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Steelers Fan 06-24-2006 08:03 PM

Chronic Left Side Pain
Hello. I am a 27 year old male in fairly good health. I have worked at the same job for the past five years now. The problem that I am having is a constant pain in my left side. It never goes away Ė the pain just fluctuates from a deep hurt to a constant ache. I have been experiencing this pain for two and a half years now. I have had what seems to be every test under the sun performed on me such as ultra sounds, exploratory surgery, MRIís, cat scans, a colonoscopy, several blood tests, and X-rays. On several occasions I have been checked for kidney stones. I have had kidney stones twice in the past, but it has never been linked to this particular pain. I have gone through several pain blocking attempts and have had no success with those either. About three years ago I had my appendix removed and then several months later this pain started. That is the only thing that I can think of that could be a remote possibility to have started this whole thing, even though they are on opposite sides of my body. When the pain first started, it was maybe once per week Ė now it is maybe once per week where I feel almost normal. I have even tried a tens unit, acupuncture, and heat treatment. I take pain medication daily for this which I want to stop doing, but canít at this point due the severity of the pain. The side effects are unbearable at times. I am at a complete loss as are all of my doctors and specialists. Do you have any suggestions as to what steps I could take next? Thank you.

Steelers Fan 06-25-2006 01:09 PM

Chronic Left Side Pain (cont.)
Thanks for the response, Marcia. There were two MRI's done. One was a complete waste of time and an example of doctors not listening. It was a full MRI of my upper abdomen on the left side. The other was a partial MRI of the lower abdomen on my left side - where the pain actually is. Neither showed anything. There have never been any tests done on my spinal column at all.

Thanks for the feedback and you are certainly right - trying to find answers from doctors that can't think outside of the box is proving to be no help. So far, GI specialists at MAYO have ruled my problem out as being gastro caused. The gall bladder is not something that i have tried yet though - nor has anyone thought of. That may be a next step in addition to the pain specialist.

Thanks again!

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