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pichuu123 01-06-2007 03:37 PM

Question about pain med Neurontin
Anyone here take Neurontin for pain?
I understand it's originally used for seizures,and found that it's useful for nerve pain as trouble started a year ago, when because of a bone infection called Osteomyelitis, after 2wks. of testing...bone scans x-rays and blood work.... finally! drs. found this infection with an MRI, after that ,surgery was done to remove my left collar bone, a rib and scrap the sternum because the infection had gotten on that as well.
sooo, after many months of trying to find a pain med to releive my pain ( I had Ultrum, Darvoset, Percocet, Vicadin all of which make me dizzy and throw up sick) my p.m. started me on Neurontin about two months ago at 100mg 3x a day and then at 300mg 3x a day ,then 600mg, now at 900 mg3x a day, so far I've not reached the dose that will help me with this pain...also wanted to say that I was referred to a pain management dr. from my p.m dr.
the pain dr. does a thourough exam on my scar and the areas that constantly hurt...he says that he wished he could help me ..but can't...goes on to telling me to get in touch with the surgen as the scar is Keloiding...meaning still red and very raised up and thick, I've had three other surgeries before for c -section, and appendectory, and tubal ligation and none of these incisions ever keloid, with that the pain dr. says to go see the surgen as this is his scar and a possiblity that there still might be an infection going on and he also states that I needed to see an orthopedic for the bone pain... so all in all he sends his report to my p.m and from there I'm told that the pain dr. went beyond his training and shouldn't be telling me all this as he's not trained to do that and the scar is mine ,not the surgeons......
Anyhow this is where I am after asking my p.m dr. two wks. ago if he'd order an MRI ,but says no I don't need it , I reminded him of how the infection was found to begin with, still says I don't need an MRI,keep in mind my p.m dr. wasn't the one who found the infection as he had to send me 50 miles away to a bigger hospital after being in his hospital for 3days and he couldn't figure it out, and treated me for a pulled muscle instead.

Sorry to talk so long but I needed to tell someone.

Any help,insight would be greatly appreiciated.

ozzybug 01-06-2007 03:57 PM

Re: Question about pain med Neurontin
Well, I take Neurontin and it does help some, but the pain that this stuff works for with me is strictly nerve pain. I didn't see mention of nerve damage in your post, but if you did mention it and I missed it, I'm sorry.

I've not heard of it being used for pain management other than nerve damage pain. I could be wrong, but again, this is just why it's prescribed for me. My other types of pain are managed with other meds and modalities.

I would think that at 900 mgs/3 times a day, you should be getting results after it's had time to build a steady level in your system. If it's not working, and has had plenty of time to start showing some kind of improvement with your pain, maybe your PM doctor needs to consider something else? I don't know what to tell you other than have a serious talk with him about your pain levels. Keep a journal of your pain levels daily and how this pain is affecting your day to day activities and then take it with you to your next appointment. This way, he can see first hand exactly what you go through each day. You might also take a family member with you who can advocate for you and vouch for the pain you experience on a regular basis.

Keep checking back, someone here can give more solid advice. I do wish you the very best. Keep us posted.

madhatter 01-06-2007 07:27 PM

Re: Question about pain med Neurontin
Hi! I also take neurontin for nerve pain.I take 800 mg 3xaday. I also take oxycotin 80mg 3x a day. The thing is,the oxycotin doesn't help one bit for the nerve pain in my legs,but the neurontin helps tremendously,and the neurontin doesn't help one bit for the pain in my back,but the oxycotin helps temendously.
At first,i didn't want to go on neurontin,because of what i heard,plus,i didn't know it was used for nerve pain,i just thought it was used for bi-polar.But after awhile,i couldn't stand the pain no more,so i figured,heck,what do i have to lose!
I've been on it now for a little over two yrs,and i have to say,it has helped a great deal with the nerve pain in my legs.

catsblueeyes1 01-07-2007 06:14 PM

Re: Question about pain med Neurontin
Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth, the last posts are exactly correct neurontin is only for nerve pain and should not be used to treat other types of pain, if the Dr. is prescribing it for other uses then it is called off labeling.
I would seek another opinion about this, your PM Dr. told you the right thing and I would really consider another surgeon. Keloids can happen but it is unusal to happen where you had your surgery, they can be corrected and find a really good plastic surgeon to correct it. You know your body and I would certainly find a Physician that listens to your needs and doesn't treat you without respect. I hope that you get some resolution to your problem and get some pain relief. Let us know how things go and I will be praying that things get better for you.

catsblueeyes1 01-07-2007 06:19 PM

Re: Question about pain med Neurontin
It is Debbie Again,

I am sorry but I mis-understood where your surgery was, actually it is common to get keloids where you had your surgery because the skin is thin in those areas, they should have given you scar patches that you wear for several weeks after the surgery. But this can be fixed, it may take time but if you see a good surgeon they can give you creams and there are other methods to treat the keloids. I am sorry about the last post.

pichuu123 01-09-2007 02:07 PM

Re: Question about pain med Neurontin
I'm sorry that I forgot to mention that Neurontin is for my nerve pain, however my p.m. dr. feels he's at the end of ideas for meds. to treat my other pain, the end of the collar bone that was cut off ,will often times pop out not out of my skin, but it will move in a painful way when doing certain kinds of activity,( which I must say is very limited). ~~~sigh~~~ :(
I feel as if my p.m. dr. is hoping I'll just crawl back in my cave and be done with me, and it's a bit my fault for staying with him this past year as he hasn't ever had a patient with Osteomyelitis before and was unable to figure out what was going on when I first went to him with this problem last year ,it's hard to leave a dr. who I've had for 20 yrs.let alone try to find another dr., where would I start the yellow pages? And I don't want to hurt his feelings yet at the same time I know I gotta get help and my p.m. dr. just can't do this for me

