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2nd pm appt. tomorrow..

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Old 07-16-2006, 05:28 PM   #1
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2nd pm appt. tomorrow..

Ok- second try- I got some sort of technical error the first try...

Hello All-
I do hope everyone is having a good weekend. I've been hurting pretty bad, but have been able to tough it out. Some of you will remember my posting about seeing my pm doctor for our first visit and him prescribing Avinza. After a few tries with it I had some problems, after having those problems, with some very helpful information from you guys and a call to his office, it was determined that I may be allergic and that I should stop taking it. They told me he was out of town and that if the pain got really bad to go to the ER and that he'd see me at my appt. on Mon. 17th.

I've toughed it out and it's been really hard because my pain is right at 8. I had lidoderm patches left from my referring doctor and used the last one. They really only bring my pain down to about a 5.5-6, but that's better than the 8. Anyway, I called his office on Tues, the 11th and had to leave a message asking if they could fax a prescription for some lidoderm patches to help until my appt and no one called me back. I waited and made another call on Wes. or Thurs. and still have not gotten a call back. I was left to think that he is still out of town, and maybe they haven't checked the messages?

Anyway- I have my second appointment tomorrow and am wondering what the next step will be if he does determine I was having an allergic reaction. During my 7 knee surgeries and back problems, the only medications I've not had problems with are vicodin & percoset (sp?). I don't want to go in there requesting specific medications for fear that I might be overstepping my boundaries, but I also know it's good to be open with your doctor. He has a list of all my allergies in my records. What to do??

Also, should I ask what their protocol is for returning phone calls? I just need to know what to expect when he isn't in town especially since he doesn't have a partner. Again, because I'm a new patient, I really don't want to cause waves. I also hope they don't think I'm a pain in the butt since I left two messages.

I am planning on taking in the unused Avinza so he knows that I've not been taking it. Is that a good idea? I do know that it's been rough toughing it out for the past two weeks and I can not wait to get some relief. My TENS unit has been running on overtime too!

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Rosieposie1 HB User
Re: 2nd pm appt. tomorrow..

Hi Lezlee,

I have no advice to offer since I have not had my appointment yet. Okay, since that's now out of the way, this thread is perfect for me to learn from the advice from you and others. My first pm visit is 7/27 and I'm already afraid to go. It seems that if someone is honest, they can be kicked out of the program before they even start, and being quiet about some of your concerns can cause more harm than good! What's a person to do?

I'm sorry about your pain. Going to the er isn't the great cureall they try to make it out to be. I don't do Urgent Care or the ER because after being there for hours sick, they give me Tylenol, give me instructions such as if the conditions persists or get worse, come back and then they say follow-up with your doctor in a few days. Well, I didn't need to take a ride for that. I could have just stayed home. Now will an er doc really give you any meds that would truly help your pain? I doubt it.

I'm venting here and I'm sorry. This is your space. I'm really interested in the call return policies. I'll keep checking in with your Lezlee.

Hoping you have a better day,

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feelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB User
Re: 2nd pm appt. tomorrow..

Hey Ozzie,in most cases,if you are going thru pain management,they WILL want any unused narcotics back when they start you onto another form,at least that is what they do at my clinic yes,definitely bring in the unused meds,this will also show them that you felt so strongly about the possible allergic reaction that you actually went without this stuff and endured the pain instead.

someone should have at the very least,returned your phone call.or done that fax and called to tell you that.did you by chance ever actually call the pharmacy to see if it actually had been done?i know this happened to me once when I called my docs nurse about a refill but had also requested a call back from her,I never got that call back so i assumed the med was never refilled either.much to my suprise,two days later I get one of those automated phone calls from my pharm telling me my Rx was ready.when I went to pick the dang thing up,i actually found that she had called it in that same day i had called her,she just never told me that cuz the woman never bothered to call me.go figure.

but you really DO need to know just what their policy is on phone asking about that,espescially after what just occured would not be in any way out of DO need to know what is and is not expected.I know any call made to my PM after hours or on the weekends for any issues the only time I had to call I was told to go to the ER by the answering service.figure that one out??

i wouldn't just bring up the vicdin and perc thing to him,just ask him what optionsyou now have if you cvan no longer take the avinza.that should lead into a conversation about what you ahve tried in the past and what has and has not worked for you,you know what I mean?at that point,bringing up that info would not make it seem like you are just right out asking for anything specific,just discussing your possible options.just let the conversation dictate what you say from there.maybe he will offer you a trial run with oxycontin or something.this really works well for me.if he does offer it,give it a go anyway.

I am glad the lido patches work for you as this is a huge hit or miss type of medication for most either works or it doesn't,there isn;t usually too much in between.they work on some types of my pain but not on others.they help alot with my central pain whcih i really am thankful for as the 24/7 feeling like someone is actually peeling your skin off your body is far from the most pleasent of sensations.i usually just cover the "hot spots" and tolerate the others otherwise my entire flippin arm up over both shoulder blades would be totally covered in these constantly.kinda spendy there too.

I would just go into this appt and ask the questions about the phone thing(your call should have been returned when you had to call that second time) and then like I mentioned above,just tell him about your possible allergy to the avinza while you hand him the bottle back,and ask what other options are availiable for you to try and let things go from really just need to know all the rules and regs of this particular PM.did you sign a contract?I know besides my contract,i was also given about a ten page "booklet" thing that spelled out other things that were expected of me as a patient and what my expectaions would be from them so there was not alot i was not really aware of going should ask him if they have something like that availiable for you and tell him it is only because you don't want to inadvertantly break some rule or do something you were not supposed to only because you did not know you werent supposed to do it.he should be able to understand where you are coming from on that.

hopefully things will go well for you and he can place you on a new med that will not cause the side effects of the avinza,and most importantly,actually work on your pain too.good luck ad please let us know how the appt goes.Marcia
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ozzybug HB Userozzybug HB Userozzybug HB Userozzybug HB User
Re: 2nd pm appt. tomorrow..

Rosa & Marcia-
Thank you so much for the replies. I appreciate any and all input and information. These boards have been a lifesaver already, so I do hope I can return the favor.

Rosa- Good luck on your first pm appt. I do hope your doctor will be able to help get your pain to a more acceptable level quickly.

Marcia- I was thinking it would be best not to go in and specifically name medications, even though as chronic painers we usually learn very quickly what works and what doesn't. I am deffiantely going to take your advice and allow him to begin the conversation about alternate medications after we discuss the problems with Avinza and I hand over the bottle.

I will ask about any information they might have about the rules and regulations. I did sign the contract, but that was all about their rules governing narcotics/opiates, dependancy and getting meds from other doctors. I read that one thoroughly. I do want to make sure I am very clear as far as my responsibilites go because I take this very seriously and feel fortunate that I've been referred to pm. From what I understand it's hard to get a referral to pm. I've only been in pain for 2 years and I've seen even here people who have suffered much longer before any kind of referral to pm.

Ladies- (and any gentlemen who stop in) Have a great day,and I'll let you know how the appointment goes. I won't be back until late afternoon because I actually have to drive into the next state for my appts. I live in a small beach community on the East Coast, and resources are limited as far as doctors go. Hopefully seeing my pm doctor will prove to be worth the hour and twenty minute trip. I'm sure it will be when we can get the treatment plan down and I start enjoying being a mom and wife again!

Thanks Again!!

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