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    Old 05-03-2006, 10:38 PM   #76
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    Re: Stolen Meds

    I am of the opinion that only a nurse/doc/nursing assistant, etc... were the ones who took things from my purse because I was SPECIFICALLY told by the security guard that according to video surveillance that my purse was NOT touched in the waiting room and that it was taken by a nurse from the waiting room to the nurses station where it was kept behind the nurses' station for an undetermined amount of time until they were able to go thru it and determine who it belonged to. So I am not just assuming that it was a hospital employee that took my belongings. It is the logical conclusion since patients and other lay people are generally NOT allowed behind the nurse's station and I would think that someone would notice someone who was not a hosptial employee behind the nurse's station, let alone rumagging thru someone's purse. So I am not just jumping to accusing the hospital staff. Not to mention I was told by the security guard that NO ONE had access to my purse besides hospital staff after it was taken to the nurse's station (this is when he was trying to convince me that I had left all of my belongings at home, but still, those were HIS words) so I did not just decide ramdomly that it was the hospital staff that took my things, it is a conclusion based on all the information that was provided to me. It would actually be much less upsetting to me if someone HAD stolen my belongings in the waiting room. I would feel less violated by a random stranger rifling thru a purse someone was stupid enough to leave sitting out. Which once again, I acknowledge was 100% my fault. This situation is upsetting because it was NOT robbed in the waiting room and from all information provided the only people who had access to it after it left the waiting room was the hospital staff, which leads to the conclusion that someone on the staff is the one who stole my things. And yes, to me (and I have a right to my feelings) it is more upsetting to have people that we trust with our health and well being while in an emergency medical situation steal from us than it would be if it were a random stranger in a waiting room. Not to mention, I would be much happier if it had been a stranger in the waiting room for the simple fact that that way it could have been caught on video and I would not have suffered the disbelief etc...involving the situation that I did, not to mention the police would then have something to actually work with involving the case rather than it being a lost cause as it is now.

    And as for how many posts there are on this subject... I wasn't aware that I had to limit my posting on how I felt about the situation. Not to mention, many of MY posts have been in response to the post's of others asking me if there have been any new developments in the situation. So while some of you may not think that this is of any interest, or that I have any reason to be upset, feel violated, sad, mad, etc.... there are obviously some people on this board that ARE interested in what happened to me.

    I have always found this board to be a place where I felt emotionally safe and free to discuss the day to day and sometimes more extreme and upsetting issues of being a chronic pain patient. But I have to say that after today I don't think I can feel that way any longer. Obviously people on this board don't think that I have a right to feel violated or to continue to be upset over this issue. And no, I am not sitting here dwelling on the ordeal day in and day out. The only time I even have discussed it has been on this board because no one in my day to day life understands how truly complicated this situation was for me due to the medication refills etc... which is why I came to this forum for support rather than just to my friends and family here at home. But yes, it does still upset me. Do I BLAME anyone else for it? Of course not, it was my fault. Does that make it okay for someone to steal from me? No. Do I have the right to be upset about it? I feel that I do. I guess I just felt that I was safe to express those feelings on this board without having to worry about being attacked on my own admitted mistakes or made to feel that I deserved it to happen because of them. Because believe me, I realize that this was my fault and I have beaten myself up plenty over it. I didn't come here for anyone to tell me that this wasn't my fault. I came here to discuss and maybe get a little sympathy for a really crappy situation with people that I felt would understand more than those in my day to day life that do not deal with the rules and regulations that go along with chronic pain treatment. What I did NOT need was people making me feel worse about the situation than I already did or telling me that I don't have a right to be upset about it because it was my fault. I just really didn't expect that to happen here. I guess this board was not the friendly atmosphere that I thought would be the place to talk about this after all because so far today it has made me feel a whole lot worse.

    I thank those of you who had kind words and advice to give on the situation. I will keep any additional information that evolves in this situation to myself unless specificaly asked in the future. And as for the negative responses... Chronic pain is enough of a depressing issue for us each to be dealing with. Being that we all suffer with it, I really felt that we were here to support and help eachother in a kind and thoughtful way when someone was going through a particularly trying time. I don't think that any of us is perfect and should be making anyone else feel that their feelings are either wrong or unwarrented. Maybe it's silly but I guess when someone is feeling badly I have always tried to not add to the negative feelings. That is just me I guess. The world is a rough enough place for us chronic pain patients without having to worry about eachother making it any harder. I guess that is part of what I thought this board was for.

