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  • 100 mg propoxyphene + 650 mg acetaminophen

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    Old 12-18-2003, 06:18 AM   #1
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    mouse62 HB User
    100 mg propoxyphene + 650 mg acetaminophen

    Not sure if this belongs on this Board, or the Addiction, or Women's Health -- I have a very MILD case of endometriosis, but occasionally it is severe pain, to where I can't walk without pain, other activities produce sharp stabbing pains, etc. The four OTC meds that I know of (aspirin, acetominophen, ibuprofen, & naproxen) did little. I tried Ultram 50s 2x a day and they worked better, but my doctor decided to prescribe me Darvocets instead. The dosage is a 100 mg propoxyphene + 650 mg acetaminophen tablet 2x a day as needed. Now, is this something to be concerned about as far as physical addiction? When I came home from work last night I felt sweaty and irritable until I took my evening Darvocet. I've only been taking them a for a week! Any comments are welcome.

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    Old 12-18-2003, 08:29 AM   #2
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    Re: 100 mg propoxyphene + 650 mg acetaminophen

    My PM doc put me on darvocet to start out with when my pain started with my herniated L4-L5 disc. I was on it for about 4mo. before i needed to be switched to something stronger. It is on the mild end as far as narcotics go and most docs say that it has a lower physical dependency rate because of that but i've also heard docs say that it's chemical makeup is quite close to that of methadone and so is therefore more prone to it so who knows. I do know that if you are on a narcotic continuously for a week to 2 weeks your body gets use to having it in it's system. I'd say since you have only been on it for a week that maybe your body is trying to adjust to the meds because sweating is a side effect of narcotics, or you could very well be having mild symptoms of withdrawal. Everyone's body is different so it's hard to say.

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    Shoreline HB UserShoreline HB UserShoreline HB UserShoreline HB UserShoreline HB UserShoreline HB UserShoreline HB UserShoreline HB UserShoreline HB UserShoreline HB UserShoreline HB User
    Re: 100 mg propoxyphene + 650 mg acetaminophen

    Hi Mouse, Darvecet N100 is the absolute weakest pain med that can still be called an opiate. It's 1/100th the strength of methadone and in the same family as methadone.

    If your only taking 2 a day. I really doubt physical dependence could occur, Addiction is completely different and entails a whole set of negative, destructive behavior. It's not like you have a constant serum level that you may have to stop someday. With only two pills a day there are 16 hours a day that you have nothing in your system aside from a little residual med.

    I imagine it's possible that if you took Darvecet every night for several weeks it may be hard to get back to your normal sleep schedule right away but still very doubtful you would experience any thing other than the mildest withdrawal imaginable.

    Ultram can be miserable to discontinue but it's a unique med that has many properties. That's likely why your doc discontinued the ultram. When it first came out it was touted as a safe and non addictive pain killer. Since then docs and patients have learned differently. It has properties of opiates and antidepressants and neither should be discontinued abruptly.

    I would think with only 2 pills a day there is no way to become physically dependent on Darvecet. If you ask the same question on the addiction board you probably will get a different answer. Recovering addicts often believe that there is no safe amount or med that can't be abused. Some people will abuse Darvecet given a quantity enough to actually do so, But if your strictly using it for pain, not hoarding it so you can take several large doses rather than 2 pills a day you should be fine, but I guess anything is possible. It's not a drug of choice because of the large amount of Tylenol in it and the extremely weak opiate though.

    If your concerned, try skipping a couple days a weak to ensure that your system doesn't become accommodated to it. This way your body will be completely purged of the med and should prevent you from becomeing physically dependent on it, not addicted, but physically dependent. Anyone of us that use opiates around the clock, long term are dependent, that just means we would experience withdrawal if discontinued abruptly, but an addict wouldn't be satisfied with what one doc gave them, they shop docs, get multiple scripts from different docs, Buy from the internet, take them as they like and do their best to catch a buzz on them. I haven't felt anything even resembling a buzz in about 10 years. That feeling goes away fast but the anelgesia will remain even after you don't feel a med kick in or wear off.

