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Merry Dee 05-13-2017 09:49 AM

Trigeminal Neuralgia and stopping meds
Hello everyone,
My husband had been on high doses of carbamazepin, gabapentin, and baclofen for years for his Trigeminal Neuralgia. He once took too many and landed in the hospital for 3 days. While he was there he was sort of crazy but that calmed down when he came home. Finally he had gamma knife surgery last summer and it's been a success so far. My question is after stopping these meds (recently) he's experiencing a lot of mental confusion, almost to the point of dementia. I suspect it's the baclofen causing the problems but it doesn't look like his dosage was anywhere near the levels of the other two, which were mega dosages.
Carbamazepin/Tegretol - 1800mg
Gabapentin/Neurontin - 3600mg
Baclofen - 30mg

Has anyone had problems after getting off the meds? Thanks so much!

tortoisegirl 05-13-2017 02:57 PM

Re: Trigeminal Neuralgia and stopping meds
Sorry your husband is going through this (although glad to hear he got some TN relief!). This sounds like a better question for his doctor and/or pharmacist though. I haven't stopped any of those meds, but I have had issues of withdrawal from many meds. The key is to do a slow taper per doctor's instructions. Some folks are more sensitive so even with a slow taper they may have issues. If I had to guess, it is more likely to be the Carbamazepine/Tegretol causing problems than Baclofen, as it is a pretty heavy hitting med used for seizure prevention, and Baclofen is a more benign muscle relaxer. How many days since he completely stopped them? Were they tapered? The Carbamazepine especially needss to be tapered. You may want to ask his doctor about starting up on a low dose of it if it hasn't been long, then doing a longer slower taper off. Best wishes.

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