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    Old 11-06-2005, 10:28 AM   #1
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    PM Doctor increased my pain

    After suffering with hand pain for 5 years I finally got into a pain center. I've been to at least 13 Dr's with no answers or releif. None could figure out what caused the pain or how to treat it other than arthritis meds. I've tried more drugs than I can count and none eased the pain. The only thing that helps for a few hours are lorcet. Only one Dr. was willing to give them to me and after seeing him for about a year he changed to a different practice and could no longer see me. After tracking him down he refered me to the pain center.
    This Dr. started giving me the pain meds a week at a time which cost more than a month supply. I explained that I receive disability and my money is tight. It took 6 months before he gave me a months supply and this ended up being my last visit. My meds were never called in on time and none of the staff seemed to know what they were doing. They would ask " How's your shoulder pain today? Your procedure is at 2:00 Friday be here at 1:45 ( my reminder card says Friday at 12:00) Sorry your meds weren't called in we were too busy"
    There tons more I could add but, I'm sure you get the pic. Anyway the Dr. was doing these precedures w/out any seditives or anesthesiology. I was wide awake! The pain was unreal and they did not help my pain at all. I asked to be put to sleep due to the pain and they said they don't put their patients to sleep.
    Now I've had to start all over with a new PM guy that says he's not going to give any pain meds until he can find out what causes the pain. After all of my medical history he should be able to understand that I'm in pain and not a drug freak. He's worried about going to PRISON if he doesn't have a legit reason for the script.What the hell is wrong with our government? Leave these guys alone and let them do their job.
    Thanks for letting me blow of some much needed steam.

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    Re: PM Doctor increased my pain

    Jesus you poor people down in the states have it rough.I have never heard so many doctor worried about being charged for trying to care for a patient. Why don't the powers that be screw off and take care of the real drug dealers and not doctors caring for patients.I just find it so frustrating when I read these posts.What are doctors for anyway.....Dave

    Old 11-06-2005, 06:41 PM   #3
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    Re: PM Doctor increased my pain

    I am so sorry you've had to go through that. I think chronic pain patients feel and in many cases are victims of clinics and bad docs. Because of the environment here in the states we think we can't say anything about it but we can. I have had more than my share of bad, unethical, uncaring and just plain stupid doctors, nurses and the systems they run in general. I stronly suggest that when these things happen, you report the doctor or the practice or the clinic to the state medical board. These boards review this sort of stuff. While it may seem as if nothing is ever done, I've talked with a few folks who work in this office and they do keep files on the reports. When enough are made, they investigate. Does anything really happen.. it does. Slowly, and often not for us, but down the road the bad ones get their licenses yanked. There are categories for violations. Unethical behavior and simply not providing compassionate care is one of them. I was given a procedure you'd never have without major sedation and pain control. I reported the doc. There was a file on this doc and while they couldn't prove anything major in my case (they all cya by saying "patient tolerated procedure").. it's just one more complaint. One of these days, this guy will have 1 too many. Make your voice heard. Document everything and keep records. Write down the specifics of your complaint and send it in. In most cases you can go on-line to the web site and do it there. Go for it.

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    Re: PM Doctor increased my pain

    **This is a copy of a post I made on another thread in the Pain Management Board. After what pain 24-7 said, I felt it was related.


    This comment is not intended to "ruffle feathers", but I am becoming increasingly exhausted with the difficulty caused by the DEA.

    Pharmacists, understandably (to a certain extent), have become progressively more accountable concerning the accuracy of their "pill count".

    I am disturbed by some of the law enforcement activity in my area regarding prescription acquisition. For instance, pharmacies are required (perhaps "strongly asked") to furnish monthly lists of the names of patients who have purchased Scheduled medications. This list includes all of the information pertaining to the Rx--med name, strength, doctor name, etc. When the sheriff's office receives the lists from the 30 or so pharmacies existing in our county of approximately 75,000 residents, the information is entered into a large, county-maintained database. The "Special Investigations Bureau" employs 5 or 6 deputies to make sure prescription drug laws are not being broken. However, I am not sure if this is directly related to the DEA.

    I am aware that vast amounts of "doctor shopping" occurs. Obviously, significant prescription fraud goes on.

    PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE OBVIOUS RESPONSES TO WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of this policing makes me sick. I wholeheartedly wish none of this "investigating" would take place. Here is just one example. An honest friend of mine had two typical experiences with the Law Enforcement end of this process.

    1) She and her husband were Rx'ed Soma w/Codeine within two weeks of each other for different conditions and from two unrelated doctors. They had a visit from 2 (I think) deputies who proceeded to investigate them under the assumption they purposely obtained this medication in order to sell it. They were forced to present their bottles and "allow" the officers to count their pills--to make sure that the correct number of pills were available. NATURALLY, EVERYTHING WAS CORRECTLY ACCOUNTED FOR.

    2) The wife, who is my friend, had a more significant event occur to her detriment. Although everything ended up being OK, she endured a tremendous ordeal. If I need to, I will refer to her as "T" (not her real name or initial). In 1999, she was advised--by her regular doctor's office--to go to one of the local "walk-in" clinics. Her doctor was away for nearly two weeks, attending some sort of medical convention. "T" was in desperate need of some potent pain medicine that she usually gets from her doctor. This involved a C-II medicine, which obviously couldn't be called in. So, "T" went to the walk-in place, explained the situation to the doctor, and got her medicine. This happened in early March 1999. Life went on for a while until a fateful day in early September 1999 when her boss sent for her with TOP PRIORITY. On September 5, her boss told her that she was "expected" to turn herself in to the authorities (Sheriff's Office) concerning a "drug accusation". She truly had no idea what this was about.

