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srnelsen 05-31-2005 04:41 PM

C5 Nerve Block
I was wondering if someone can tell me if there is a difference between a C5 nerve block and facet injections. I had cervical facet injections of I believe anaesthetic and steroids a couple of years ago. My new Doctor wants me to have a C5 nerve block.

Shoreline 06-01-2005 02:55 PM

Re: C5 Nerve Block
Hi Nelson, a facet injection is more of a local ensthetc that covers the netire facet jint. A nerve block will ause numbneness along the ntire path of that specic nerve dermatome. If you can find a dermatome map on the internet it shows you where each nerve originates and what portin of the body that nerve supplies feeling too. LIk e down theback of your arm, ove rthe wrist and your two lesser fingers. Just an example. LIkely the block wil be felt along that nerves path where a facet injection is simply to relieve pain localized to that facet, caused by facet atrophy or hypertrophy or disfunction of that joint.
Good luck, Dave

76Owls 06-02-2005 01:04 AM

Re: C5 Nerve Block
Don't the facet injections burn the nerve roots? I just had those done and that is what I was told. I had bilateral facet injections in the L-5, S-1 area. If the nerve roots are burned, it is supposed to take about 2-3 years for them to grow back. And even after that, the nerves may not "remember" that they were "in pain" or causing pain.
I probably just confused everyone...Sorry! :rolleyes:

Shoreline 06-03-2005 12:49 PM

Re: C5 Nerve Block
Yup, ya confused me Burning the nerves is called RFA, facet injections are local nerve blocks, DId you have a Facet Rhizotomy, that would be one name for the destruction of the nerve it if they didn't use the term RFA. They normally do a medial branch block prior to RFA or a Rhizotomy to determine if it will be helpful.
2-3 years is pretty generous for any nerve ablation procedure I'm aware of. Radio frerquency ablation or Rhyzotomies can start to regrow in as as little as 4 months.

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