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waiting4acure 06-13-2004 12:06 AM

First visit to Pain Management on Monday...
Good evening...errr morning! I have fibromyalgia and Monday will be my first visit with the doctor pain management. I have been suffering terribly :rolleyes: with this for almost 2 years and seen over 56 doctors. Most who don't believe, others who try, but just don't understand. There are those who understand, but have little :bouncing: patience. Why? Because they truly don't understand "PAIN." A Rheumy was my most recent doctor. But she has you wait 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours every visit. Many times 20 to 40 minutes spent with med reps. When I do get in she stands over you as if to say, hurry more money coming from Jane next door. I have everything written down and she basically ignores that and rushes me through verbal descriptions. If she would only read the 2 paragraph description of pain and meds she would have a great understanding of what has gone on since last visit. Her choice and my choice to move on.

Now that I've explained what is bringing me to the Pain Management office, I would like to know what kind of experiences you, you and you have had with them. Good, Great, any bad?

Do shots help? :confused: What has pain management given you that helps some, a little or a lot? :confused: Any diet changes suggested? :confused: Exercise, therapy? :confused: But pain med so that you can do those exercises? :confused: My rhuemy says exercise , but not med to get you moving from the awful :yawn: pain.

Any help will be most appreciated. ;)

I hope you are having a pain free day. :wave:

Kayley 06-13-2004 11:17 AM

Re: First visit to Pain Management on Monday...
[B][SIZE=2]Hi there!
As I read your post, it could have been me who wrote it. I've been to almost as many doctors as you have in the last three years. My current pain management doctor was so nice at first. He seemed to be the only doctor who truly understood what I was going through. But, and you knew there was going to be a but here, huh?LOL At first, I was consenting to anything he wanted to try, out of desperation. He did epi's, trigger points, and shots I forgot the names of. None of these things helped me, and since the epi's, I have back pain I never had before them. Before them, all my pain was located around my chest wall and under my arm. that I'm not consenting to any more shots, he is no longer the compassionate doctor he was at first. He is pushing me to have surgery, which I have decided against. It's a long story, but basically the neurosurgeon told me although my wrap around chest pain MIGHT be able to be cured, there is nothing he can do for my back pain. And to me, it's just not worth going through a big surgery only to be left in pain anyway. I dread each appointment with him because he just sits there and tells me how good I look, so I must be doing well. If being housebound most of the time is doing good because the car ride hurts me, then I guess I am. As long as I'm consenting to all the expensive shots and procederes, he's the greatest, most compassionate doctor. If all I want is meds, he can't wait to get me out of there. I'm afraid to look for a new doctor because I'm afraid they would not give me the meds I need to semi-function. I know all doctors aren't like this and I hope yours turns out to be one of the good ones. Let us know how it goes, ok?
Kayley ;) [/SIZE] [/B]

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