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    Re: Stolen Meds

    I just have to say as a mother of four, it's the parent's responsibility to make sure their children know the dangers of drugs. The USA has invested tons of money educating children about the dangers of drugs and addiction and if some kid decides to steal/buy some drugs that they don't have an RX for and don't even know what it is, then it's their OWN fault. Everyone has to take responsibility for themselves.

    As far as the hospital, please Tina write them about what happened to you. I'm sure your not the first one who's had this happen, but, hopefully, with your help, you might be the last. At the very least, the hospital should be concerned with the reason the security guard broke hospital policy and didn't call the police as soon as he knew there was a theft involving narcotics.

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    Old 05-05-2006, 02:28 AM   #78
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    Re: Stolen Meds

    Hi Tina, I am so sorry you have had this expierience, I just wanted to point out that I have worked in a medical setting, and I can tell you that it is not only medical personel that are allowed to go into the nurses station, in fact many, many people are allowed back there, including volunteers, clerks, insurance billing specialists, security guards, and housekeeping and janitorial workers. One hopes that employees are more trustworthy than the average person off the street, but it's not a given that they will be. I think this subject has had so many responses because it's one that resonates with all of us, our worst fear as CPers, after being dropped by our doctors, is the inadverdent loss of medications. I also doubt there is any way possible to ever know who did it, But I'm glad you came through it pretty much okay and still have your doctor. Your Friend, Fabby

    Old 05-05-2006, 06:38 AM   #79
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    Re: Stolen Meds

    Thanks for pointing otu the other employees Fabby... I do know that it isn't JUST nurses, etc...which is why I have tried to say generally, Hospiatl employees...I was just trying to clarify that to the best of my knowledge that patients and other lay people (friends/family members there with patients, etc...) are not allowed back there. So I have been led to the ASSUMED conclusion that it was a hospital employee...although you are right, it coudl have been ANY hospital employee right down to the registration clerk or someone like that even...but that is why I felt the hosptial should know. In case it has happened before, or happens again...maybe they can review who was working during all incidents etc... If it IS an employee hopefully eventually they will be caught and this won't happen to anyone else.

    Because honestly, I KNOW that there is nothing that can be done about MY situation. But I would hate to see another patient suffer. Especially one that maybe hasn't done something stupid like I did (leaving the purse in the open in teh first place) and maybe is just incapacitated and alone in their room with a purse full of personal belongings. If it is a hospital employee with an addiction problem, anyone familiar with addiction knows that they only get worse. And the behavior only gets more desperate. I would really hate to read in the paper about some poor person who was deathly ill in the ER and wakes up in their own exam room to find that their personal belongings have been stolen while they were incapcitated, etc...and to know that it could be the same person that stole from me and to think that I had never even reported it.

    Hopefully it was a one time thing. Although that may be wishful thinking. This situation has been horrible for ME and I have actually been very lucky. I would hate to see someone else suffer thru even worse consequences of a similar situation. I just would like to help other patients avoid having to go thru anything like this.

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    Re: Stolen Meds

    Hey tina,let me just say that if I was in your position,I would be doing the same darn thing and for mostly the reasons you just mentioned,I cannot realistically believe that this is actually an isolated type of incident ya know/they DO need to know that their ER may have an active addict working there.there could be other paperwork in a file somewhere in admin that this has happened in the past,this will help them when this addict is finally found out and needs to be either offered help or are doing the right thing.Marcia

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    Re: Stolen Meds

    hi tina
    Thank you for sharing your problem with us .I feel really really bad for you.I hope everything works out for you . I also wanted to let you know i personal want to be posted on your current promblem. I could have this happen to me and i would love to know how you handle everything and we never know how posting your troubles will help people in the future that just stumble on this site looking for answers to promblems as i did.I had a question and i was at my witts end with and i type the problem into the my computer and i found this site. We can share our fears and problems and find strengh in each other.We are all from different states,citys and even countys but yet we are bound together by something bigger than all of us.There is strengh in numbers. Thanks again keep me posted,I will pray for you,i hope that doesn't offend you... Kelsey

    Old 06-03-2006, 05:58 PM   #82
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    Re: Stolen Meds

    I see know this is an old post, but usually if something like this happends, it is dealt with on a per patient basis. If the Doctor knows who you are and knows that you are not some Druggie, then no worries, ONE TIME! The worse that will happen, us that insurance will not cover it and you will have to pay for it "out of pocket".
    Good lesson to be learned here too, UNLESS the Doctor specifies bringing in all your MEDS, DO NOT CARRY ALL THAT MEDICATION ON YOU. I keep an old prescription box in my little lox box with my meds, and then if I have to carry med's with me, I use a current medication box with one or two pills in it, so I have proof of prescription if needed.

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