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BlueSteam 06-23-2006 09:38 PM

Can anyone tell me about Cymbalta?
Hi, I had my regular visit with my pm today and instead of upping my dose of topamax he decided to add 60mg's of cymbalta to my coctail. He told me that together the two should help my nerve pain. I have never heard of it and altho I did do some research, I was wondering if anyone has taken it themselves?

I am also, nearly three weeks later, :dizzy: finally healed up from my esi, the doc thinks that I had an adverse reaction to the steriod in the injection and that's why I was in such horrible pain for so long. He is thinking about a possible surgery down the road for my neck--but has still not addressed my lower back--aarg!!

Anyway, any info on the Cymbalta would be great! Thanks!

ARANGER 06-23-2006 10:27 PM

Re: Can anyone tell me about Cymbalta?
Hey Bluesteam,

I have never taken Cymbalta personally, so I can't give you first hand experiences.

Cymbalta as you probably already know is an anti-depressant. It is a little different than some of the other anti-d's out there in the fact that it works on two different chemicals in the body.

Cymbalta is a selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SSNRI). This is somewhat unique since many anti-d's are SSRI's, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Cymbalta works on both serotonin as well as norepinephrine. These chemicals are believed to cause an elevation in mood as well as be effective in treating some pain, nerve pain in particular.

Side effects from Cymbalta are dry mouth, constipation, decreased appetitie, fatigue, drowsiness, and sweating. This drug may take several weeks to see any results with. And as always especially with anti-d's, do not just stop taking this med.

Like I said, I have never taken it, but several people on this board have. They may be able to give their personal experiences with it.

Hope it works out for you. Take Care

BlueSteam 06-24-2006 07:20 AM

Re: Can anyone tell me about Cymbalta?
Aranger, Thank you. I am just a little scared to take this med after having the nasty reaction to the welbutrin and it took I think 3 weeks. Then the severe dizzy spells with the Elevil. If it helps me with the pain that would be wonderful--but I don't need my mood changed. I don't have a problem in that department at all. So that is a big concern. I wonder why the dr would give me such a mood altering med? And, bacause the topa makes me so tired he said that this med would give me more energy :confused: Now I am seriously confused about some of the things we talked about during my appt. I did read about some nasty reactions, so if you don't hear from me for a few days.............:blob_fire Just kidding. I'll let you know how I'm doing. I'm starting on it this morning. Thank you!

feelbad 06-24-2006 08:55 AM

Re: Can anyone tell me about Cymbalta?
Hey blue i took this last year with some nasty side effects from it and had to stop rather abruptly because my leg spasms went trhu the roof.but as with any other med they will work differently in every given patient i hope you can get some relief with it.i know some people have had great results with it.

the thing I really wanted to mention to you about cymbalta and particularly your dose that your doc is starting you on??it seems a bit too high even from the manufacturers standards.I was started on only 30mgs(originally the recomendation was 20mgs)and stayed at that dose for one month then was told to add another ten Mgs to that,this is where things got a bit bad for me.

the thig is,this med really does need to be tapered onto very slowly not atarted at the 60mgs that your doc wants you to.mostly because of the possible side e3ffects.geez I can only imagine just what my body would have done if my doc had started me at 60mgs??ooo don't even want to think about that one since my reaction to just the taper up to 40mgs felt like I was going to really was a horrid reaction and made me just totally sick for about two solid weeks with the WD symptoms.kind of like a horrid flu that didn't want to go away?

but just to be safe,I would really start at a much lower dose than the 60mgs.have you actually taken it yet?any side effects at that dose if you did?

you just need to be very careful Blue.i wouldn't want to hear that you ended up like just seems a bit too high espescially given the fact that you are also taking an anti siezure med.I was on gabitril at the time i started cymbalta too and don't know if that may have played a part in this or not,but it was just a really bad experience almost from the start.but it was affecting my pain,but not in a good way but I kept on,thinking that as long as it was connecting with my pain maybe eventually it would turn around??silly i said,be careful and maybe call your doc aboput the dose.good luck and let me know how things go Blue.marcia

Kissa 06-24-2006 12:46 PM

Re: Can anyone tell me about Cymbalta?
I started taking it about a month or so ago for depression/aniexty because my current medication was causing stomache issues and I'm very sensitive to anti-depressants. I actually suggested it to my doctor because we needed to find a new medication that I hadn't already tried that didn't cause me problems. Generally I can only take dosages meant for children because the side affects are so intense so I have to be really careful.

