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babs17 01-04-2018 08:21 PM

IV Hydration Therapy
Has anyone tried IV hydration therapy for chronic pain? Specifically a mixture called Myers?

tortoisegirl 01-05-2018 04:34 PM

Re: IV Hydration Therapy
I've heard of that, but more as something that wealthy folks try to treat a hangover. I don't see how IV fluids, vitamins, and minerals could help most types of chronic pain. And I don't think its a completely harmless thing to try either, as over supplementation and over hydration aren't good things either. I'd assume insurance wouldn't cover it (not medically necessary). I think reports of it helping are possibly a placebo effect.

One thing related to chronic pain that I have heard about IV fluids and such being helpful is for headache/migraine, specifically an acute migraine with vomiting. Also, when I looked this up to see if there were any published studies (didn't find any), all the references were to fibromyalgia, and it was all anecdotal. I could see a doctor offering it just so they would have some other options to offer fibro patients, and as it would have a high profit margin.

If someone thinks they may have vitamin deficiencies, I'd recommend asking their doctor about getting their levels checked. Vitamins B and D are often the first ones thought of, as deficiencies are common. I've tested very low on both, and tried supplementation (even B12 injections) to the point that my levels tested normal, and to no effect on my pain. Magnesium is something else that someone could be deficient in that could impact chronic pain, but probably just headache and/or fibro.

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