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Jchiov 04-06-2019 07:09 PM

Pain pump
Anyone have or know someone who has not had their pain pump removed after it has stopped working.

My mom is 77 yrs old. Had pain pump for 6 yrs. Was supposed to have it replaced last week.....long story but catheter removed but pain pump still in. New one will not be able to be installed. Spine to compressed. Trying to decide if she should have it removed or just leave in. Side effects?

yayagirl 04-06-2019 08:19 PM

Re: Pain pump
Dear Jchiov,

I think you need to ask her doctor what would be best for her in her condition.
You need advice from someone that knows her case. It really doesn't matter what other people have done. Every case is different.

MSNik 04-07-2019 08:57 AM

Re: Pain pump
each case is different and the risks may outweigh the benefit of just leaving it alone at her age....or they may feel that it could cause infection and it needs to come out.

I know two people whos pain pumps were no longer working; both had them removed, but both were under the age of 70.

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