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  • Dave can you share your wisdom with me

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    Old 07-22-2005, 02:41 AM   #31
    Join Date: Jun 2004
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    zandy HB User
    Re: Dave can you share your wisdom with me


    Great info as usual, much appreciated. I learn something new every day here.

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    Old 07-25-2005, 01:14 AM   #32
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    Torley HB User
    Re: Dave can you share your wisdom with me

    Hiya Dave

    I have been very calm about my explanation of the
    Previous pain doc **** man and his treatment, called him
    Unprofessional, no communication, compassion etc today to the pain
    Psychiatrist as well.

    I got it off my chest and was very serious in what I said.
    Lol the Psych said no reason for you really to see me at all unless
    You want o come back one day. She called me a strong person, which I
    Am when I am well enough, but I also said his treatment was
    Unethical didnt follow procedure and I wasnt informed and still am
    Notes were omitted from my records etc. I said the one good
    Thing was that I now have a very good pain doc and that was the

    I proceeded to tell them also the damage that. This pain do did to
    My relationship and partner. I stated that I now would no longer
    Involve my partner in what was happening re my treatment as the
    Previous doc had done so much damage. This I agreed is isolation but
    I have a clear objective and that is to get off these oral meds and
    Get a pain pump t get rid of pain and adverse effects I have.

    I called medtronics today and will talk to them tomorrow arvo re teaching my pain doc the pain pump and SCS. So I am onto it told him he can learn and use it on me.

    I also have him doing the intercostal block in next few weeks and then possible trigger point injection whereby they can hopefully prove surgical damage etc so I am making progress

    he was very impressed with me throwing away my antidepressants sleeping tablets etc and said thatís great and good I said I know grin. Now for the rest I said
    They have doubled my dose of neurontin and have now yahoo changed me to oxycontin which is now subsidised.
    Haha he enquired how my mum was

    I said well depending on whether I get the pump etc she made need to rarck your boss up and come back he said oohh good. He said she hacked some of the nurses off by complaining to the duty manager I said well they werenít doing there job werenít qualified for even a pca on that ward and the hospital needs a pain ward. They donít do anything until u arrive and you saw that when you ordered the ketamine and 8 hours later I was still sitting in regency. I said they donít do anything until you arrive. You saw it then he said yes I was annoyed I said just like that is what they do when you are not there. I said your mission should be to keep me out of this hospital I hate it and if I end up in here my Mum comes too he quivered so you donít want that sheís like a rottweiller!!!! She gets action unless you are the squeaky wheel it doesnít happen.

    I told him and the Psych doc today the pain pump was my objective and to prove that this is surgical damage etc and to get it sorted I wont stop until it is

    Lol I said u are doing the intercostal block arenít you not the old nasty pain doc he said.. I said u no one else I donít trust him. I said u wont stuff up he said he has once a pneoumthorax but I said u wont with me ... he said itís obvious in sometimes minutes. I said wont happen to me ....
    He love research and as he is head of Dept I said well I have found the Medtronicís man he wanted to know the name I said I will get that for you. I said you could learn and I could be the first here!!!!!

    So all in all we are making progress heaven help the old pain doc if he ever darkens my door as I have yelled loud and clear to all who listens in that team how bad he is so I think they are watching him like a hawk.
    I also know that he has as I understand learnt from this experience..... I called his ethics and procedures and informed consent into question which he breached many times and damaged my relationship and made me worse. Those psychs were appalled as he has left me with even less support then I had due to his stuff ups with my partner!!!!

    I wonít forgive him AND I wonít forget him. I think I have made a loud enough noise that they will be watching him closely and now that my pain doc has seen me like my normal self he can see I am reasonable and not good in a hospital situation in pain..... I believe I have lucked in

    I also have seen a gastro today he said I have seen top surgeon in NZ he knows and respects and he asked how I found him I said through him I checked u out. He will check for pancretaitis again, liver, kidney blood tests celiac disease and he thinks most likely my probs are caused by surgical damage.

