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  • Blinded Pain test Nerve blocks horrendous

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    Old 04-26-2005, 07:01 AM   #1
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    Blinded Pain test Nerve blocks horrendous


    Just curious if anyone has had a nerve block where they donot know
    what is being injected
    This procedure was horrendous, They started with an IV which again
    they put in my foot as they cant get as vein anywhere else.

    I had this block last Friday and it was done via an Xray machone while
    they guided in 2 needles one either side of my lower spine, I heard
    T12 and think that may be it isnear there.

    They then after inserting the needle on each side poked and proded so
    that I screamed on the table on the left side, this didnt stop them,
    the nurse was clutching my arm
    he then got the needle at the base of my spine on the right and poked
    it so that I screamed in pain, I was off the table even though I was
    lying face down, he proceeded and I just lay there and cried he
    continued with no offer to stop or help with pain relief.
    I have had this procedure done before and I was sedated by a pain
    specialist enaetshtist,. This guy was also a specialist pain team
    he carried on for another 15 minutes, and then asked if my pain which
    was the normal pancreas pain for which I had to reduce meds to get it
    to be high for this test, was better. I replied it made no difference
    and I have no idea as it is a blinded test what it was.

    They then put me in the other side of the recovery room, and I lay
    there crying in pain for 30 minutes to which they did nothing. I got
    up got dressed and said I was going back to the ward so at least I
    could get my own meds and try and get the pain down myself.

    He then came over and said that, he had learnt
    alot about my pain, I asked him to tell me, he said not here, I didnt
    feel good about this, he said that he would see me in 2 weeks in his

    This saga of unrelenting pain has been going on since they removed my
    gallbladder 6 years ago. The pain has never relented, I have even had
    my splanchnic nerves cut to try to ease this with no let up.
    I have had feeding tubes, long stays in hospital multiple scans tests
    etc you name it.

    My pain is worse at night, bad if I eat or even drink water,worse if I
    lay down. It fluctuates from a 4 to a 8 on average even with morphine.

    I now get the feeling because of these tests and the fact that he may
    or may not be able to find / prove the location of my pain via
    scientific test, that I am going to get a response that says that my
    pain is not there or is not real etc blah blah

    Now I have examined this logn an dhard , and you begin to wonder if
    they are right etc.. But then the pain bores through me again and I
    know that its there.
    I would want nothing more in my life then to to know, experience no
    pain for a day or more in my life, but it hasnt happened.

    I am unsure as to what to do now, whether to request all my full copy
    of medical records and look through them so I can begin to try an
    dwork this out myself, and find a cure for this pain.
    I dotn know how I will handle goign to see this pain guy again by
    myself especially if he gives me a baloney line re my pain.

    I said to him at the start, I wont to be rid of the pain, the
    constipation, and the depression from this pain that has been going on
    for 6 years. I told him that pain, etc or constipation can put me in
    hospital at any time. Constipation put me in for 43 days last time,
    they gave me a drink pico prep and I ended up on fentanyl, and
    epidural and feeding tube,

    he only gave me this choice eg blinded pain tests, I said well I have
    no choice do I .
    I dont feel that there is any compassion with this guy and me whcih
    was identified with him continuuing last Friday when I was crying in

    I have tried to work out what may be best, a pain pump? duragesic
    patches?, neurontin, I dont know.

    I am just tired of this, and here in New Zealand they do not have EUS,
    PET scans, a scretin test or many speclialists who know anything about
    pancreatitis and especially in my case where there are no
    califications, and I have also had the first Thorascopic
    Splanchnicectomy which should have worked for 70 percent of people to
    cut the pain down but it did not for me.

    I have run out of avenues to ask

    have done a lot of soul searching on this one eg re my pain. I had
    to do these tests in the mornings when my pain is nowhere near as
    bad as trhe night eg after 5 pm.
    In order to have a lot of pain, I foolishly went without meds for 24
    hours and th eweek before last wehen they did these tests with drugs
    on me I was in a 7, what happened is I went home, and that night I
    was by myself as my partner was working, I couldnt bring my pain
    down, it had got to a point I couldnt cope anymore and it was
    increasing still. I took fats release morphine at 10 times my daily
    dose, and still it was climbing. I live an hour away from a hospital
    and I was too scared to go myself, In the ned at 9 pm I called my
    partner he was almost home as I was goign to call an ambulance.

    To reduce these pain meds took an awful lot of courage on my behalf
    to submit myslef willignly to pain that I may not be able to
    I told him last week and teh week before that because I did this I
    ended up chasing the pain both weekends and I was off work all last

    with my last pain specialist, he cared a lot and I felt like I had
    no choice eg this was the only option that he gave me to help with
    my pain.

    So I said well I have no option, so i agreed going in totally blind
    and comign out each time in worse pain.

    I lay on that table crying and after and they chose to do nothing
    and there were a nurse a radiopgrapher the pain guy and his student.
    He knew I was in pain. afterwards all I could say to him was what
    was the point of that test?????
    I thought he would do a block that may stop my pain even for a
    day.......not what he did


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    Old 04-26-2005, 12:07 PM   #2
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    Re: Blinded Pain test Nerve blocks horrendous

    Oh my goodness! I feel like I just read the script of a very scary horror flick! I feel for you. I wish I could say more than that. I've had very bad back pain for 4 years and have thought I was bad off but after reading this, I am sitting here with my jaw near the floor. Bless your heart. I hope things improve for you immediately. Stay strong.

