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lindao1 07-08-2005 11:53 AM

Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
Hi Everyone!

It's been awhile since I've posted but I do try to keep up with everyone. Hmm, seems like there aren't many of the "old guard" around anymore. To all the new folks, I would like to say "Nice to meet ya!"

Anyway, for those that do remember me, in 2003 I had a morphine pain pump implanted but due to complications, I had it removed. This first experience with the pump was a true nightmare. Well, I guess I'm a glutton for punishment cause I'm trying it again! I've already been thru the psychological eval and will have my first trial on Wed., 7/13. I go into the hospital Wed and will be discharged on Thurs.

I was shocked to learn that my insurance company actually approved this second request for the surgery. I didn't think they would! I guess I'm really fortunate in that respect. Another good thing about this second go-round is I will have the new, smaller Sychromed 2 pump implanted instead of the old, larger one that I believe Shore has. By the way, Hi Shore, :wave: hope you are still doing well with your pump!

I (and my pm dr.) agree that the pump is my last resort. I've been thru every procedure and med available over the 5 years I've been in pain management. So this is my last ditch effort to obtain some semblance of pain control. These past two years since the first surgery have been horrible. I'm to the point of actually looking forward to having the pump again. I just hope and pray that the surgery goes well this time.

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know the latest and to let others know that even though I had a difficult time with the first pump, it didn't completely sway me away from it forever. I will post my experience as it goes along for anyone that is interested in the process.

You all have been like family to me over the years and I'm so grateful to everyone that has lended me support. May I ask again that you say a prayer for me that this time, things will go as planned. I wish each of you a pain free day as possible. Take care and God bless. Linda :D

Shoreline 07-09-2005 06:54 AM

Re: Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
Hey Linda, Good luck and it's no crazy to try again. My frst trial was a total failure and that was a 4 day in patient saty, They increased the dose very 12 hors bt implnating the cath caused a spinal flid leak so it was hard to tell between the vomiting and splitting headache. It took a good 9 monhs to be willing to do another trial, almost long enohg I had to do some fast talking not to have to do another psych eval and MMPI. I assured them I was just as crazy as before but no ore. ;)

It does take time to find the right med, Evven in trials, If morphine isn't the med for you, there is dilauid, f dialudid doesn't work, you have fentanyl and Sufentanyl, all the meds are in the 3 completely different classs of opiates with unique properties, There is also Prialt and the adjunct meds to tinker with. I do envy the 40ml resevoir in the larger synch 2, But swithcing from morph to dilaudid allowes me to go 85 days between refills instead of 28.

I truly hope this one goes better but remind your doc there are other options if a morphine trial doesn't go well. Docs may prefer a particlular drug, but they should be able to adjust to a patient that responds better to one of the alternatives.
Take care, Dave

Kayley 07-09-2005 10:33 AM

Re: Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
Linda, my friend! It's so good to hear from you! It's been awhile since I've posted also but I've tried to keep up with everyone too. I will be praying that this time the pump will work for you. You are so brave to try it again and I really admire you for that!

So did your SS ever go through? I remember they lost your file and you had to re-apply a couple of times. I finally got my work comp settled but I'm still waiting on my money. My lawyer has to tie up a few "loose ends" first.

Good luck to you, my friend! I look forward to hearing back from you soon!
Kayley ;)

twisten 07-09-2005 07:12 PM

Re: Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
Howdy Linda, I've been wondering when you'd pop back in again. Glad to see you did decide to try the pump trial again. I hope it works this time for you. As Dave said, make sure you remind your docs there are other meds to try if one fails to work. Take care and let us know how you make out. I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday. :angel: Marcy

lindao1 07-10-2005 11:45 AM

Re: Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
WOW! Thanks everyone for the encouragement! It means a whole lot to me.


