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vamp36 04-21-2005 07:39 AM

Neurontin patch
I suffer from bad nerve pain and liver pain along my rib area. The nerve pain is from the retractors injuring my nerves during my galbladder removal. I am on Oxycodone as needed. I also just the second nerve block done. (They aren't helping by the way). My PM doc wanted to give me a patch to also help with the pain. He said there is a new patch out - called the Neurontin patch. Unfortunately they could not find a pharmacy that has it stocked here yet. THe hospital will be getting some in for me. So in the mean time he put me on the Lidoderm patch. It only helps a little bit. My skin gets really numb though! Is anyone familiar with this? I cannot find any info on the net for the Neurotin patches.
ALso he is checking with other PM clinics to see if the have any type of nerve blocks or anything for a more permanent effect. Right now he gave me shots of stuff inbetween my ribs. I have ended up in MORE pain within a week than before I had them done. DOes anyone have any experiance or ideas or advice? Thnaks, TIna

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