Any suggestions on where to look for another dr.? I have asked certain people who I know have medical problems and see a p.m. dr. and most are for speciality ;like eye dr. and heart dr.s

I did take a patch called;curad scar therapy to my p.m.dr. and asked if this would help my scar keloid and he hadn't heard of it and tossed it back to me (the subject was closed )he has not mentioned any kind of therapy as far as my scar goes, thinking that it's just a part of what happens when you have surgery.
Thanks to all of you who have enlighten me on the Neurontin and about the nerve pain, I really thought that the Neurontin would take care of the other pain as well and since I wasn't getting any relief from Neurontin , I now know why.
I have an appt. next Monday with my surgen and will inform him of whats happening with me and this pain.

catsblueeyes1 01-09-2007 03:05 PM

Re: Question about pain med Neurontin
Something that has worked for me is that I make a list of questions before my appointment before I did that I would always forget what I needed to ask once I got there. Ask your surgeon for some advice about your concerns and perhaps he can refer you to another Dr. Staying with someone who has never
treated a patient with your illness is not a great idea and I do know how hard it is to change after a long time with one Dr. but it is in your best interest to find someone who will listen and have at least some solutions for you. Pain Management is tricky and everyone is different and with different pain so you need different meds to help along with other modalities such as PT, water therapy etc. this is a wonderful place to find answers or just to vent. I hope that you find some answers and get some relief.

kato 01-11-2007 06:57 PM

Re: Question about pain med Neurontin
I have been on neurontin since last August for sciatic pain, and then after back surgery (disk) in October have continued on for recovery. Since I still have some leg nerve pain I have kept on with this med and it definitely helps. I also have taken some hydrocodone (narco) but am trying to ween off that as I don't like taking narcotics for a prolonged period. I have been on 600 mg 4x day of neurontin since August.

I would like to start tapering off neurontin at some point but after reading other posts about this I understand it is very difficult and should be done with care. Basically I am trying to cut back on all meds as my back and leg nerve heal, but it is easier said than done.

susanl95 01-19-2007 11:23 PM

Re: Question about pain med Neurontin
Edited due to identifying information..

whitfield 01-20-2007 08:02 AM

Re: Question about pain med Neurontin
Just thought I would add my 2 cents since I also was taking Neurontin(Gabapentin) for over a year--It did absolutely nothing for me, but it does help some people with nerve pain. Best of luck--

RozIA 01-20-2007 02:41 PM

Re: Question about pain med Neurontin
Neurontin is a big time weight gainer as is Lyrica . So if you dont want to gain weight you need to find something else . Have you thought about Topamax or Keppra

pichuu123 01-23-2007 06:25 PM

Re: Question about pain med Neurontin
Oh my gosh!! It's so very weird that you should mention the weight gain with Neurontin as I have put on quite a bit since taking this nerve pain med. and I'm just so discourage that this is happening plus being a diabetic and trying to control the weight issue, not a good thing, so, I do have an appt. on Thurs this wk with my p.m dr. and will ask to reduce this Neurontin and get off it completly, also I've noticed a really bad cough since I've been on neurontin and asked my p.m.dr. if this was a side affect and he thinks not, but has taken me off my high blood pressure med. and thinks this is it, now I've been on this high blood pressure med. since 1999 and have never had any side affects from it.
Could Neurontin be the culprit and it's side affect is the cough?
I really need to hear from people who have taken Neurontin and have had any side affects such as this cough that I have and it really did start right after I started on Neurontin??

As for my MRI I went today and had an MRI orders from my surgeon and will know the results soon, at least this will shed some light on certain pain thats on going since surgery a year ago.

Thank-you to all who respond and have responded to my questions, you have helped me in many ways, Thanks again.

lorriem 01-24-2007 12:00 PM

Re: Question about pain med Neurontin
I have been taking Neurontin and elavil for RSD when I stopped the other pain meds.I have been on both drugs for 10 plus years and have never gained any weight.This is the first I have heard that neurontin made you gain weight. I do know that before I started Elavil I looked up the side effects and it said rapid weight gain and I almost didn't take it but it didn't happen. I guess everyone is different.To me neurontin has been a life safer and has kept me off of harder drugs.

lorriem 01-24-2007 12:10 PM

Re: Question about pain med Neurontin
Forgot to add I had been taking fioricet for over 20 years for migrains and my doctor like most doctors do not like that drug really still do not know why but I stopped fioricet and added another one or two neurontin as needed and they have helped my migraines somewhat.

pichuu123 01-25-2007 05:48 PM

Re: Question about pain med Neurontin
Talked to my p. dr. today and asked about getting off of Neurontin and how to go about doing it the right way.....He told me that I could stop right today!
No weaning off is needed,i mentioned side affects & what not, but he tells me it's no concern, go figure..... so I'll taper off very slowly and hope that I'm not blown away with pain next wk. and have a return visit to my p.m. dr.
I'm a little bit scared to go off this yet I've gain 10 lbs!!! just since Nov. '06!!
I wish you the best and if it works for you all the better.

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