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curiousforever 01-25-2006 11:38 AM

i think i'm going to quit going to docs
i have an appt with a cardiologist.

This is what the referral say....

"35 yo wf undergtoing w/u for idiopathis peripheral neuroathic pain has noted baseling tachycardia on multuple visits. pt also notes symptoms of vertigo/presyncope? on mulpitle occasions. would like a cardiac evaluation to include a halter monitor and GXT to help evaluate her cardiac and functional status."

anyone know what could possibly cause a bunch of neuro symptoms, perip neuropathy and the fast pulse...which jumps up by about 30 when I go from sitting to standing?

tina76 01-25-2006 12:01 PM

Re: i think i'm going to quit going to docs
I'm not aware of any one problem that would necessarily be causing all those symptoms... It's possible there is more than one issue and that because they are all happening at once it makes it harder to diagnose everything. Just a thought. Either way, it is incredibly frustrating to have pain, and multiple other symtoms and to not be getting any answers as to what in the world is causing it all, which in turn means nothing is being done to fix it!!! I remember when I was first being diagnosed 6 years ago and it was just awful... part of the problem was that at the time my insurance sent me to the "teaching" hospital here in my area and EVERY time I had an appt it was with someone new. Didn't get anywhere for months and months and then finally turned into a 10 day stay in the hospital because teh pain was so bad I was passing out, plus I had a raging infection they couldn't pin point. At that time I finally got hooked up with one doctor and she was able to figure out what was wrong in a matter of hours!!! So hopefully the same is going to happen for you. Perhaps the cardiologist will "the" doctor that ends up being able to put everything together and tell you whats causing all of your problems! When is the appointment?

catnap 01-25-2006 01:28 PM

Re: i think i'm going to quit going to docs
Hey Curious,

Do you have any hypotention? That might cause the fast pulse. My mom has high bp problems and everytime she goes to doc up it goes. They call it white coat syndrome. Vertigo - Have you had any inner ear problems?


Fabrashamx 01-25-2006 02:27 PM

Re: i think i'm going to quit going to docs
:wave: Hi Curious, sweetie I'm so sorry you're having to go through this! Are any of your meds possibly causing the vertigo/dizzyness? Hopefully the cardiologist will find out whats up and put you right. When I first started with my doc in PM, she thought I had high blood pressure, but I knew it was just going way up in response to the untreated pain. Once my pain was under control, my BP dropped right back down to normal. Also, I read an article a while back that said taking a single aspirin tablet a day can do as much or more to prevent a heart attack then some prescription meds, so I take an aspirin every morning, Can't hurt right? also, have you had your cholesterol checked? I dont know why high cholesterol can lead to heart trouble, but I know it does. I didnt think mine was high because I am careful with what I eat, But I have the hereditary kind, diet wont fix it, so I take lipitor to keep in down. Take care of yourself and please let us know what the doctor says! Hugs, Fabby

curiousforever 01-25-2006 09:31 PM

Re: i think i'm going to quit going to docs
All I know is my blood pressure is fine unless I'm in pain. Then it goes up...

The appointent is the 30th...

from what I was reading about the tacycardia - it mentions that problems with the parasympathetic system (and a few others like it) can cause the high pulse...I thought that was interesting.

catnap 01-26-2006 08:10 AM

Re: i think i'm going to quit going to docs

When my meds were decreased by this pmp I am seeing my bp (in the office) was 170/102. In was in some bad pain. I could hardly get the damn doors open to get into the building.

I hope you find out what is causing this.

This is kinda off subject by so many of these tests they make us go through fail to find what is causing are problems. When I had gallbladder surgery the tests showed nothing. They thought I was crazy. I kept complaining until they finally went in and did an exploratory surgery. They found the gallbladder was bent constricting a duct and removed the gallbladder. I have also had other procedures where the tests were negative and I was subjected to exploratory surgery. It was only when they did the surgery that they found something wrong. Of course there were tests that did explain the symptoms and once they went in it much worse than they expected. When they did my second ACDF they found inflammation and infection along with the herniation. I showed no signs of infection that I knew of and the myleogram didn't show that.


curiousforever 01-26-2006 08:23 AM

Re: i think i'm going to quit going to docs
I is very frustrating. right now my "working" diagnosis is idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. And I keep reminding my doc that just cause the test is negative - it doesn't rule it completely out - cause some things you can have and tests be negative for years (I have symptoms of MS or sjogrens).

Actually when I had the gallbladder problem - they found my ulcer first and thought the pain was from that. It was after the ulcer was healed and I still had pain they found the gallbladder was full of stones....

Gabe30 01-26-2006 10:06 AM

Re: i think i'm going to quit going to docs
praying for you curious :angel:

tina76 01-26-2006 10:14 AM

Re: i think i'm going to quit going to docs
Curious - Are you dehydrated at all???? I know that dehydration can also cause tachycardia. EVERY time I am having pain, nausea, etc... I tend to get dehydrated. Everytime I go to the doctor for something like that I hear then putting it on my chart..tachycardia, and every time I end up needing major IV fluids. Some of those times I don't even feel dehydrated in the least! So could that be a possibility at all? I know a lot of meds and medical conditons can dehydrate us...

catnap 01-26-2006 10:15 AM

Re: i think i'm going to quit going to docs

Did the tests reveal the gallstones, and did they remove your gallbladder?


curiousforever 01-26-2006 10:46 AM

Re: i think i'm going to quit going to docs
Yep...gallbladder is gone. They even gave me the stones...around 40...

tina76 01-26-2006 11:15 AM

Re: i think i'm going to quit going to docs
It's weird how they do that isn't it??? My Mom had a horrible time a few years back...she was having all sorts of pain and they kept telling her it was ulcers and depression. Well one night she passed out cold on the bathroom floor. Turns out her gall bladder was JUST about to burst. They took out a little jar full of HUGE stones. The doc said he'd never personally seen gall stones that big! But they gave her the stones to take home too! I thought it was just a speical scenario because hers were so bad...but it's even funnier if they give them to everyone!!! Did you save them?

Fabrashamx 01-26-2006 11:55 AM

Re: i think i'm going to quit going to docs
I have even heard of people having jewlery made out of their gallstones! LOL Its a funny world!

curiousforever 01-26-2006 12:04 PM

Re: i think i'm going to quit going to docs
we moved right after my surgery - so hubby was throwing junk in boxes (moved from one military house to a new one) so I might still have them...not sure.

duttin 01-26-2006 04:22 PM

Re: i think i'm going to quit going to docs
You will find the right Doctor and they will give you a proper diagnosis.
There's nothing worse than nerve pain and no diagnosis adds to it.
I have radiculopathy,imflamation of the nerves outside the spine.It's a form of peripheral neuropathy.I finally found a neurologist that is great.He reveiwed all the mri's , done neurological test,eeg and said I had MS,even though there is no lesions in the brain or spine.He stated that brain atrophy and cervical spine atrophy for no apparent reason is a sign of MS.RRMS the lesions can disappear.I'm having a lumbar puncture on monday.
I have 2 things going on and it took the right Doc to seperate the two.Hang in there.
Best of luck at cardio appointment.
Prayers to you

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