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  • How long does Meth suppose to last?

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    Question How long does Meth suppose to last?

    I'm going to doctor in the morning after being on the meth for 6 days an I'm wondering how long it last for other's?She told me it was a long lasting drug so I thought that meant maybe twice daily dosing but I'm taking 5 times daily at total of 60mg.I am still waking up in middle of nite pain also.Would like to hear doses an time frames from others.Thanks babycakes

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    Re: How long does Meth suppose to last?

    Hi Babycakes: When Methadone is used for pain control, it is usually dosed at every 4-6 hours. I'm on 180 mg per day and I take mine throughout the day (with my docs ok) even though the bottle says 60 mg TID. To reach a optimum level in your bloodstream you have to have been taking your Meth on a regular basis about five days.

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    Re: How long does Meth suppose to last?

    Hey babycakes, It's actually nice to see a doc prescribing meth properly,. The confusion is the long half life and meth's ability to prevent withdrawal with once a day doseing. However long half life and it's ability to prevent withdrawal has nothing to do with it's use as a pain reliver. As direcor said, it's common o use meth on a 4-6 hour dosing scale for acute pain. After 5 days on meth, due to the half life, your just reach a steady serum l wgich would equate to taking roughly twice your daily dose n a single dose when you add in the remining med in your system from the long half life. For eample you take 60 mgs on day 1
    You take 60 mgs on day 2 and still have 30 mgs left in you from day 1
    On day 3 you take 60 mgs, have 30 mgs left from day 2 and 15 mgs left from day 1 which equals the same serum level as if you had taken 105 mgs in a sngle day.
    This continues on for a couple more days. Day 4 you take 60 mgs, you have 30 mgs left from day 3, 15mgs from day 2 and 7.5 from day 1.
    Day 5 you reach steady serum levels from the 60 mgs you take on day 5, the 30 remaining from day 4, 15 remaining from day 3, 7.5 left over from day 2 and 3.25 left from day 1, now you have 115.75 mgs in your system.

    I took 120 mgs of meth a day devided into 4 doses for several years and although I always had meth in my system, I could feel the need to redose withn 4-6 hours.

    It jus takes longer o adjust meth to a level that works for yo and no doc can look at you or your DX and know that XX amount of any drug will manage your pain. With meth you simoply have to wait a little longer before making an adjustment to be sure you are at a steady plassma level. IF you still can't sleep through the nighht, there is certainly room to increase, but sleeping through the night isn't the gratest gage of effectiveness. A sleep problem on it's own or simply moving in your sleep could cause pain and wake you. How are you doing the rest of the day, If your pain is well managed, they may want except when you wake during the night, more pain meds may not be the right way to manage the the sleep problem. IF your miserable all the time, , that's smply a pain issue that can be reolved through slowly adjusting. Regardless of any dose of meds, or delivery system. I now have a implanted pump, I still don't sleep through the night. There is no amount of medication that will prevent me from moving or rolling or twistin that causes enough pain to wake me up. I would simply jack my toleranc through the roof trying to obtain better sleep with more opiates.

    Are you waking from pain, or waking from twitching and jerking which is fairly common with meth. IF the meth is causing you to witch or jerlk in your sleep, there is treatment for this, but it's not moe meth. So you have to look at slep and pain seperately. Your doc is dosing corectly, whether you need an increase or not is better judged by your level of waking pain, ability to function and the side effects your already experiencing. Using pain meds as a sleeping med could actually be dangerous and cause repiritory supression, so it's just something you have o work with your doc, try the different meds used for sleep, or realize sleeping through the night may never come easy.

    I haven't slept more than 4 hours straight in 7 years. It's not a dose or med problem, It's the fact my spine is unstable and if I move, hardware and vertabrea shift and the grinding pain wakes me. A parlytic agent may hel p but that may also imapir my ability to brteath. People have great expectations from th meds they take and if they aren't reasonable, patients may never be happy. It would be easy to convince yourself there is a right dose or a right schedule that will relieve all your pain and give you your life bback, but that's simply not the case. The idea of pain management is to improve these things, but a med can't undue whatever the underlying problem is, it can only mask it somewwhat and make things tolerable.

    Basicaly if 60 mgs relieves half your pain, it doesn't mean 120 mgs will relieve all your pain. This is where PM psychlogist have a job to do, teachng coping skills, how to learn to accept new circumstances and life changing events. How to modify your life, behavior and expectations are all things that don't come in the form of a pill.

    Traeting chronic pain with meds alone is pretty much like treating mental illness with medication alone. One method used by itself has been proven to be innefective. People with depression that are given anti depressants, don't respond any better than people offered counseling alone. However when you combine both the meds and counseling, depression is much more effectively treated. The same is true with CP and pain management. Opiates alone aren't going to make not being able to work, picking up your child or dealing with all the other financial and social issues any easier to accept.

    As far as dosing, I've tried the larger less frequent doses, and a larger dose doesn't last any longer, at least not for me. Methadone wears of in 4-6 hours regardless of howmuch you take. OxyC wears off in 8 hours whether you take 4o mgs or 80 mgs at a time. Increasing the size of the dose has little effect on the duration of action.

    If your doc just swithced you I'm sure he expects to have to make some adjustments in your dose or schedule. You just need to wait a little longer with meth before making a change. If the pain is controlled in the day and evening, and sleep is now the major issue, than the sleep problem needs to be adressed,not your level of pain medication.

    Good luck, Dave

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    Red face Re: How long does Meth suppose to last?

    Well I think my doc has spilt personality,now today she has decided this is a long acting drug an I'm to take it twice daily.She increased some on my last dose because of the waking up in pain.But I get what you say an all.But now I'm to take 3-10mg in the AM an then around 5pm I'm to take 4-10mg.She started me last week on 50mg an I had to call her the next day because my first dose taken at 8am wasn't lasting until 5pm so she told me to take a 10mg,this was at 2pm an then take my other 2 about 6 or 7pm.And if needed I could take another iff I woke in pain so I basically couple times did take 60mg.So now it's 70mg an I'll see how this works tommorrow I quess.It is helping the pain as long as it is working but I agree about 5hours.I went thru same with Oxycontin only lasting 8 hours.So I'll update later how this works.Thanks for info an all the help ya'll have gave me. babycakes

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