    Which they all think now to agree next step is to prove it via intercostal block and then to get them to write it then I make a claim and its a no fault situation and I am then ok and will get the pain pump.



    New Zealand

    Old 07-26-2005, 01:26 PM   #33
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    Torley HB User
    Re: Dave can you share your wisdom with me

    Hi met with my PM doc my nice new one what a difference he is a reall blessing
    he has scheduled the ontercostal block for the next few weeks to narrow down the pain eg somatic viceral./ If it is viseral they will do a series of trigger point injections to see if that helps.
    I also am now onto medtronics and and have told him th enext step if its found to be surgical damnage or visceral is a pain pump I am pretty clear about that.
    I have told my doc he can be the first to do it in his hopsital and on me

    I also saw the gastro and they are testing for celiac, pancretaitis and others but he tends to feel I am the result of surgical damage done via laprascope...... a good lesson out there for anyone who has the option of gettign there gallbladder removed is to have it done withough a laprascope there are just too many things that can go wrong

    I am now in touch with th emedtronics rep in NZ and amd gettign info sent to my doc and me and him to cal lmy pain doc to explain how these pumps are done and work.
    LOl I told him that dependign on teh outcome of the intercostal block and the pain pump eg whether I get them then my mother may need to make anotehr visit aka as the rottweiller to rarck the Head of Depts up he laughed. I sai dyou dont want me in your hsopital as my mum comes too lol. He laughed. I think he realises my mum does nto have caller reluctance.


    New Zealand

    Old 08-01-2005, 02:28 AM   #34
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    Torley HB User
    Re: Dave can you share your wisdom with me

    Does anyone else get repeated outbreaks of ulcers and boils on their neck and face. I seem to get these over and over.
    Its darn annoying. I take diflucan and I even try ciproxin. If I had soem acyclivar I would have taken that for the coldsores.
    I have just stared back at work and its not a nive look
    I am not patient waiter gonna chase up the intercostal block tomorrow.Need soem action want to get to the bottom of this pain pump etc

    Also have to do some blood tests and others for the gastroenterologist

    I have also enrolled to take part in a TM seminar


    Old 08-10-2005, 02:43 AM   #35
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    Torley HB User
    Re: Dave can you share your wisdom with me

    Link between high cholesterol and pancreatitis help ?
    I have just been ring by my gastro specialist who was in a panic to
    say my lipex is 8.82 and ldl is 6.48 should be 3.3.
    I have in th elast 2 motnhs had ahead injury, been put on neurontin,
    gone off paxil, immovane, and reduced nortryptiline and changed to
    oxycodone. I am wondering if there are links and also with use of
    enemas????Also pain does that cause stress on the heart like this and removing the gallbladder
    I have never had this before. I am curious to know whether there is a
    link between pain pancreatitis and cholesterol. does anyone know
    been trying to decipher all the scientific stuff.


    Old 08-19-2005, 11:00 PM   #36
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    Re: Dave can you share your wisdom with me


    my cholesterol was um lol due to 4 lattes noone told me it was a fasting test

    I went to the psych today shes kinda nice. I bumped into my pain doc
    and asked him WHEN is the intercostal block happening.
    he said ooo thats another dept. I shook my head,

    My appt was with the Pysch. I layed it on the line said my
    constipation is so bad I take up to 9 fleet enemas and then maybe
    maybe not I will go. MY body is no longer absoprbing vitamisn and
    iron from my body and bowel. eg I have an iron count of 4 should be
    24. I said that my partner has been thru enough and I risk losing
    him , The previous pain doc I said has done irrecoverable damage to
    our relationship and the way eh decsribe dmy pain being wind up and
    controllable by my mind. This ha sleft me isolated and I can no
    longer talk to him as he fears or worries what or when I will end up
    in hospital. I sai I still have no plan in the ER. I said do I need
    to complain get my mum to send an email it on the floor what to get
    soem action, I explained taht I am running out of enrgy and am at
    the point of giving up. My partner ha said last week his life is a
    misery he cant plan anything ahead.He feels miserable. he also sais
    taht I have so many problems eg and implied maybe I am the problem.
    All of this hurt me very deeply and I know that before that botched
    gallbladder surgery my life was great. I apologised for being a
    burden, theres not much more I can do as I explained to them. I need
    the pain implant, I have had my nerves severed , the new meds they
    have given me have left me in mor epain on top of no energy, severe
    anemia and low hemaglobin. I said I dont want to be back in the
    I explained I risk losing everything if something is not done, and
    since the nasty pain doc I now no longer can talk with my partner, my
    mum who I talk with goes away for 6 weeks and I am alone then.

