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butrfligirl28 09-22-2007 03:39 PM

Director, C Diff

I can't thank you enough for your post. It does sound exactly like we have suffered the same illness. You cannot know what it means to have a valid idea of what's going on. I have actually had people tell me that the urgency and frequency I am experiencing are "not possible", and I've heard comments such as "why is it just your narcotic that passes through." (Well it's the only LA med for one!):confused:

I got the medications he gave me, and the anti-biotic is not the one you mentioned. He did say that it was a very expensive anti-biotic. (Thankfully he gave me two weeks of samples. He called this anti-biotic the "big guns". It is called Xifaxan (rifaximin). I am going to research both the condition and the drug.

What is a fecal transfer? How does it work? That is what finally cured you? Do you still have problems from the colitis?

I am going to do some research and will probably have more questions. Thank you so very much for your post, and for your offer of help with this. I have been at a loss, and as you know, this is a miserable, embarassing condition. I wouldn't wish it in anyone.

Thanks again, my friend.

Your Friend,


RetiredDirector 09-22-2007 07:41 PM

Re: Director, C Diff
Amanda...I've got a very busy weekend going, but I will get back to you and answer your questions on Monday. Sorry for the delay, but I am glad my post made some sense to you. It does sound like the same thing, doesn't it?

Take care.

butrfligirl28 09-23-2007 08:42 AM

Re: Director, C Diff
Thanks! Take your time, I'm not going anywhere. :)Have a great weekend!

RetiredDirector 09-24-2007 03:53 PM

Re: Director, C Diff
Amanda...Sorry to tell you this, but the medicine your doc gave you that was the "big gun" is used to treat Travelers diarrhea. I looked up Xifaxan and that what said. I think you need something more than that. I still stand by Flagyl and Vancomycin (this is the Big Gun!!), but remember, this is very expensive.

As far as treatment I had when the two meds both failed to clear the problem up is done like this. It is done quite often in Europe, but still considered experimental in the US. The donor (in my case, my wife) gives a sample of feces (the fresher the better) and you take to the doctor and they put it in a cone shaped container with a paper filter. Normal saline is then poured over it and the liquid that comes through after being poured over the sample is collected in a container. You then are put on the table and prepared for a normal colonoscopy. While doing the colonoscopy, the doctor inserts some of the liquid with "good bacteria" through the flexible tube. It is done about every 10 cm is what they told me. It is pretty painful with the colder liquid being inserted into the colon at a cooler temperature than body temperature. The entire idea behind this is to reintroduce good bacteria, which they have collected from the donor. It then will help return the bowels to normal and do away with the uncontrollable diarrhea.

It worked for me, but you are encouraged to eat lots of yogurt which contains live bacteria and I also take a non-prescription product called Florastor which has bacteria in it also, to help the return to normal process of the bowels.

If I haven't explained things you want to know and I'll give it a try. Good luck, Amanda, and please let me know how you are doing.

butrfligirl28 09-24-2007 04:12 PM

Re: Director, C Diff
Thanks Dave,

I agree with you. I am no better than I was, and couldn't even get through a shower this morning without having to go. :( I wish the gastro doc had just went ahead and tested me for the C Diff. I will call them tomorrow, as I cannot keep going this way. I am behind in my work, due to being out sick for so many days, and have to get back to work. I will let you know what I find out. Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it! It's also nice to talk to someone who knows just how bad this is.

Your Friend,


RetiredDirector 09-24-2007 08:15 PM

Re: Director, C Diff
Hi Amanda...I assume you were writing to me in your last post, but my name isn't Dave. I wanted to tell you, you're more than welcome for the information.

I had told my doctor what had been going on, with the "accidents" in public places, even though no one knew except my wife on one occasion. The worst of all was the nocturnal occurences that would happen in the middle of the night.

So my doctor knew before he did my routine colonoscopy that something was going on that wasn't normal. He took as sample during the test which everything was fine except getting the results back from a lab in Memphis (or someplace) that does only testing for C. diff. If you haven't already had one, ask your doctor for a colonoscopy and that way he can take a sample and check you out at the same time.

If there's anything else, let me know.

ddildine 07-06-2011 05:46 PM

Re: Director, C Diff
I have had C-diff since November 2010 and have tried almost everything, I finally decided to give honey and cinnamon a try (1 teaspoon of each morning and night) and within 4 days my movements started forming, the cramping and girggling went away and I have very normal movements now for 4 weeks. It is cheap, harmless and very effective in my case, I hope it helps you and MANY others. GOOD LUCK!!

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