    Does it seem as lame to any of you all as it does to me that it took 6 months for her to be informed of this supposed terribly tragic crime??!!

    She drove directly to her attorney's office to find out that she was charged with a FELONY drug count: OBTAINING OR ATTEMPTING TO OBTAIN A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE THROUGH FRAUD, DECEIT, OR SUBTERFUGE. The "facts" that raised a red flag on "T" were that she received two Scheduled medications from TWO different physicians in less than 30 days--26 days, I'm pretty sure. The officers stated that "T" didn't inform each doctor of the other. "T" said that she did and that she was required to name her regular physician on the paperwork at the walk-in place. Plus, it was her regular doctor's office that suggested the walk-in physician.

    Later, the charge was "reduced" to a misdemeanor: WITHHOLDING INFORMATION FROM A PRACTITIONER. Because "T" was innocent and extremely adamant, she rode the wave out until the legal portion worked out: Her original plea was vacated and all charges were completely dismissed. FURTHERMORE, SHE WAS NOT ALONE. ON THAT SAME DAY--THERE WERE 20 (OR SO) OTHERS THAT WERE "FORCED" TO TURN THEMSELVES IN FOR THE SAME "CRIME". The same 2 deputies were responsible for all of the charges. I'M NOT SAYING THEY ALL WERE INNOCENT, BUT I HAVE A FEELING MOST OF THEM WERE.

    Even if the DEA wasn't involved in this directly, I wonder where the county's Sheriff's office got the idea to place officers in this particular line of drug-related work. Our tax dollars here are hard at work chasing down "criminals" like my good friend "T". This does not set well with me. "T" came frighteningly close to losing her job. She was "re-assigned" for 5 weeks while she was investigated by her employer. I DON'T WANT TO DIVULGE HER LINE OF WORK!! She had to be evaluated by an independent physician (all of the sudden, her own doctor wasn't good enough to be valid). She was forced into psychiatric evaluations and therapy sessions. Plus, she had to submit to random drug tests. Her psychiatrist was shocked at the whole thing, and all of her drug tests came up in her favor--meaning that she had the correct amount of her Rx'd pain medications. By the way, she had to pay for all of this: the independent physician, the psychiatrist, the therapist, and the drug tests. She also had to pay approximately $10,000 in attorney fees and bail bond costs!


    I do not support the DEA or local law enforcement agencies in these types of matters. I can see where "doctor shopping", leading to the acquisition of excessive narcotics, is wrong. However, I simply don't want the government becoming involved to this degree. Unfortunately, the restrictions placed on physicians concerning the prescription of pain medication makes some pain patients go "on the hunt" for adequate relief.


    I am a chronic pain patient, and I think the DEA has made us all suffer to a greater degree. I am IRKED, and I am not amused. But, I am blessed with an understanding doctor who is NOT afraid to prescribe what I need! I wouldn't dare disclose my exact whereabouts since I want to continue with my positive medical treatment!

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    Re: PM Doctor increased my pain

    Hey there,
    This is my advice take it if you want to if not its just my opinion. I found my own PM dr. I was in so much pain I couldnt stand it and kept getting the run around. I took out my phone book and started calling and asking alot of questions. You have to be an investigator yourself in some ways. Thats not dr shopping thats trying to find a dr who understands and will help you with your pain ..even when there trying to find out whats going on. Anyway just my 2 cents... wish you the best of luck!

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    Re: PM Doctor increased my pain

    Lord Conductor, It realy sounds like this isn't the DEAA, It's a sherrif and I almost expect yu to tell us it;'s election year. This makes for a much more dramatic story in the newspaper to let the folks knowhow tough the present sherriff is on drug crimes. I would bet you could find crack a whole lo y easier than the hoops we have to jump through. BUt ythat situation is so over the top it sounds like ya'll ned a new sherrif in town and folks ned to know why. Is the obvious question did they have a search warrent to count her pills? That's really beside the point but I do hope things improve in your county.

    These meds shouldn' be easy to obtain but it shouldn't cause the heartache it does for people already suffering. Va was the first to have a statewide database of OxyC users, paid for by Purdue. With my wife having worked in the biz, sending monthy C-11 reports to the board of pharmacy and DEA have always been standard practie in VA. But the local sherrifs office? This story needs to be told if ya'll elect the sherrif in your city or county. There are people that still believe in our constitution.

    If I remeber, you lived in one of the original nationally acclaimed hot beds of OxyC abuse when the media actually set the natoinal street which they haven't been reposnable for with any other drug you can name. The inflated reports of paying a dollar a mg which just spured more addicts con,steal, abuse and divert the meds for a living. I really think the media is very responsable by setting the street price.

    It sounds like your sherriff is tryng to fan the media fire for publicity at election time. The DEA has certainly stepped up to the plate but ya'll have an *** for sherriff. Just as CONN has an *** for a govenor.
    Take care and I only the best wishes for "T" and her family.

    Old 11-07-2005, 03:43 PM   #7
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    Re: PM Doctor increased my pain

    How many legitimate pain patients have to suffer just so a few addicts won't have access to substances that they will get anyway? Not to mention that doctors SHOULD be able to treat addicts as they see fit; addiction is a disease after all. And if someone is going to take a substance, it's better that they know what they are getting, rather than playing russian roullette with street drugs.

    To the OP. I know of someone in FL who had cancer and could not find a compassionate doctor. He was at his wits end. He ended up emailing doctors (over the course of a year) asking them pointedly if they would have a problem prescribing opiates to a person in his condition. He finally found a doctor who was willing to take him on.


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