Good to hear from you my friend. Thanks so much for saying I wasn't completely "crazy" for trying this pump thing again. LOL! I keep thinking about how well you seem to be doing (as well as can be expected anyway, eh?) with your pump. It gives me such hope. I can only pray that this time things will go as planned. I realize there are no guarantees, but gosh-darn it (that's putting it mildly ain't it?!), I sure would like it to work right for a change. LOL! Shore, I hope things are going good for you. How is your wife doing with the Arnold Chiari syndrome? Has she had surgery or what exactly are they doing for her? Anyway Shore, you have no idea how much courage you give me (and many others I'm sure!). If you can survive all that you've been thru, then this measly pump surgery is nothing. I've always looked to you for advice and now bravery! And yep, I pretty much keep you on a pedestal my friend! Again, it was great to hear from you. Oh, by the way, when your pump battery wears out, will you be able to have the new pump put in or will you have to stay with what you have? Just curious. Please take care and thanks a million!

Kayley!!!!! What a pleasant surprise to see you here again! My how I've missed you!! How is your pain doing? I hope things are going well for you. I can't believe you remembered about the SS mess! And I'm still going thru it. Right now I'm waiting for a hearing with the judge. Waiting and waiting and waiting! I guess I'll be six feet under before they get around to me (that would make them happy wouldn't it - ha!). I'm so glad to hear your W/C nightmare is coming to an end. Yeah! If I remember correctly, I received my money about a month after the settlement date. It was a loooong month! Thanks so much Kayley for responding to my post. I often think of you and Tiddgys, Pixiepoodle and Sharon. Hope all is well with them too. It was SO GOOD to hear from you! Please let me know what you're up too lately, OK?Please know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Twisten! Hi there my friend! Been awhile hasn't it? I do try to keep up with folks on here but the pain gets too bad to sit in front of the 'puter most times. I'll try and do better when this pump ordeal is over. And yes, I will keep everyone updated, hopefully with a "success" story this time!! How is your pain doing? I hope you are doing well. Thanks so much for your good wishes and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers on Wed. Take care dear!

Thanks again everyone! Your concern and support mean so much to me. I'll do my best to stay in touch as much as I possibly can. You guys and gals are the best!!! With love, Linda :D

Shoreline 07-11-2005 08:38 AM

Re: Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
Hey Linda, They will simply replace the old sunchromed one with a sycnhromed 2, they should be able to leave the cash in place so it shouldn't be a big surgery.

My wife is doing very well, thanks for asking. They did some major med changes and we discontinued some we felt weren't helping and we were right. But now with Toppamax for the seizures and headaches, she hasn't had an episode since January, I think?
They treat the pain and symptoms with occipital blocks, trigger point injections and Botox and pain meds PRN. The facial and mouth numbness has improved and no more seizures so she went back to work 2 months ago.

I really think the whiplash from th car accident is what caused the onset of symptoms, She might not have even been DX if she hadn't gotten whiplash. It just makes sense that it's going to pull the brain stem deeper into the base of the skull from that type of injury. We are a long way from cutting a piece of skull out and she's doing very well.

The Fossamax seems to be working for the osteo P, no broken feet or ankles in the last year which is amazing and a record for her.

Keep us postd about your trial.
Take care, Dave

lindao1 07-11-2005 11:10 AM

Re: Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
Hey there Shore!

I think it's great that you'll be able to have the Synchromed 2 pump next time. Lets hope it works well for the both of us from here on out!

I was SO glad to hear that your wife is doing better with "The Arnold" - ha! No seizures since January - wow - that's great news! It's amazing how just tweaking meds can make a hugh difference, eh? I'm sure with your knowledge and experience, you were a big help in deciding what to keep and what to take away. Thank God for you Shore! For a short while, I went thru those occipital blocks - not alot of fun but they do help tremendously. I remember the dr. giving me a big, stuffed teddy bear (don't laugh!) to squeeze when they did those kinds of blocks. Believe it or not, but that raggedy teddy bear helped get me thru several blocks! Hee!Hee!

I don't doubt that you're right when saying the whiplash could have precipitated this kind of syndrome. People that have never had a severe whiplash can't quite grasp what an ordeal one can be. Like you said, she probably could have gone awhile before actually being dx'd with the syndrome. So many people have it and don't even know it til something like this happens. And then, too, some people never know they have it. Weird, isn't it? I'm glad to hear she's not at the surgery stage yet. Just remember, I've been there and I survived quite well. Have not had any problems whatsoever since the surgery. And as far as brain surgery goes, it wasn't all that bad really. So if she ever does get to that point, reassure her that it sounds scarier than it really is. Isn't it ridiculous that I went thru major brain surgery just fine but the dumb pump surgery was an ordeal. Go figure! LOL! I do hope and pray that she will never have to have the surgery.

