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Liizzy 02-16-2020 04:29 PM

Threw away my breakthrough meds
It didnít occur to me when I decided that I no longer want this tied to the bottle thing that I might be in trouble with pain management. I am on patches, and I had breakthrough medication. I just no longer could deal with pills. I feel just fine with just the patches.. So, I have no intention of going back to breakthrough pills. I want other alternatives to deal with my pain. is this going to be an issue with Pain Management? I donít want them anymore, so I certainly do not want replacement medication.

tortoisegirl 02-18-2020 07:29 PM

Re: Threw away my breakthrough meds
Wow, I wish my pain was that controlled with just a long acting med. It'll depend on your pain doc/clinic. Best case scenario is:

- your breakthrough meds bottle said "as needed" (so you could still pass any UA they may give you with only long acting med in system, vs. if it said take X pills every X hours or X times per day, then its expected to be in your system)

- you don't get called in for a random pill count before your next appointment, and your next appointment and refill date coincide, so they wouldn't be doing a pill count

- you don't have a UA, or if you have one, and it didn't find the breakthrough med, and they asked when you last took it, they don't then ask you to bring in the extra pills you didn't take

There is definitely a potential this could be an issue though, as unfortunately they have to screen for the small percentage of patients who misuse meds, such as those who may sell them.

Also, as a side note, if I was in your shoes, I'd keep getting the breakthrough med every month, and lock it up in a safe (although that isn't by the rules...). I say this because:
- there is a good possibility you'll need it in the future (as most of us with chronic pain don't get better, and if anything, get worse)
- you will likely build tolerance to the patches over time (and are not very likely to get a dose increase with today's anti-opioid climate)
- it would be tough to get breakthrough meds added back in after saying you don't need them (again, in today's anti-opioid climate, there would have to be justification)

If anything, you could be honest and comment you haven't been needing to take them often, and the doctor may then cut the quantity back a bit.

Remember to be super careful with pain management stuff, as a seemingly small mistake can screw you over big, and for the long term. Best wishes.

MSNik 02-19-2020 06:45 AM

Re: Threw away my breakthrough meds
Talk to your pain management doctor! Their goal is to keep you comfortable but they don't want you on pills any more than you want to be on them. They may have some suggestions for you..

Good for you!

jim4RZ 04-18-2020 10:44 AM

Re: Threw away my breakthrough meds
Liizzy, have you tried already something against a pain?

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