I get along very well with my pharmacy whom I been with for 5 years. They know me by name and had actually called her first to see if this was a mistake but she never took their call so so they left a msg and then called my pcp whom fixed it. He told me that he has records on this incident and they where very polite, wondering if it was a mistake, which it was! Btw I never called the pharmacy nor did I try to pick up the meds.
    By this point I lost it and started to defend myself because she accused me of something that had never ever taken place and was 2 months back, yet she stuck with her story and told me that the way I acted was drug seeking behavior. Are you for real? I am trying to explain something and you are biting my head of about something so far fetched it could be played in s movie!
    She then asked me to sign a release form for my records with my pcp, with I did because this clears my name and then she started writing me a script for, of course 1 less pill a day. I ask her if she had found something in my pdmp wouldn't she just drop me right there and then. She told me yes but that I should just continue on a lower Dosis and stay on it and with her so my name gets cleared with the Feds. Excuse me! First of I just caught you in a lie and secondly there is nothing in the system that would tip of the Feds. I also asked for the pharmacists name so I could let my pcp know about this but she told me that I would incriminate me even more if I tried to dig deeper into this issue.

    Ok Folks I am done with this pain doctor, my pcp told me not to go back and in case she writes something in my records about this he will make sure he clears everything up by sending his records to my new pain doctor.
    I know this is long but I needed to get this off my chest plus I'm thinking about submitting a complaint against this money hungry drug dealer with a license. Isn't it a crime what she is doing to me?
    I appreciate your input....

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    Re: Doctors committing fraud and lied to me!

    H O L Y crap-

    I cannot believe your ordeal!! YES- get your records and/or whatever you need to do to get far far away from this "doctor".

    "Further incriminate yourself"(????) ...... L O L.
    I wonder if she believed you bought that line???.........

    Good luck!!!!
    constant companion pain

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    Re: Doctors committing fraud and lied to me!

    I'm really sorry to hear of all your problems but to be honest, it doesn't really surprise me too much. This is typically of how doctors react in this DEA heightened presence in doctors and patients lives these days. They (docs) tend to jump to conclusions, overreact and jump down patient's throats at the drop of a dime. If your doctor had stopped for a second with the assault and listened to your explanation of exactly how things went down, I think it would have made perfect sense and all this craziness could have been avoided. However, the doc sees two prescriptions on top of each other and boom - you must be a drug seeker. Give me a break! As you can probably tell, I'm pretty frustrated by things like this and have no patience for doctors that don't listen to their patients (hopefully with an open mind). Unfortunately, I would assume they get lied to and have heard so many "stories" that "do" tend to jump to conclusions much to the dismay of all the honest folks out there.

    Good Luck going forward and try to hang in there!

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    Dragonfly Wings
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    Re: Doctors committing fraud and lied to me!

    Oh My Goodness, what an ordeal you have been through! Biggest hugs go to you for sticking it out and remaining more calm and professional than your so called pain doc!

    I honestly would report her! (of course once you have all your records that you require for a new doc). This one does not deserve your time of day let alone bleeding your pockets dry. I cannot fathom why a genuine doctor would play God with your pain medication so much, let alone acting the way she did to you

    Absolutely, do not go back to her. You have done nothing wrong and deserve to be treated with respect! I pray that this woman gets a nice shock that wakes her back to reality and returns her compassion.

    All the best with your journey from here on out!

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    Re: Doctors committing fraud and lied to me!

    If you don't have Insurance or the means to pay her why do you expect her to continue to treat you? Is she supposed to work for free? Because her offices requires there services to be paid for does that make them money hungry monsters? They have bills to pay, employees to pay, machinery to buy, inventory to buy, etc. If everyone didn't bother to pay them, they'd be out of business.

    She did seem aggressive and not a good fit for you. If you get alone that well with your PCP stay with them until you find another Dr., but know that they are limited in the dosage of narcotics that they can prescribe each month, a 90mg morphine equivalent.

    And as for your PCP fixing anything that your old PM Doc puts in your file, be careful that your not buying into the fairy tale that the PCP can do anything. Its not always possible for 1 Dr. who does not specialize, to go into a Specialists field and change or fix that Dr.'s notes.

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