    Old 04-26-2005, 01:17 PM   #3
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    Re: Blinded Pain test Nerve blocks horrendous

    I have not posted on this board and a long time. I have had the procedure you said, but I have heard about it. I think nerve blocks take awhile to work and are extremely painful afterwards. They don't always worked but if they work it's not an immediate sort of thing. My experience it's best to be highly medicated for any procedure, as they always cause an incredible flare. They may work eventually are they may be just make things worse. Sometimes you have to try them, but it's always hard on me. Under going something like that when you already cut your base medication, sounds really cruel and painful and horrible.

    Did you have to cut your base medication or did you want to? You asked what works and I think cutting your base medication is the worst idea. I've just gone to three months of suicide flare up pain, from doing too much dental work and moving around too much. I have a lot of spinal pain and my flareups are attracted and seemed to involve a lot of nerve sensitivity and muscle spasm, that isn't always experienced this muscle spasm.

    We Trying other new drugs and I couldn't tolerate them and I should just increase my base medication. Sticking to that, has works better than any of these other drugs including fentanyl and Methadone. I know he was trying and I wanted to try these drugs, but boy did they send me for through a loop.

    For people are hard time tolerating drugs morphine in one of the many long acting forms is often the easiest. It may not be the answer for you but I think it's a good starting place. I do have a bias. I also think muscle relaxers are really important for pain. Pain is so stressful and something like Valium really helps. Not just mentally but with the muscle pain that comes with any kind of pain. Taking more Valium healthy get through horrible procedure is more than taking more opiates. The opiates might dull the pain. But the muscle relaxers allow me to undergo a little bit more battering. For me any procedure is battering, because I can't do much any more my body is very delicate. I don't think doctors really understand what these procedures due to someone who has chronic pain. As simple visit to the doctor is hard.

    Your story is really moving in terrible. I feel so bad for you and I suddenly don't have the answers. You're in New Zealand and I am in America and we have very different options probably. This pain should eventually come down, but then you have to deal with your base level of pain if the nerve block doesn't work. I just wanted to say how sorry I felt for you and how terrible your story sounded. It's really hard to get through something like that. It can be very discouraging and you have to remember that it will always be this bad and somehow you will get through it.

    I've just gotten through a five-month flare up. , trying all these new drugs was a terrible mistake but I kind of wanted to try them. Not only did they not help because I couldn't take enough of them, but I had all these side effects. So it's been a hell of the time and I didn't know if I could stand it some days. The best help us resting and time and taking the drugs that I do tolerate.

    Don't lose hope!!!
    Bone spurs and degeration c1-6; radiculopahy; Pain in shoulders, neck and arms

    Leg pain (l5, L4) - probably spine related


    MS Contin, Valium, Neurontin and Soma

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    Re: Blinded Pain test Nerve blocks horrendous

    Boy do I know what you went thru. Look at my thread titled "did I fire my pain doctor? I had the worst experience, like you. I have been to my family doc twice now consulting with her as since my last epidural, I called my pain doc to tell him of increased pain, etc. and guess what? They didn't give him the message for 3 days, then told me He said he wanted to do another injection. I basically told them to get lost. My family doc said keep appt. this thursday and tell your pain doc exactly how you feel and if you can't get anywhere then we will do your meds for you and find you another pain doc. My pain doc only works in this clinic now for 1 half of a day now. So If you have any problems they make you wait till that day even if its 6 days of waiting. sucks it does, and i will tell him as he already told me to report him to the hospital for not doing anything about the pain he caused doing the injection. I will report him even if that means finding a new doc to handle my Avinza perscriptions. I am so fustrated as you at this system and how can they keep hurting you like that when you are crying? My family doc says we don't even treat our pets that way. She is also going to call him, hopefully to ream him out.
    So anyway, talk to him about what upsets you as I am going to do the same. I have a male Pain doc and my family doc told me how to talk to him.
    Good luck, don't put up with that crap, its not right.

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    Re: Blinded Pain test Nerve blocks horrendous

    Hi Debs~
    I am so sorry about your pain and wish there was something tangible I could offer to assist you in your 6 year struggle. The Nerve Block you describe is unspeakably sad. I hope you find relief for your pain and a physician who is technically superb and compassionate. You are in my prayers tonight. I am new to the HealthBoards and will be looking for you here. Take Care ~ Joybird Lynn

    Old 02-08-2012, 08:04 PM   #6
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    Re: Blinded Pain test Nerve blocks horrendous

    Hi Debs~
    I am so sorry about your pain and wish there was something tangible I could offer to assist you in your 6 year struggle. The Nerve Block you describe is unspeakably sad. I hope you find relief for your pain and a physician who is technically superb and compassionate. You are in my prayers tonight. I am new to the HealthBoards and will be looking for you here. Take Care ~ Joybird Lynn

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    Re: Blinded Pain test Nerve blocks horrendous

    We are not supposed to recycle old threads.
    Champagne for my real friends & real pain for my sham friends! (teehee)

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