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sublimejg 04-08-2004 06:17 PM

Oh the joys of wearing a soft cervical collar..ggrrr
Hi Everyone that might caere,LOL
My doc scolded me for not wearing this crazy thing so i went today and bought one!!!!
I know it is suppose to be to my benefit but i hate it!!!!!!
Am i suppose to wear this at night as well as during the day?Do you guys think i would be able to take it off for a bit during the day or will it be better to keep it on more often than not?
I know i should have asked him but i didnt really plan on buying one,LOL..Then today i thought why not...
I am currently wearing a hand brace with the metal stuff in the center and my thumb sticks out of the side..I know it is imparitive to give details of all my symptoms so they can diagnose me properly..Just wanted to throw this out there and see what you guys think..
My pinky and ring finger will not bend all the way down to make a fist it feels like they will pop outta place if i were to force it..Well since wearing this brace on my hand my middle finger index and thumb feel very stiff but am still able to make them bend down to the palm..I went for MRI today and tomorrow is the dreaded EMG..I am still having tremendous amount of burning below my neck that runs across the shoulders..I am taking ibuprofen 600 mgs 2 at a time every 6 hours..Flexeril 10 mgs every 8 hrs..vicoden 5/500 2 every 5-6 hrs..It seems it isnt stopping my pain as of yet!!!!My doc says if it is nerves gone haywire these pills wont stop the pain..My conclusion is that its definetely a nerve problem at this point..I am wondering why am i taking all this if it isnt gonna work anyway??I have an appt for a cortisone shot on guys think this will be a good idea or not?? I know i have alot of questions here,LOL..I am new to all of this and really want to do whats right not end up doing more damamge to myself...I have read where surgery doesnt seem to do much except lead to more surgery!!!I have read about all kinds of cortisone shots just wondering when i go to be an advocate for my own health care what would you guys reccomend/??I just woke from a nap so i will be up for a while.Any response as always is greatfully appreciated!!!

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