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  • Time Released Lortab[Hydrocodone]

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    Old 06-09-2005, 01:56 PM   #1
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    Time Released Lortab[Hydrocodone]

    I brought this up a long time ago,about why hasn't there been a pharm. CO. that has come out with a long term med with hydrocodone.I know a woman who has chronic back pain,and she was on lortab for a while,and her doc. switched her to the patch[25 mg] because she wasn't getting as much relief as she was in the beginning.That didn't help,so the doc. raised the dose[patch] to 50 mg. and she said all she did was sleep,so then got changed to m.s cotin 15 mg. That didn't help,plus,it upset her stomache a great deal,then tried oxycotin 20 mg 3x a day,she was still complaining of pain,and asked the doc. to be switched back to lortab. I know peaple responed differently to hydrocodone vs. oxycodone. Some prefere hydro. over oxycodone,or vise-versa. Does anyone know of,or think theres a reason for there not being a long term hydro.?

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    Re: Time Released Lortab[Hydrocodone]

    Ive wondered that myself Hatter, and Ive also wondered why they dont come out with a "Tylenol-Free" Hydrocodone tablet. All they would have to do is make is Class II b/c of the abuse potential w/o Apap in it, just like the Oxycodone tablets are. I found the relief from Hydrocodone to be somewhat better than the Oxycodone, but I cannot take Tylenol products on a regular basis because of Liver problems.

    We (my doctors office & I) did try some of the Compounding Pharmacies various scripts with low Apap mixed with the Hydrocodone, but truth be told the main reason I think that my doctor didnt want to continue with it, was it really was a pain dealing with the Insurance & Pharmacies when it came time for a new script (my insurance co. is INSANE). It really did get to the point where Hydrocodone just became too much of a hassle, so unfortunately, onto the Oxycodone Options I went

    Of course we tried the LA Oxy first, but it was just leaving too many gaps in pain, and I didnt even feel pain relief for 8 full hours, let alone 12. It seemed that my doctor didnt want to do BT meds at all, and I understood b/c it was just piling up more scripts compared to the Hydro which worked so well. And so the best comprimise in effectiveness we found was the 5mg OxyIR tablets. Yet, it still does not have the same effectiveness for my pain that Hydrocodone did, despite the fact that its supposed to be "stronger." Youre right, that people react differently, so it makes it all the more curious why there arent more options out there....especially when you add in the side-effects that people experience into the question!

    Now after having decent relief from the Oxycondone tablets---but not quite as effective as the Hydrocodone was---and having been on the OxyIR for some time now, I am starting to get strange side effects, like weird Spasms around my body, as well as a sort of "bloated" feeling in my body like Im holding water or something...its hard to explain, and is starting to really bother me. However, I had none of those problems when I was using Hydrocodone for Pain Management, it was just the Tylenol (even in lower forms) was something I shouldnt be on.

    I think youre right, that having a sort of alternative Hydrocodone tablet, like an LA Hydro or an SA HydroIR---the options Oxy has---might be good solutions! I dont understand it either Hatter, why they never released such a product. Im even inclined to think that for me, something like a 5mg HydroIR w/NO Apap might even get rid of the Spasms & Bloated/Water Retention-type symptoms I think I have been experiencing from the old-standard 5mg OxyIR tabs. Good Questions!

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    Re: Time Released Lortab[Hydrocodone]

    I wish they would make one also. I take Lortab 10/500 for BT. But I wish I could just take the Hydro in a LA form. The previous post is correct, Hydro is a Schedule 2 without the APAP. I have considered having it compounded with a lower amout of APAP. I'm also worried about the insurance freaking out about it. You would think with all the prescriptions writted for Hydro products that a company would come out with a LA version. Who knows though. Guess we will just wait.

