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babyboomer6 06-25-2006 10:31 PM

oxicontin vrs. oxycodone hcl
What is the difference between "oxycontin hcl cr" and "oxycodone hcl"? I was prescribed 'oxycodone hcl "and then the Doc changed it to "oxycontin hcl cr" within a few days and my insurance said it was too early to honor my co-pay. So that's like saying it's the same thing. Right? babyboomer6

wolfmarket 06-26-2006 12:45 AM

Re: oxicontin vrs. oxycodone hcl
Oxycodone and OxyContin both contain the same medicine: Oxycodone.

OxyContin is a time released version of Oxycodone. For example, a 40 mg OxyContin pill releases 20 mg of oxycodone at about .6 hours, and follows up with another release at 6 hours. While most Docs rx it for bid, some are coming to the relaization that OxyContin is effectove for only 8 hours, not the 12 hours that the mfg, Purdue Pharmaceuticals, says it is good for.

OxyContin is used as a long acting med for CP'ers.

Oxycodone is a short acting med that is used for breakthrough pain. For example, I use 30mg of Oxycodone for bt.

In theory, I would think that the insurace company should pay because they are used for 2 different types of pain. OxyContin is a long acting med used as a base med, while oxycodone would be used for pain spikes.

Do not chew or break OxyContin because that would defeat the time mechanism and could release a fatal amount of oxycodone into your system all at once. This is theh reason why OxyContin has received such bad press. Addicts are chewing the pill and get a powerful high. It's a shame that a few have to ruin it for the many. For example, while my pain doc does rx me the oxycodone for bt (30mg), he will not rx me OxyContin for my base med even though the oxycodone works the best on my pain.


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