Shore, yes I will do my best to update on the trial and hopefully implant. I remember with the last lst trial, I developed a horrid headache which skewed the results. How frustrating that can be! I guess it was a spinal fluid leak, but I sure don't want another one. I will again emphasize to the dr. how bad it was the last time and hope he will do something different to avoid it this time. I specifically remember the dr. telling me to get up and walk around after the trial, and then, boom (!), got the worse H/A of my life. Yeech!

Again, Shore, thanks so much for your support! I am going into this with a positive attitude, despite what happened last time. I'm determined that this will work! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. LOL! Take care, Shore and know that you and your wife are always in my thoughts and prayers. Linda :D

Kayley 07-11-2005 11:24 AM

Re: Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
Linda, I gotta tell you I so admire you for your courage in going through the pump surgery again. You are giving me inspiration. I was so against getting the pump and now I'm actually considering it. My meds aren't working as well as they used to and the doctor doesn't want to increase me anymore. I agree with him, I really don't want any more increases either. Is he going to give you breakthrough meds if you need them when you have the pump? I went to my PM this morning and he said he would give breakthrough meds, so that was a relief.

Did you know I'm a grandma now? My granddaughter Amelia just turned a year old already. I'm loving every second of it! My son is over in Iraq again. Hopefully this will be the last time!

I will be praying that your surgery is a success! I have a good feeling about it. You have a great attitude and that's half the battle! Take care and God Bless!

lindao1 07-11-2005 12:17 PM

Re: Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
Hi Kayley!!!!!!!!!!!! :wave:

Ohhhhhh! You have NO idea how good it felt to hear you say I had courage. Hmmmm, courage or stupidity??? Just Kidding! Yep, I am gonna do my best to be brave and get thru this SUCCESSFULLY!

Kayley, you are at the point where I've been. Meds aren't working and dr. doesn't want to increase anymore, thus, the pump again! It would be nice not to have to take so many oral meds for a change. The pump probably should be something for you to consider.

Even though I have a positive attitude, I'm starting to get nervous now. Wednesday is D-Day for the lst trial. I'll be glad when it's over and I'm back home. Just hope I don't get that awful spinal headache. I'm glad to hear that your dr. would rx breakthru meds. Mine didn't last time (ugh!) and I kinda doubt he will this time which is pretty stupid, if you ask me. Of course, he was never big on breakthru meds anyway. I was on them for about three years; then he upped the dose of oxy and stopped the breakthru meds. If I remember correctly, I think Medtronics suggests using breakthrus but my dr. doesn't agree (just my luck, eh?). Still, I'm gonna ask him.

You have a one year old grandbaby????? Congratulations, Grandma! Wow, I know you are so happy and proud! Amelia is a beautiful name. You enjoy every minute of this treasure, OK?

I'm so sorry to hear your son is in Iraq. I hope and pray that he will come home soon and safe! And from one American to another, God bless him for protecting our freedoms. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. My hubbie was in Desert Storm so I can relate to your situation. I understand so well the sacrifices our military families endure.

Kayley, I hope I can continue to be an inspiration to you. Try and forget my first experience with the pump. That was just an unusual situation in my mind. There are so many success stories now. And I will be one of them this time, darn it! Hee!

I'll do my best to keep you posted about my trial, etc. If I'm not on the boards, it just means I'm a bit too uncomfortable to sit in front of the 'puter. But I will be back on as soon as I can. Kayley, I must tell you how much your encouragement means to me. You are such a dear and I've missed you! You have always been an inspiration to me too. So I guess we can just keep "inspiring" each other, eh? Take care and I'll talk with ya soon.

Your pal, Linda :D

Dave53 07-11-2005 03:13 PM

Re: Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
Wow. I feel like I've just been eavesdropping on a bunch of friends getting together after a long time apart. It brings a tear to my eye to read your story's and it make me feel ridiculous for those times I feel sorry for myself. I don't think that I really know what chronic pain is and I will never whine about it again. Thank you for letting me listen in. You are all an inspiration.

lindao1 07-11-2005 05:45 PM

Re: Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
Hi Dave 53!!! :wave:

Welcome, welcome to these wonderful boards and a great bunch of good folks! So glad you decided to participate. And any time you want to "eavesdrop", please don't hesitate to do so! Anytime you want to ask a question, offer advice or just want to "vent", we are all here for you.

