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Mamamia III 09-06-2017 03:31 AM

Ever heard of this before?
Hi, new here to this site! I'm hoping someone here can answer a question for me. I see a pain mgm't specialist on a regular basis. This past week at my regular ov visit, he asked me if I was getting any pain meds from another provider and I said no, which is true. He asked me this toward the end of our visit. He went out of the room as if to go check something and came back. He then wrote my pain med script as usual. Does anyone have an idea of what would make him ask such a thing? The last urine screening I had was 8/3 and this past visit was 9/1. There was no screen done on 9/1. Thanks!

Titchou 09-06-2017 03:35 AM

Re: Ever heard of this before?
State law. You can check the code where you live and see what it requires.He may have stepped away to check the pharmacy system to see if there was anything there. There is a reporting system.

tortoisegirl 09-07-2017 05:10 AM

Re: Ever heard of this before?
I don't see any reason to worry from what you've said. I've never been asked that, but I imagine my doctor (and pharmacy) check the state database (which most states have at this point). My clinic prints out all our usual prescriptions ahead of time and paperclips them to the chart for the doctor to sign if there aren't any changes; I imagine they check the database at that time. At my clinic they also have us sign contracts that are very explicit on those types of things (although they thankfully allow us to get opioids from another doctor for an acute pain issue, like dental work, and just call them afterwards).

On a yearly basis they also have us do a survey which is rather silly, asking about things to evaluate our risks, like for addiction and diversion (asking if we have taken more than prescribed, taken someone else's meds, if someone has expressed concern about our opioid use, etc). These sorts of things are a pain, but I try to look at it like my doctor is reducing their risk of having issues with the DEA and such, which also reduces my risk of being left hanging without a doctor/prescription. Best wishes.

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