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jws1217 12-14-2005 02:23 PM

Help foot fell asleep no joke Hurts
Hi All

Last night I fell asleep as normal though about 3:00am I woke to go to the bathroom and could not get my foot to wake up. I do walk though normally I have decreased sensation on my left side. I think when I woke I had my left leg under my right cutting off the circulation from 11:00pm till I woke at 3:00am. That left my circulation cut off for 4 hours. After using the bathroom I went back to bed thinking nothing of it. when I woke it was still asleep. It is now 5:00pm and it still feels like its still asleep and instead of decreased sensation I have no feeling at all. I can put on an ice cube directly on my foot and can't even feel it. Does anyone have any sugestions? Could There be damage from having the circulation cutoff or decreased for 4 hours? Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Mark

Fabrashamx 12-14-2005 03:49 PM

Re: Help foot fell asleep no joke Hurts
Wow J, I don't know what to tell you, I would be very concerned too, If I were you. If you can't even feel an ice cube after this much time, I would get to a doctor asap. Do you have disc issues? or a condition like diabetes where you have circulation problems in your feet? sounds like something that would have resolved on its own by now if it was going to, If you have a primary doc I would call even if it's after hours and ask what you should do. There are many folks on this board way smarter than I am, maybe someone has some ideas? I'm sorry this is happening to you, I hope you can get it resolved quickly. Your friend, Fabby

tina76 12-14-2005 08:37 PM

Re: Help foot fell asleep no joke Hurts
This happened to me a few months ago. I woke up one morning and thought that my foot was asleep so I got up and walked around thinking I just needed to get the circulation going. My foot would NOT go back to normal. It was numb and tingly for THREE weeks. To the point that I coudl not walk. I went into the doctor on the second day and they found that I had NO reflexes in my foot. They immediately thought that I had a pinched nerve so I had a couple of MRI's done. They didn't find anything. Then they did some tests to see if I had MS (this can be a sign of that) but that was cleared as well. I also had an EMG test done which involved hooking my leg up to these wires and shocking different nerves, and after that they insert needles into different nerves and muscles to test for nerve damage. All that showed is what we knew already, that the reflexes were not working. At that point I was getting some feeling back in my foot though (it had been over two weeks of tests at that point). They never did find the cause which is kind of scary. It could have been a nerve got pinched and then unpinched right away but was pinched lond and hard enough to damage the nerve and it was just taking it's time repairing itself. The doctor said that because it was getting better that meant that I didn't have a tumor of any sort because then the condition would be worsening. So..... you should definitely get this checked out. Even if it starts to feel better. Because I actually had it happen once about a month before the time I just explained but it only lasted a couple of hours and I never had it looked at. If I had gone in at that point they might have seen something. The feeling started coming back after three weeks but it took almost 2 months for my reflexes to come back completely. My foot is just now starting to have it's complete strength back. I go in on Monday for a check up with the neurologist who was treating me. It is scary that they never found out exactly why it happened because not knowing means that it could come back at any time. It was really scary. And extremely annoying after the first day or so.

feelbad 12-15-2005 06:31 AM

Re: Help foot fell asleep no joke Hurts
a couple of questions for ya mark.i am assuming this is on the same side as the decreased sensation?what are your exact problems here?do you have upper or lower back issues.what is causing the decreased sensation to actually occur.unfortunetly,i don't think this realistically would be actually stemming from the 'foot going to sleep thing" that may have just been totally coincidental.
now THIS question is rather important here.what do you mean exactly by 'decreased sensation on my left side"? this could ctually mean many things so I need to know just what you actually mean by that?for instance,the decreased sensation i have in my L arm is a totally different thing,feeling and reason,than the decreased sensation I have from my R breast on down.the lone is a combo of complete numbness to lt numbness caused by damage to my c 8 and T 1 nerves.the sensation issues I have on that r side all stem from the actual damagae to my thalamic tract inside of my cord which created a condition called partial brown sequard syndrome where(and this really is wierd to try and explain to people even a couple of my docs cuz it is just so bizarre)but my r side only from my R chest on down,while I appear to have total sensory I mean i can feel even light touch along that entire area?i cannot however feel any difference between hot and cold or feel any sort of surface pain whatsoever except,for some reason in my RSD knee.but even there,i cannot feel hot or cold,my body no longer recognizes them and just cannot tell whether I have an ice cube there,and this is even on the stomach and inside of my thigh,two very sensitive areas.the most bizarre part of this whole thing is that I can take a needle and place it halfway into those same very sensitive areas and will feel only the actual sensation of it,bit absolutely no pain at all.but I do feel even light touch in those is really wierd to say the least.

knowinfg just what is the cause of your decreased sensation and the extent of your actual damage will be a huge help.Is it still exactly the same as it was when it first happened or has it changed in ANY way at all.this is important too.please help me out with more info and i will try and help you,K?Marcia

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