And Dave, please don't underestimate your chronic pain. Any pain that is constant and unrelenting is an especially difficult way to live. But with support from others it makes it so much better. It helps to know we aren't alone. It doesn't matter where or why or to what degree you are suffering from chronic pain. You sought support here and that is exactly what you'll receive! And please don't feel bad about feeling sorry for yourself! We all do that from time-to-time. I've lost count of the many pity-parties I've had! LOL!Everyone experiences pain differently. We respect that. I know many times I've asked "why me"? But then I realize "why not me"? Everyone has their cross to bear and ours happens to be chronic pain.

Anyway, Dave, I'm so glad you are here now with us. I feel certain that you will be an asset to these boards! Each of us has something to offer, whether it's advice, experience, pertinent questions or like I said previously, just being able to seek support on those really bad days. I hope you will continue to be a part of this wonderful board. Perhaps when you feel up to it, you could share your experience with us too. That's how we all learn from each other.

So again, welcome Dave! I look forward to hearing from you again. And if I can ever be of help to you, please just let me know. And thanks for the compliment in regards to being an inspiration. I know you will be an inspiration for me and others too. Do take care, buddy and let us know how you're doing, OK? With love, Linda :D

Dave53 07-12-2005 12:17 AM

Re: Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
Thank you so much Linda. I am suffering from terminal cancer but as long as I am around I will be reading these boards and when I feel like I have something to say I will definately chime in. Best regards. Dave

Kayley 07-12-2005 11:00 AM

Re: Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
Welcome, Dave! I am so very sorry to hear that. I second everything Linda said. Any time you need to talk, we are here to listen. I am really glad you decided to join us!

So Linda, tomorrow is the big day! I was wondering, how do they do the trial? Do you have an "outside" unit to carry around for a week or will you be in the hospital? I know a little about the pump but I'm going to do some research to find out more. I just joined a Yahoo group called "Pumpsters". I know we are not allowed to post websites but if you do a search you can probably find it. It's for people who have or are considering getting a pump. What kind of medication are they going to start you with? I will be thinking about you and praying for you tomorrow. Good luck my friend!
I wish you all a low pain day! :angel:

lindao1 07-12-2005 11:42 AM

Re: Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
Hi Dave, Hi Kayley!!

Dave, I'm so sorry to hear that you are suffering with cancer. God bless you for being so brave! I can't begin to imagine how you deal with that. Please know that we are here for you, my friend!

Kayley, yep tommorrow's the lst trial - ugh! As far as I know it's just gonna be the single injection. The dr. originally had said he would keep me in the hospital for a few days, but now he's saying just the one day. Don't know what changed his mind. Who knows with him - ha!

I assume I'll be having the morphine again. No one has told me otherwise. Shoot, they never tell me anything ahead of time. I have one really weird dr. remember? Ha! I'm having so much pain in my back now that I dread having a darn injection back there. But I just have to do this again. If I don't, I'll always wonder whether it would have been a success, ya know? Besides, I don't know what else anyone can do if this pump doesn't work.

I greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers, Kayley. Knowing you and others are pulling for me means SO much! I will be thinking about you as well. And hopefully I will have GOOD news to tell you about when it's over! I plan on posting Thursday when I get home, but it may be just for a moment. Sitting here now is tough already. Boohoo! I just don't want to get that darn headache again. The dr. better do something different to prevent that nasty thing!

I know the pumpsters you were speaking of. I'm in the process of doing the same thing as you. I need all the info I can get!!!!! Again, thanks Kayley for being my friend. I'll let you know how things go as quickly as I can. Take care my friend. With love, Linda :D

broken4now 08-30-2005 07:01 PM

Re: Morphine Pain Pump - Again!!!
New to this board, old to pain. Three years of everything known to man. Cervical fusion, drug reaction which put me in the hospital for three days thinking I had a stroke. Now, I have agreed to have a pain pump. Scared, but what are the alternative's? More drugs. Any feedback would be more than appreciated.
have a great day

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