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friendly_one 10-24-2007 08:01 AM

incident at a major international airport
Hi All...It's ksqueen here (now, friendly_one), the moderators changed my name. Anyway, I was leaving for a week long vacation up to New England w/my husband. We went to Salem, (I'm suuuuch a Halloween freak!! What better place to be!!), Boston, and New Hampshire.

Anyway, while we were leaving for our trip through our local international airport, I was pulled out of line from the TSA. I was we go. I [B]NEVER[/B] check my meds, obviously, because these airline baggage people are like drug dogs....they can sniff out any narcotics that are checked. My pharmacist told me that and I believe it!! It also happened to a friend of mine.

Well, going through security with my "duffle bag" of meds, they were like "there is something suspicious in your bag, maam, please step over here". Oh MY God!! I was terrified! Anyway, what they saw were my boxes of Actiq. If you don't know, Actiq is a lozenge with a stick on the end. They saw the sticks with a "suspicious white substance on the end" through the X-Ray machine and they started freaking out. They went through[B] ALL [/B] of my meds (Oxycontin, Actiq, b/p meds, heart rate meds, Xanax, and anti-dep meds). Now, everyone is looking at me and MY meds and I'm scared to death someone is going to try to hurt me again. Remember, I was the one attacked by gunpoint.

I know they need to do this for security reasons, I just wish they would have been a little bit more discreet about it. Around 20-40 people overheard what meds I'm on and where they are located (my check on bag). It would have been very easy to grab that bag from me and run. Well, my husband who is 6'7" tall took my bag and basically tied it around his neck! It was such a sight to see!!

Just curious if this has happened to anyone else. Bye for now!! :angel:

Fabrashamx 10-24-2007 10:13 AM

Re: incident at a major international airport
Hi Friendly formerly known as ksqueen!

I am so sorry that happened to you at the airport, they should have been much much more discreet, I have also heard about never checking prescription meds and carry mine on.

I'm also a big fan of Halloween and all things spooky and I am jealous that you got to see Salem! very cool. I have a sign in my driveway that says 'Witches Parking Only, All Others Will Be Toad'. Heh.

When DH and I took the kids to Los Angeles to do the disneyland hollywood thing, I had a backpack type purse with all my meds in it, and I was just waiting for them to freak and make me show ID. I had a note from my doctor, a printout from the pharmacy, everything in the original bottles. I was ready.

Sure enough, they flag my bag and pull me off to the side. The funny part? They didnt even bat an eye at my meds, It was my sons game boys! It was right when a new model came out, and I guess they looked very sinister on the x-ray, lol.

Your husband sounds like a great guy, I'm glad everything worked out, but if I were you, I would lodge a written complaint with the airport security management about respecting your privacy, not to mention your personal safety, people hearing you have those kinds of meds could easily try and follow you and rob you.

Happy Halloween!~Fabby

Boxerluver 10-24-2007 02:45 PM

Re: incident at a major international airport
Friendly, I went back and read some of you prior posts. I too suffer from chronic kidney stones. I've had over 100 with 13 in the lst 18 months. Ive had 4 lithotripsies in that same 18 months. Can you give me some info.


wheninrome1313 10-24-2007 03:22 PM

Re: incident at a major international airport
YES, that didn't happen to me. Well, my grandmother but I was there. She was an patches and aqtiq ( I brought her back to the US when she was first diangosed with cancer to get those meds for her) and when we returned to Germany she had several months worth of meds and we were stopped at the airport, and the not only pulled them out but took them! They sent them back to the pharmacy and said that the pharmacy had to send them to a pharmacy in Germany. I guess it was illegal to carry them, but they didn't take the patches because they didn't notice them. Just the actiq because they are in those plastic individual packages with the sticks. When they asked I should have told them it was candy because I don't think they knew right away what they were. I should have told them candy and told them to take one out and smell it. But I told them the truth. Thankfully the let us pay to have it sent back express and the pharmacy helped us and sent them to us express and she had them back in 4 days. So anyone traveling out of the country needs to check with each country about the rules before traveling. Someone could end up in big trouble if they meds are taken, or in your case stolen after they exposed them to the public.

friendly_one 10-25-2007 11:17 AM

Re: incident at a major international airport
Fabby....It was grrrreeaaattt seeing Salem and the cemetary where the accussed witches of 1692 were buried. By the way, I LOVE your sign!! :D

Boxer....go over to the kidney board and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, ok?? I'm so sorry you are part of the "stone club"!! It sucks! Just post a thread over there and I will check periodically to see if you are over there, ok??

Take care and bye for now!! :angel:

letthatsinkin 10-25-2007 07:29 PM

Re: incident at a major international airport
If this happens to you again, you can tell the TSA that you want a private screening and they will take you somewhere private. Would probably make a huge difference... you don't deserve to have all your medications put under a microscope for the whole checkpoint to watch...

Fiona_Jo 10-25-2007 09:02 PM

Re: incident at a major international airport
The good news is at least the onlookers are more than likely you will never have contact with again. So, in the grand scheme of things you have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. I know it was embarrassing, but it all turned out OK. WOW, what an experience!!

~ Fiona :wave:

friendly_one 10-26-2007 02:52 PM

Re: incident at a major international airport
Hi Fiona,

Yes, it was soooo humiliating. They would pick up each bottle and basically announce what it is. To me, it was like someone had a megaphone saying "and here we have Oxycontin (wow, look at THAT dose and quantity), next we have Xanax, and Actiq (what's that??? I'm like, it's for do you pronounce it?? Does it really matter?? Come on, chop chop...that's what I'm thinking. I didn't dare say that! LOL )

It was like calling all drug thieves. This bag is [B]LOADED![/B] I'm just sitting there in shock and afraid to say anything. Last thing I want is to be "uncooperative" and detained at the airport and make the 5:00 news! Next time, I will definitely ask them if they could please take me somewhere private. I'm just glad I never had to see these people again!! Bye for now! ;)

CTweet 10-30-2007 02:34 PM

Re: incident at a major international airport
Wow, interesting story.

Yes, you had every right and the option to request a private screening. Also, if the TSO's were in fact loudly discussing your medication, quantities, indications etc. you had every right to request a supervisor. You can also call your local customer service representative and complain.

I agree, NEVER pack our meds in your checked baggage. Ever.

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