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  • Vicodin (Hydrocodone) first time taking this med

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    Old 03-03-2007, 11:09 PM   #16
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    sealover HB Usersealover HB User
    Re: Vicodin (Hydrocodone) first time taking this med

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you very much for all the replies and advice!

    Sorry it's taken me a bit to come back here and post a reply, but my foot pain has been doing a number on me, so I've not been online lately.

    I didn't know that my body will have to adjust to the Vicodin (it makes sense), so I'll have to try to be patient with the side effects. I'll definitely take it with a full stomach of food and add soymilk...I don't drink milk, but I'm sure soymilk coats the stomach, too. I just don't want to eat a terrific dinner and vomit it up . Great suggestions for trying ginger (in different forms) or peppermint tea (I love peppermint tea). I used to take ginger capsules for motion sickness when traveling by train, and it helped a little. Hey, it's all worth a try to reduce nausea. By the way, I didn't know there is a liquid form of hydrocodone...I could mention this to my doctor.

    Today, I took half of a 5 mg Vicodin pill to see how that would work for pain, but because my pain was so bad to begin with, I ended up laying in bed all day. I didn't feel any nausea, but I still had some pain in my foot which I think was relieved more from resting it than from the small dose of Vicodin. Even when I take over-the-counter Tylenol or prescription Motrin, it doesn't make a dent in my foot pain. So basically, I've been hesitant to start taking Vicodin, but I made a go of it today with half a dose.

    To answer some of your questions:
    My initial injury to my foot happened as I was lifting my foot up to get out of the shower, and the top of my foot struck the metal tracking for the shower doors. Immediate pain, but no broken bones. I ended up in physical therapy for a while. However, the big problem is that steroid injections into my foot caused much damage to the soft tissues/fat pad and perhaps muscles in my foot, and so I am left with permanent damage and pain with no real fix. I had no idea that cortisone could cause any damage at all...if only I knew then what I know now. Also, I found out later from a message board that the particular steroid that was injected in my foot has caused deep indentations (fat and muscle atrophy) in people's hips where it was injected for allergies.

    It has been over 3 years since my initial injury. I've seen doctors of different specialties including podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, and a neurologist. I probably will need to travel out of state to see a doctor who knows more about my foot problem.

    Take care for now...I hope tomorrow brings better pain relief for us all.

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    Re: Vicodin (Hydrocodone) first time taking this med

    I just read all the post to Sealovers post. I found them very interesting because tomorrow I am calling my doctor to tell him I am finally ready to go on Vicodin. I have been taking ultram because I have no side effects with it but I finally am throwing in the white flag because the ultram is just not helping to minimize my pain anymore. Sealover I saw in your one post you asked if you could take vicodin then maybe stop it for awhile for what ever reason. I am curious to know the answer to this because sometimes once I get on vicodin I may want to skip a dose perhaps if I have to drive somewhere that day or for whatever reason. I am just wondering if there are withdrawl symptoms from doing that ..... take-care all !!

    Old 09-29-2009, 09:05 PM   #18
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    Re: Vicodin (Hydrocodone) first time taking this med

    Originally Posted by sealover View Post
    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for making it clear to me that I should take Vicodin on a full stomach and for explaining the dose I'm on.

    When I took my first Vicodin pill, I made sure I had a full stomach, but about an hour and a half later, I felt nauseated & weak. I took an over-the-counter nausea relief syrup, but it didn't help much. I hate feeling really nauseous because I can't function too well, so it makes me reluctant to try Vicodin again...though, I will give it another shot (I'm planning on starting on half a pill). This is why I can't understand why there are people who abuse Vicodin and desire this med so much...I guess everyone is different with what their bodies will tolerate and what side effects they feel.

    My pain is tough to treat because it is on the bottom of my foot where I bear all my weight into. So my foot is always being irritated when I walk or stand. Because of this, I don't know if there is any pain med that will reduce my pain enough to make walking long distances possible while still allowing me to be coherent .

    Thanks again for all the help and info!
    Sealover just to relay my own experiences with Hydrocodone. I had been taking it for a few years up until recently. Very early on I had some of the unpleasant side effects you mentioned. However I adjusted rather well to the side effects in a fairly short time.

    Let me point out that it doesn't necessarily need to be a "full" stomach, but not an empty one either. The idea of course is to buffer the medication with food and to absorb any acidic effects it may have, not unlike taking aspirin for instance. Pretty much any level of food will do, as long as it is enough to help. Things like breads are good as they are quite absorbent, or others of a similar texture. Toast is fine usually or any kind of sandwich. But filling up per se isn't really necessary.