    I said do I need to yell, lie on the floor ??? is it just being
    brushed because I am walking or I look good????

    She then said that I am the only one they deal with that has or can
    do the pressure job I do

    I said well, I have run out of energy.So I think I will ring mum
    tonight and get hd rto email the top guy and state it like it is....
    It seems to be the only way, going quietly does nothing.

    I said the pain is wearing me out, and enrgywise I am at teh end. I
    need to resolve and sort this . She was going to talk to my pain
    doc. But i think hitting the top may be the only way.



    Old 09-01-2005, 03:24 AM   #37
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    Re: Dave can you share your wisdom with me

    Well I emaile dagain the director of anesthesia and laid my case otu and what it means , eg the severe constipation and teh damge done by the old nasty pain doc and my strivign for a pain pump
    I asked him yet again fr the intercostal blcok date, I was nice , and I asked him to please help me before I lose my partner etc due to this pain.

    It seems it must have worked, I missed the call but they are lookign at schedulign me now at least. I told him my new pain doc was great the old one caused so much damage to me.
    So I will keep you posted

    I am also seeign aneurolgist next week, about my head but also about the pain he works at teh same hospital and I have seen him once before. So i figure well its worth a shot


    Old 09-01-2005, 04:53 AM   #38
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    Re: Dave can you share your wisdom with me

    Hey Debs, I don't think the doc that described ppain widing up being in your head really dscribed what pain wind up actually is.

    Pain wind is caused by uncontrolled pain it causes a cascade of otheer chemicals "neurtransmitters, GABA, ,NK-1, substance P which all send your NMDA receptors into overload and they start firing off randamomly and uncontrolled.

    Ketamine works because it blocks the NMDA receptors, stops them from firing, sending the pain signals to your brain and the cascade of chemical changes. Yes this is going on in your brain, but it's not something you can control or mediatate to stop a specifc receptor in your brain or body from being over active. It's not something you have control of or should be able to control. It would be like saying watch this, I'm going to mentally drop my blood sugar from 120 to 60, It's impossible not a controllable thing.People ca drop the blood pressure and slow their heart rate but that's a different part of your neurological system.

    So the all in your head DX is from docs that don't truly understand chronic pain, all the elements involved and confuse the activity that gos on in the brain of a chronic pain patient that causes these things with something that can be controlled.

    Yesterday I saw a guy on TV "Ripleys believe it or not" have a root canal under hypnosis, It's a very fancy trick, that requires great ability to meditate, and take yourself away from your body and the pain, however you can't turn into your mind and meditate like that and live a normmal life, at some point you have to cme out of that trance and interact with the real world.

    He did well for the first 40 minutes and eventualy screamed when he lost the ability to control the pain. This was like a zehn yoga master that spent weeks prepairing fo this and the hypnosis was done by the dentist that truly believes in the power to escape external sensation by turning completely inward or by leaving your body somewhat through guided imagry, yoga techniques and hypnosis. Unless you are able to live and function in that kind of hypnotic state, is the only way your could control all your pain without meds for any length of time.

    Sorry I haven't posted alot lately, been trying to get things taken care of in my part of the world. I hope the next block brings some relief, and you find some answers to the head injury and things work out with your partner.

    I'm not always great about returning to long threads so you might want to start a new one if you can't seem to get my attn here.
    Take care, Dave

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