I started on 30mg and can tell you I did find relief with some of the nerve pain I had in my neck. I was pleasantly surprised.At 30mg I didn't notice any major side effects like I did with other anti-depressants and all was great. When I increased it to 60 mg the side effects did kick in, I started having severe body twitches (arms, legs, entire body would jump when at rest) and a general "weird" feeling in my head (hard to explain). It also cause insomnia, which is weird but I react to things in a weird way anyhow. It helped even better at that level (60) with the nerve pain, I was barely even noticing it anymore, but because of the side effects at 60 I dropped back down to 30 and remain there.

Since I dropped back down to 30 I haven't had any problems so for me I know that's my limit. Hopefully you will find some relief with it as well. The only way to know if it will work is to try. It doesn't work for everyone. My husband took it to sustain sleep and it didn't do a thing for him.

My doctor (it was my psychiatrist who prescribed it, not the PM) had also mentioned to me that she had a patient with FMS that she put on it as well and she was actually getting some mild to moderate relief from her FMS symptoms. It's worth a shot at least


BlueSteam 06-24-2006 07:37 PM

Re: Can anyone tell me about Cymbalta?
Thanks for the replies, I did take my first dose this AM and I was incredibly tired all day and finally had to take a nap. I kept waking up with strange anxiety type attacks that were taking my breath away. I really hope it doesn't continue on thru the night as I am not sleeping well as it is. My dreams while napping were quite strange, but at least not nightmarish. All this in only one two hour nap:eek: I am really hoping that this will work for me and like the topamax, the side effects will subside a little.

I am glad to hear that it helped you Kissa with your nerve pain for your neck--that's what I am hoping for, that and with my arm.

Feelbad, I am going to contact my pm on Monday and see about taking a lower dose, thanks!

feelbad 06-25-2006 08:44 AM

Re: Can anyone tell me about Cymbalta?
Thats great BS,espescially tell him about the attacks you mentioned that felt like they took your breath away??that doesn't sound really good to me at all.i would actually call him on monday and see if you could actually start lowering your dose right now vs waiting to actually see him to do this.for some reason,alot of people appear to have some really bizarre types of side effects with this particular med.probably because of the double whammy of the two different meds contained in the actual pill.but at any rate,any med that is actually having any effect at allon your breathing really does need some more specialized attention asap.i really would see if he would let you start out on the 30mgs at first and kind of take it slow from there.i mean like i said before,my doc went from atrting me out only at the 30mgs at firsy for an entire 30 days,and THEN we raised it up a notch to only 40mgs,and wow the bad side effects I had been having just amplified by like five times,it really was a horrid experience.

I think this med just requires a bit more caution than some of the other types we have to take ya know?better safe than sorry blue.there is no reason at all to have to hurry a taper or start out on a higher dose if there is anysort of side effects that are the world of our trials with meds,we have lots of time to taper,ya know?

good luck,and please call your doc tomorrow and speak with him directly about trying this at 30 at least til you have a handle on the effects on your breathing.I wouldn't think this would be any real problem for your doc to okay for you,espescially when you tellhim about your bizarre "attacks" that also affecting your ability to should be a no brainer ya know?please let us know how things go.marcia

BlueSteam 06-25-2006 06:29 PM

Re: Can anyone tell me about Cymbalta?
:eek: I made a mistake--I read my dosage off of my prescription bottle and not off of the bottle the doc gave me to take my first week. So I will be taking a 30mg dose for 7 days and then moving up to the 6omg dose. Sorry about that! I had assumed they were the same. I feel a lot better now.

I didn't sleep well last night, but I didn't have any of those "episodes". Today, even with the lack of sleep I was suprisingly not all that tired, and only had one dizzy spell when I stood up. My pain levels were pretty high through out the night. I was really considering not taking any more of it, but I really would like something to work for me.

I went and still go thru some wierd things with the topa, so I suppose I should give this a chance too, but I will be careful! Just not sure what to expect and what is "normal". Is it normal for my pain to be higher for a while?:confused:

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