    I did find it quite effective overall, although not as much as some forms of morphine. And I think the danger of addiction very well may not be as significant as are your current concerns. It certainly is an addictive drug, but not for everyone. Unless you show signs of addiction, or a tendency to abuse, you probably shouldn't be too concerned about that. This is a very widely used medication, many many people take it, including long-term, and with notably favorable results.

    But as mentioned before, that is a very low dose, and it may or may not ultimately provide the level of relief you need. The thing that always troubled me the most was the level of Tylenol that each dose contains. As Director stated, that is something to watch fairly closely, especially if you take any other Tylenol related meds such as Excedrin, cold medications, Tylenol itself, or many others of that kind. (Many OTC meds have tylenol in them). I generally took 3 of them per day (as needed) at 10/500, which is 10 hydro and 500 Tylenol, or 30/1500 per day. But with extreme headaches I also consumed a number of Excedrin daily, which added to the levels of Tylenol. You should never exceed 4,000mg of acetiminiphen in 24 hours, or major liver damage can result over time. Much less if possible.

    It is available (also as indicated previously) as a significantly lower dose of Tylenol (acetaminiphen) which is advisable, if possible. The level of Tylenol, in my own experiences, seemed to make little to no difference.

    Also taking it as needed is not usually a problem. If you don't need it for pain relief, don't take it, and you'll be just fine. You should not experience withdrawal of any kind (in most cases at least) taking it less often and as needed, unless you were off of it for a few days. Then possibly.

    Please try to give it a chance for your system to adjust, get lower levels of Tylenol if possible, and if the relief isn't there, you may want to try to increase your level of hydro, because that's the lowest dose available, as I recall. Overall though, it is a pretty good medication for chronic pain, without an overabundance of side-effects.

    Hope this helps a bit..

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    Re: Vicodin (Hydrocodone) first time taking this med


    I just noted this is a pretty old thread..

    Well, hopefully it will still help some folks who may have questions about taking Hydrocodone..

    Perhaps now it is appropriate to ask how it has been working out over the course of time.

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    Re: Vicodin (Hydrocodone) first time taking this med

    HA !!..BillyBob, that happens ALL the time !!!! ( the posting to something that like a million years old !!...But thats OK !! We still read them and what people post on the ' older' posts, will be beneficial to others !!!...

    But on you, I'm wondering why your doc didnt put you on the 10/325 instead of the 10/500 ? ( you were speaking of liver damage and all !)

    I know a girl who had been on hydrocodone 10/600 for 3 years ! THREE YEARS !..The way I knew how long was about 6 months ago we were doing something and she took her med...I saw the big honkin pink thing and said is that hydrocodone ...blah blah blah...anyways she told me how long she'd been taking them and how many a day..I about fell off my chair...I asked her if she had ever done any type of research on them or anything and she said no...So I proceded to get on my soap box , gave her web site to go to, told her about the 10/325 VS 10/600 and what that meant..told her about milk thistle...etc...Just tild her what her doctor should of and what she, as a patient, should have done for herslf...Look the stuff up !!!..

    So she goes to he doc ( which she informed me was her GP, which told me WHY she was taking 10/600) ...and explained to her ( her GP) why she would like to change to the 10/325....We had discussed hopw to approach this the correct saying she had looked into what she was takling and the potential damage she was doing to her liver...and the DR, changed her...

    ***stepping off soap box*****

    So did you end up changing from the 10/500 to something gentler ?

    Old 10-01-2009, 12:03 AM   #21
    guy in AU
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    Re: Vicodin (Hydrocodone) first time taking this med

    One can take six of the 10/600mg tablets per day and remain within the safe dose of acetaminophen/paracetamol.

    I know that if taken in overdose, acetaminophen/paracetamol is highly toxic to the liver, but taken by a normal adult in doses upto 4000mg per day, it is perhaps the safest drug yet discovered.

    Old 10-02-2009, 06:00 AM   #22
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    BillyBob1 HB User
    Smile Re: Vicodin (Hydrocodone) first time taking this med

    Hi LuvMyPittie..

    That's a very good question(s). That should have been the case actually. I ultimately (after a couple of years) went back to a med I had been taking previously which for me is a little more effective, and provides lower risk where excessive acetaminophen is concerned. I use some other methods of pain control too, and do not take any of it any more than absolutely necessary.

    I too am very concerned that many are not aware of the potential complications acetaminophen brings with it. In fact I'm not sure all that many GPs are particularly aware of that. If one never takes anything else, 10/500 should be fine. But acetaminophen lurks everywhere these days, often unknown to us unless we do research, which I too highly recommend. One needs to know what they are consuming.

    But I never went to 10/325 because I am with the VA, and even though the meds cost us more there than regular folks at the drug store, there are a quite a few meds they just do not have as availabilities. One of them, unfortunately, is 10/325 Hydrocodone. So it wasn't really an option.

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