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NaeNae 05-03-2005 03:20 PM

UPDATE: Codeine and Codone?/Need new opinion
I know there might be a seperate board or two to ask this question, but this is my main board, and I love getting Shoreline's-and everyone else's advice that I know!

I take Norco 10/325 for my back pain-3 Herniated Disc's + something else we don't know (PT thinks if Fibro, OS doesn't believe in it). Anyway, I've been on it several years so I'm about up there as far as tolerance goes. I have to cut down sometimes, or go off it completely for a week or so (I am also prescribed Ultracet) and take the Ultracet. But it doesn't take long for the tolerance to build back up-we all know how that is.

Anyway, I got strep throat this week (after both my kids had it last week and the week before). They also had bronchitis, so I started with the cough last night and when I went in to my PM today he diagnosed strep and gave me Prescription Robitussin (10ml) for my cough that's getting pretty bad. I didn't realize it had codeine in it, I just thought it was a stronger dosage, you know like when they prescribe Ibuprofen or something. I thought Tylenol was the only cough syrup you could get with Codeine (is that the same thing as Tylenol 3?). So I was surprised to find it had Codeine in it, and the pharmacist said to take it at bedtime, it'll knock me out. Now is Codeine in the same family as Codone (as in Hydrocodone?) Should I not take my dosages near eachother? And last, if my tolerance to Hydrocodone is somewhat up there, will it be the same with Codeine?

Thanks for anyone that can help me out!

adam2180 05-03-2005 04:50 PM

Re: Is there a differene in Codeine and Codone?
i can't speak for the RX robitussin, but i know when i take Tussionex which has hydrocodone in it it knocks me out, and i have somewhat of a tolerance to pain medication as well. I think hydro is about 4 or 5 times stronger than hydrocodone though so with your tolerance i don't think it will knock you out. I've taken other cough meds with codiene in them and they didn't seem as strong as Tussionex. hope this helped.

Shoreline 05-04-2005 05:15 AM

Re: Is there a differene in Codeine and Codone?
Hey Nea nea, The small amount of codeine in the cough medecine isn't likely going to have a dramatic effect on the present opiates that you take. Hydrocodone was developed in the 20's by simply adding a hydrogen molocule to codeines structure. This created an opiate about 10x stronger with less stomach upset and some other slightly different side effects.

There is only 30 mgs of codeine in a T-3, and even less in the cough syrup, so it's not a huge source of additional opiates. However the antihystamines and Robo itself are more likely to interact with your present meds and make you feel a little funky not to mention being sick with a cold or the flu has always made me feel more out of sorts since starting on LA or daily opiates.

As far as 10 mgs of codeine havng a huge interaction, NO, but having a cold, while taking opiates and adding the other ingredients in cold preps on top may be more impairng than you thought. Be careful driving and performing activity you would normally feel safe doing while on your present meds when you have a cold or flu and take cold meds that have robo, anntihystamines, decongestants or expectorants.The combined effects of the other meds in robo and your present meds are much more likely to cause impairment than simply taking 10 mgs of codeine on top of your present meds.

Hydro has about 10 times the anelegesic effects of codeine so your really only looking at adding at best the equivelent of 1 extra mg of hydro by taking 10 mgs of codeine. But their anti tussive effects are fairly equal.

So it's not really the codeine itself that would cause a problem but the combined effects of all the ingredieants along with being sick and taking opiates daily that you have to watch out for.

Although hydro is a much stronger pain med, Codeine still has excellent anti tussive effects, "cough supression", So it's still used in cough remedies. They do make robo with hydro, but it carries more potental for abuse than it's codeine counterpart, do to the increased strength of hydro. It's not particularly a better cough med as far as anti tussive effects but has the desirable qualities of hydrocodone that people look to abuse.
Hope your feeling better soon.
Take care, Dave

NaeNae 05-04-2005 09:59 AM

Re: Is there a differene in Codeine and Codone?
Thank you both for your replies. I took it soon after I posted and was surprised at how it did nothing really-didn't even help my cough too much. I didn't feel any different while taking it-not tired or anything. So I still took my Hydro as directed. Off topic, it's been almost 24 hours since my antibiotic shot and I'm feeling worse, my glands hurt even more, today I can't swallow hardley at all today. So far the best thing to work as far as the pain in my glands is 800mg of Ibuprofen.

Thank you both for your advice and get well wishes!

NaeNae 05-05-2005 08:11 PM

Re: Is there a differene in Codeine and Codone?
Well, I'm back, hoping ya'll could help me some more! I know this doesn't have to do with my regular "Pain Management" issues, but believe me, I'm in pain!

So Monday I went in with what I thought was Strep Throat. I get it often, once in 2002, once in 2003, then again this past December, now again. Besides it going around the house-everyone catching it once (dh), twice (3 y/o), 3 times (6 y/o). We're not getting away! So basically, I'm familiar with how it feels. So I see another doctor (since mine was booked, and I actually liked the new doctor better!) and he took one look in my throat and didn't run a culture, just said by looking at it, he can see Strep. One thing I forgot to mention to him was my left tonsil never went back down after my first case of strep and I still have 2 white spots on the back of my tongue. So it's alway swollen. But it seems everytime I get strep, it's not so much my throat that hurts, it's the glands and swallowing. My kids also had bronchitis and I was starting to cough real bad, so he figured it was the start of bronchitis. So he diagnosed strep by looking at it and I got an antiobiotic shot. I know from my previous experience with this, is I start to feel better with half a day of the shot, the next day-alot better, but not 100%. So I was also given some Prescription Robitussin-Cheratussin AC. Well, that was all Tuesday, and yesterday (Wednesday) the cough syrup wasn't do a single thing. Last night (Wednesday night) I didn't sleep on hour because every time I layed down, my glands hurt even more and my ears would hurt like an ear infetion. Then, about 5am, I started seeing cloudy out of my right eye. I go to the bathroom mirror and I've got pink eye! Green "stuff" and it's also not only pink where the white should be, and not only does it have the gunk, it's become red on the lid and under my eye. Within a few hours, it's swollen. Then, by morning, I've lost my voice. I still didn't feel sick, sick at that point, just hurting to swallow and hurting my ears.

Now, normally, I take Norco 10/325 4x a day for my back, and my doctor's office is real strict at refills and such, so I can't take extra. At the beginning of the week I was taking 800mg of Ibuprofen + Dayquil Cold and it was working ok. By today, I've got a swollen pink eye, voice half way not working, by now severe pain in my glands and ears and a gigantic headache from the whole thing. So I called the doctor again, knowing I shouldn't feel this bad after an antibiotic shot. The nurse called back and gave me another 5 days of antiobiotics to take. She said she gave me a stronger cough syrup, too. Looking it up, it doesn't seem any stronger. I had Cheratussin AC to Mytussin DAC. After taking it tonight, it again, doesn't seem to help the cough. My big problem is the pain in my ears. I remember the first time I had strep, my Dr. gave me Vicodin for the pain. This was before my accident and I had to take Norco as a maintenance med.

Is it normal to ask for a pain med for earache & strep throat? Is this usually given to anybody else for strep? I wanted to make another appointment tommorow to have him look at my ears. From my head up, I hurt.

My other question is if I am able to get something to help me through the next few days, will insurance cover that? They obviously pay for my monthly Norco, but if I add another pain medication to supplement what I already have for obviously a totally reason, do they deny that type of a thing? What if it's a different strength? For all few times I'm taking my pain med for my back, it's not helping with all the ear, nose, throat pain. That's so constant.

Or does anyone have any advice on maybe this not even being strep throat?

Thank you all for help!

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