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    Re: Time Released Lortab[Hydrocodone]

    Wilson, just a thought here but they do make a form of hydro that is lower in tylenol than your current version.It is called Norco and only has 325mgs of tylenol along with the 10mgs of hydro.You might want to mention this to your doc and get a change in your Rx.Marcia

    Old 06-10-2005, 09:49 AM   #5
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    Re: Time Released Lortab[Hydrocodone]

    Yeah I know. I've actually have taken Norco 10/325. Its weird beacause every Dr is different. My old Dr would give me Norco, but this DR is stuck on Lortab for some reason

    I actually have an appt with a new Dr soon, so hopefully my meds will change. I still think it would be good to have LA Hydro product though..

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    Re: Time Released Lortab[Hydrocodone]

    I'd be the first to get on it if they made it. I don't respond at all to oxy or any form of morphine but hydrocodone works for me. I too don't like the apap that is probably going to really mess my liver up good. I think one reason the LA hydro isn't considered is the cost of hydro is so low. Maybe not much profit for it.??

    Since morphine or any of it's kind doesn't work for me and the hydrocodone I'm taking is not doing the job it once did..what next? I've been on it for at least 5 yrs. I now have a messed up shoulder that looks like at least a year of rehab (pt) as well as surgery. Never knew the shoulder could be this complicated. Since the accident (fall), I'm still on the same dose of hydrocodone and between the back problem and the shoulder issue...I'm not comfortable at all. Any help ??? The shoulder issue is a slap lesion 2, rotator cuff tear and frozen shoulder. I started out wiwth a broken humerus at the greater tuberosity then once healed...the rest of the soft tissue damage was dx. Surgery is in my future. Also, smashed my hand and will be seeing the hand surgeon this week. If both need operated on, they get a one shot deal on it..fortunately, it's all on the right side. I'd be screwed if it was left hand and right shoulder.

    Any suggestions on what to talk to doc about regarding pain managment changes?

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    Re: Time Released Lortab[Hydrocodone]

    Since nobody makes a LA Hydrocodone and doctors seem to be stuck on a certain drug manufactures whether it be Norco, Lortab, or whatever, you can do what I did several years ago. I was taking Hydrocodone instead of the more potent LA opiates. My doctor would simply write the script for Hydrocodone 10/325. My pharmacist when then fill the script with the generic they used. In my case it was Watson's version of the 10 mg Hydro.

    I remember I did email back and forth with a guy who was having a compound pharmacy make up his meds with his doctor's script. He got his hydro 15/80 and it was still a schedule III. I was unable to find a compound pharmacy in my area, so I didn't pursue it. I did call my insuarnce company (Blue Cross) and they said they would cover it under my plan. It would be considered a mail order drug, which we have the option to do. I use it for my maintainence drugs, such as Cozaar, Nexium, Lexapro, etc.

    There are ways to get higher doses of Hydrocodone with lower apap, but they tend to be more expensive. That's why the insurance company considers them a mail order drug, which has a higher co-pay. Maybe some day soon, they will make a true LA Hydro.

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    Re: Time Released Lortab[Hydrocodone]

    I have been on compounded hydrocodone 40 mg for about two years now. I have to have it filled at a compounding pharmacy. It has been very effective for me. I have trouble with oxy as it makes me very irritable and causes me to have very vivid nightmares. I can't explain it, but the hydro doesn't have those side effects. Apparently, from what I understand from other patients of this PM doc, the compounded hydro is frequently prescribed as he sees that many benefit. The compounded hydro is prescribed for taking every 8 hours. I find this about true, as I get about 7 or 8 hours of relief. He also prescribes norco 10/325 for B/T pain. My PM emphasizes the importance of limiting the tylenol component due to potential damage to the kidneys.

    I have been surprised that no one else ever mentions being prescribed this compounded hydro. I know that it is commonly prescribed in this area. With 2 or 3 compounding pharmacies in town, it is not a problem to have it made. It is a little costly at about $140 for 90 of the 40 mg., but my insurance pays 100% since it is a generic product. If your insurance doesn't cover it, I know that this may be a problem for you due to the cost.

    For you that have problems with oxy, like me, it may be worth discussing this with your PM doc.


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