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Mets_Fan 07-09-2007 02:19 AM

Roxi, Soma, Fioricet...I need suggestions
I am a new poster -- been reading the forum for a while and I think it;s time to contribute.

Quick background...I have herniated disks at L4-5 and L5-S1 and semi-severe nerve damage, caused by the herniation, which runs from the left side of my lower back down to my left thigh where it feels like there is a permanent knife being twisted in my thigh.

My PM doc has me on roxicodone 30mg -- started as every 6 hours (4/day) and is now every 4 hours (6/day). I have tried a variety of muscular medications...soma, skelaxin, zanaflex, robaxin) in addition to the roxi to help with the daily spasms -- I have settled on the soma and sometimes the zanaflex so i don't become reliant on one. I also get fioricet for stress/tension headaches -- works well but rips apart my stomach (painful runs -- sorry for the TMI).

Here are my questions:

1. The Roxi works well, but the length of relief keeps getting less and less...I have mentioned it to my doc and he, who i really like and trust, has sort-of shrugged it off and when i asked for something for the BT pain, he said there was nothing since Roxi and percs are basically the same thing and he won't go stronger than 30mg Roxi (and i don't want to either) -- what should i do? I was on Percs 10/325 when i started the Roxi and it seemed like an effective combo...but i don't want to ask again since then it seems like i am seeking out drugs,

2. Any suggestions/experiences with Zanaflex or some?

3. Anyone take anything else effective for headaches that I could possibly try in place of the Fioricet? I've tried Ultracet and Ultram ER, and it was also suggested that Soma could work...any advice?

Thank You

Backinthesaddle 07-09-2007 06:16 AM

Re: Roxi, Soma, Fioricet...I need suggestions
Wish I could answer about the headaches. I get them much less frequent now adays however when I get one it is awful. Had one on Friday and was curled up for 6 hours with no relief. Ultram nor Ultracet do anything for headaches. I get them from C2/3 rotation and not rotating back. When it does finally reallign I am whipped for a day or two.

I use Lyrica for nerve damage (cervical) seems to work well for me with little side affects. I got used to it and it doesnt make me tired anymore.

I use Baclafen for a muscle relaxer it was the only one I have liked so far and again no side affects for me.

I take between 200-400mg of ultram er and sometimes top it off with either a percocet or a hydrocodone. When I do not need that much I do not take it. Like your knife in the leg I get that in the triceps. If I stay on a steady dose of meds it is less.

Best to you..

BrittleBones 07-09-2007 04:34 PM

Re: Roxi, Soma, Fioricet...I need suggestions
The narcotic ingredient in Percocet and Roxicodone are the exact same drug: oxycodone. If you are taking Roxicodone 30mg. tabs, 6 times per day for your pain, adding Percocet to your daily meds will only increase the amount of oxycodone you are already getting in the Roxicodone, plus you'll get the tylenol that is also in the Percocet. If you are currently taking 180 mg. of oxycodone per day (Roxicodone 30mg. x 6 pills = 180mg.) and you throw in 3 Percocet a day (Percocet = 10 mg. oxycodone x 3 pills = 30mg.), then you can see that your total intake of oxycodone per day will be 210 mgs. of oxycodone! Roxicodone is NOT a long-acting narcotic....that is why it's prescribed every 4-6 hours. You may do much better on a long-acting pain med like oxycontin which lasts 12 hours, with a roxycodone 30mg. for breakthrough pain if needed. Is this making any sense to you? I fear I am just confusing the issue!! I currently take Tizanadine as a muscle relaxant when I need one. It works very well for me. Tizanidine is Zanaflex and I take two 4mg. tablets when needed. As far as medication for headaches: I am thankful every single day that I don't suffer like so many folks on this Board!! The very few times that I have had what can be described as a migraine, I was in such severe pain that I don't understand how chronic sufferers keep from ending it all!! If I get a very bad headache I can usually get relief from Excedrin or some ibuprofen with a couple of cups of strong coffee. Take care - KathyMac

Mets_Fan 07-09-2007 06:39 PM

Re: Roxi, Soma, Fioricet...I need suggestions
Thank you both for your input - I would like to stay away from the oxy because of the horrow stories, plus - I think asking my doc for it might not seem 'kosher' - maybe someone can tell me how to go about that??

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