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BrittleBones 04-24-2021 05:29 PM

Suboxone used for pain medication
I don't see any current messages on the Pain Management board. Perhaps there is something wrong with my browser, but the most recent post is from 2010! It used to be a very active board. I'm trying to get feed back from folks who switched from oxycodone to suboxone to 1) get off the roller-coaster of oxy and 2) still needed something for chronic pain. I was on 900 mg. morphine-equivalent dose of oxycodone daily for more than 2 years. I stopped taking the oxycodone in July of 2020 and started taking 16 mg of Suboxone a day, then went down to 8 mg. per day and now I'm on 4 mg per day. I'd like to go down to the next lower dose (2 mg) but I'm afraid my chronic pain will get worse and that I'll feel the effects of withdrawal. Has anybody gotten off the Suboxone completely and continued their life without any kind of opioid pain medication? Thank you.

ShaneF 02-15-2022 08:33 PM

Re: Suboxone used for pain medication
Been on for years after taking high doses of Oxy. I play the game of 1/2 of 4mg strip one day, then 1/8th the next, only to go back up to a full on other days. There are many underlying issues I need to deal with right now, so making such a leap (quitting or tapering) isn't wise I suppose. Funny, but Ive yet to meet someone who has actually gotten off of Subs, regardless of pain. It's got an opioid in it and that will usually suffice for chronic pain which may be why I haven't met one yet. lol

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