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Izzy's Mom and anyone else who are weaning from Meds

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Old 08-03-2007, 09:06 PM   #1
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onyxgates HB User
Izzy's Mom and anyone else who are weaning from Meds

I just read on another thread that you are weaning off of the patch, is there a reason? Are you feeling better? The reason I ask, is that I have been thinking about doing the same. I guess because I forget how much pain I was in before and am hoping that maybe I might be strong enough to get off of all pain killers. I recently went through a life affirming surgery with my aneurysm and would like to get back to what it was prior to pain in my back. I have been on some sort of pain killer for the past three years and forget what I felt like before...does this make sense???? Does anyone else feel like this?

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mudbone HB User
Re: Izzy's Mom and anyone else who are weaning from Meds

I too have thought about what life would be like. See, I have 2 daughters, a 7 and a 12 year old, and although the meds have definatley enabled me to attend more of thier ballgames and functions, I feel as though they are just growing up without me because I am on meds. Time is just flying by, they are growing up and I wonder what it would be like without meds. I'm not sure if going off them is the right thing to do, but I wish there was some way to try and see without going through withdrawls for a month just to see if I could indeed make it, and be able to work. So my answer is- you bet! I wonder a lot!

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Re: Izzy's Mom and anyone else who are weaning from Meds

yep,nothing like having someone digging around inside your brain and coming out okay to change things a bit onyx.i know what you are talking about.just surviving my aneurysm and getting it coiled(safe) and waking up in that recovery room and being okay,really really changed my outlook on alot of things too(lots of time to think while lying in that ICU after) really was a life changing event.this was a big turning point for me and made me realize that if i had died during this procedure,if the aneurysm blew while i was on that table(or before i even got to that table),there were alot of people who i would never have had the chance to tell them just how much i appreciated them in my life and just being there for me during this one nightmare after another i have had to deal with.this was my moment when i decided to change that.i actually(my dad has never been able to really express his true feelings to people including his children?)started telling the people i cared about most how much i loved them and cared about them,including my father.this normally would have been just a really 'nice" thing i decided to do except for the fact that my father,with no real medical history of any kind,died suddenly out of the blue this past march.the only thing that gives me a sense of peace right now,is that i know without a doubt that he died knowing just how much he ment to me and how much i loved him only becasue i kept telling him everytime i saw him,before he would leave my house after one of his 'just checking up on you' visits.i cannot tell you how this makes me feel right now.if i hadn't had that aneurysm,i probably would have done this eventually,but not soon enough for my dad,ya know?it just pushed the more important things to the forefront for me.sorry for going off there.

i applaud what you are trying to do you feel that this really IS the best possible thing for you right now?do you feel that much better?i really think at least trying this and seeing how things really are,and considering the past issues is really a pretty great thing.just make certain to involve your doc onyx,he or she can make the transistion a bit easier for you to deal with.WDing from any long term narcotic just takes time,lots of time,to do it with the least amount of side effects for you.your doc can help alot in making things less eventful for you.i really am proud of your decision onyx and i wish you all the luck in the world with this challenge.i know you can do this.hopefully your pain will allow you to keep things this way.wouldn't that be great?i am in your corner hon.please keep us posted as to how you are KNOW i want to know,lol.take care,Marcia
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onyxgates HB User
Re: Izzy's Mom and anyone else who are weaning from Meds

You both have touched upon the reasons why I want to do this so bad. I feel like I am chained to this patch. I don't swim because I am afraid it will fall off. I am constantly worried it will fall off that I can't enjoy life. Also, my son is growing up so fast and I worry that I won't remember. I suppose it is more related to the brain issues vs anything else but there are so many things that I am forgetting.

I was having very good days the past week. Today is not so good. I have a terrible headache and my back is very sore. I am chained to the couch today. So now I wonder if whether I can go down on the meds or not. I still might try but only under the direction of my doctor. I will wait a couple of weeks so that I can completely heal after my surgery.