    The only way to continuously catch a buzz on any opiate is to continuously increase the dose. I've only needed one increase in the last 4 years after adjusting the dose to where It relieved about 50% of the pain and the side effects were bearable. No pain management doc will shoot for 0 pain. The only way to maintain a 0 is to increase every single month, and no doc is gong to do that.

    The level of function and quality of life I attain through the use of meds is worth the trade of being physically dependent. If they could fix my back and relieve my pain I would simply taper off and wouldn't go through cold turkey withdrawal the way an addict does when he runs out and can't get more soon enough.

    I've been on opiates almost 4 years straight and never had the desire to buy extra from the street, Internet or doc shop. I've never run out early or taken more than prescribed. The meds simply allow me to function with 12 screws and 8 rods in my spine.
    If I were ever to start any type of addictive and destructive behavior, I know my wife would call my doc in a heart beat and I would be cut off completely. So complying with docs instructions is an absolute must.

    Good luck, Shore

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    Old 12-18-2003, 09:47 AM   #4
    Join Date: Oct 2003
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    mouse62 HB User
    Re: 100 mg propoxyphene + 650 mg acetaminophen

    Thank you for the answers! I'll just note that I was kind of relieved that the dr. chose darvocet over ultram or ultracet because I have heard a lot of negatives about the latter (which is a relatively new drug I think).

    I also know that I am lucky that I am in mild pain, and not all of the time either. And my situation does have a permanent solution -- hysterectomy -- but my doc recommends putting that off until I'm near 50 as long as I'm not in bad pain.

    I really hope that all of the advances in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals can help everyone who comes to this board to at least get the pain level down below a "5".

    Old 12-27-2003, 05:12 PM   #5
    Senior Member
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    boaz HB User
    Re: 100 mg propoxyphene + 650 mg acetaminophen

    Dear Mouse,

    I read your question and my suggestion would be to get off the Darvocets and take something called Meclomen, it's a strong NSAID and it's great for menstrual cramps, which I have bad, and was told endo also (their guess) the Meclomen is great and works wonderful, between that and Yasmin I have mine controlled pretty good. And I'm 37. Before Meclomen I'd take at least 1200 mgs of ibuprofen a day during my period, and they never helped with the flow like M does. It reduces the flow and length of time..I was a 7 day heavy flow from day 2 on. Now I go about three days if that and light flow. It's great and beats surgery if you can avoid it.

    Old 07-28-2005, 07:37 PM   #6
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    evelyn1 HB User
    Re: 100 mg propoxyphene + 650 mg acetaminophen

    mouse, what is meclomen? i have tried ponstel, naprosyn, and cataflam for cramps. all give me GI distress. does meclomen have side effects?

    Old 07-29-2005, 04:26 AM   #7
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    feelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB User
    Re: 100 mg propoxyphene + 650 mg acetaminophen

    If you only have a mild case of endo, why would they even consider a hysterectomy?Have you had any lap procedures done to try and get rid of the crap?i had this done when I was 16,and was having horrid cramps that would knock me down onto the couch with a heating pad.After three years of reoccuring pain and many many GI tests, they finally sent me to a gyn and he knew as soon as he did the pelvic that I had a good case of endo.since having the lap done and getting the cysts and other stuff cleared out, i have not had any reoccurances of it.i still get some nasty cramping but since i am on narcotic therepy it is much more tolerable than before.By the way, my gyn Rxed darvocet for me then really was the only thing that helped.i do think that he did the right thing with giving you that instead of something else.And not having to take any Ultram is a big plus.At only two darvocet per day the tylenol is not even an issue.hope it helps.I know endo just sucks.marcia
    3-22-01,herniated C-6-7
    11-20-01,placement of hardware for failed fusion
    9-22-03,removal of cavernous hemangioma that was inside spinal cord. Neuro damage to L hand L leg and R leg.

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