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Re: Izzy's Mom and anyone else who are weaning from Meds

I think that you (and everyone else) who wants to try this are very brave. I admire your strength and determination. I think that each of us, at some point in time make this choice. We all have different reasons for wanting to try it, but basically it all boils down (at least in part) to the fact that although we are thankful for the relief the medications bring us, we still feel imprisoned by them. It can be a catch 22 in that we get relief from our pain, yet we pay the price in so far as we have to deal with side effects of our medications, shedules for taking them, and then coments from other people about why we take the medications and can't just "deal with the pain", or "go to our happy place", ya know?

You, above anyone else, know your body. You have to do what you feel is right for you. If you need to try this and are successful, this is a good thing. If you try it and find your pain is unbearable, then there is no shame in that either.

Whatever the outcome, we are here for you. Take care and please keep us posted.

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Re: Izzy's Mom and anyone else who are weaning from Meds

Hello everyone!
Every post touched me in some way...I decided to get off of the patch because I live on the golf course 24/7 in the summer and winter due to my career, BUT the summers are the worst. I sweat, I cannot wear them anywhere on my arms, ect or they show, so I wear them on my rib cage, and Im lucky to get 2 days with a patch.
when I was home last, I met with my PM and he stated that it was fine to wean off of them. I was on the 50's for a year, and was VERY hesitant to go straight down to the 25's BUT I did great! I did have to up my breakthru meds, but that was something we discussed and I had permission to do that if needed.
The only thing i felt was SOME of the "runs" but only on the last day of my patch. Im on week two right now from going from the 50's to the 25's and I wore my last 50 3-4 days. THEN i went to the 25's and wore them every 2 days...Im due Monday for a new script, and Im srtill debating if I even want them. I had a tourney this weekend, and wore a patch ONE day before it came off. Im sick of it.
Plus...I want to enjoy my family and son, age 11. Im sick of not remembering things, the patch did that to me terribly, and not feeling "in the moment" in my life. My income depends on my golf, and thats one reason, Im hanging on by my teeth in that area and still doing well, but the most inportant is my son. I think it hit me most a couple weeks ago when we were at a very very nice hotel, and he had gone thru 3 days of exhausting golf instruction, and he couldnt WAIT to get into the pool, and I couldnt or didnt get in with him, all becauswe of the darn patch... 2 nites we stayed and finally the last one I took my patch off, and didnt have another, but we were on our way home the next day. I hate it...Its not my kid's fault. He didnt say anything, but i felt like total *****. We are heading out again this next week, and i want to be free of the patch so i can swim with him. The patch has allowed me to also do more with my son and family, but yet do less. and "BE" less. Im thrilled that I made the decision to discontinue them.
Hes coming home from his dads after being away for 3 weeks, and I want to be "here" for him.
I have been very very blessed...I havent had any horrid withdrawls. Ive had rebound pain, but not anything that the b/t meds couldnt handle. I broke down and called my doc yesterday and asked him if I should be taking more of my b/t meds, and he told me to do what I need to do. Im so very lucky because he wont make me suffer for doing so.
I made up my mind that this was something that i HAD to do...And I think it made a difference. I didnt even LOOK for any w/d's or anything...I pretended that I had on my 50's and didnt give it a second thought. I can get myself into a lather if I worry, so i decided this was my best option, and it worked for me.
It can work for you guys too. PLEASE, I think its VERY important for you to be able to go a bit more over in your b/t meds. My doc told me id have to for rebound Pain, so we expected it. If it happens to you, you need to tell your doc yoou are experiencing rebound pain. Its VERY common.
The patch worked for me for a bit in the winter months, but right now, Im so glad to be rid of it, hopefully this next week, plus it made it HELL for me to wake up!
Im here for ANY of you who need support, advice or an ear while you decide to go thru with it. I cant wait to have my life back....I want ot be clear, and enjoy my life, not be drugged 24/7. the patch keept me that way. also I used to hot tub every nite after a HUGE day of golf, and the patch has kept me from that. I need that more than the patch.
Heres hoping and wishing the best for all of you...I was standing one the edge for months, and now Im glad I took the plunge. It remineded me of being a teeny tot on the high dive...I was scared to death, but it wasnt bad at all. you can do it!
Hugs to all of my friends, sorry for all of the typos...Im glad you all understand~I cant wait to hear what all of you decide and how you do!

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