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need friends and pain med suggestions

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Old 11-09-2007, 10:59 AM   #1
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Michele9885 HB User
need friends and pain med suggestions

Hi, this is a long thread but it felt so good to unload. As surgery has not been raised by my primary, nor my old pain management specialist, I have to start thinking about pain management long-term and I'm ready to travel that road if it will bring me a resemblance of my life 2 years ago. I appreciate any and all perspectives.

Hi everyone, I'm so grateful to have found this board. No one but you all I suspect can really understand,

two years ago I clipped a toe nail -- I went to the emergency rm. wherein they removed nail as I had a blood line going up my instep. Nail was removed 2 weeks later a growth appeared -- osteomylitis -- the bone was cut out. This procedure was performed by a podiatrist. It was outpatient and I was never given any antibiotics. I walked on the left side of my foot for 6 months resulting in a collapsed foot. I had it reconstructed. Due to postural change to my gait I developed severe back and neck pain. My latest MRI details evaluation of the individualized disk levels demonstrates at the level of L3-L4. There is disk bulging with neural foraminal or spinal canal compromise. There is facet arthrosis. At L4-L5 there is disk bulging which narrows the spinal canal and lateral recesses and encroaches into the inferior aspect of the neuro foramina bilaterally. Findings exacerbated biligamentous and facet hypertrophy. At L5-S1 there is a loss of disk height and disk signal consistant with disk desiccation. There is diffuse disk bulge with lateral predominance. There is bilateral neural foraminal ligamentous and facet hyperthrophy. There is evidence of apparent bilateral spondyloysis in right greater than left. Evaluation of the other levels does demonstrate disk desicciation at T11-T12.

A follow up MRI of 9/11/07 - evaluation of the individualized disk levels demonstrates that at the level of C5-C6 there is left-sided uncovertebral spurring which encroaches into the left neural forearm. At C6-C7 there is a right posterior parasentral disk herniation in the setting of disk bulging. There is encroachment into the bilateral neural foramina right greater than left. Disk descication and disk bulge at L5-S1 with bilateral neural foraminal stenosis; findings exacerbated by grade 1 anterolitish of L5 and S1 as well as ligamentous and facet hypertrophy (what does this mean?). There is bilateral spondylolsis right greater than left. Finally there is disk desiccation at T11-T12.

Addtionally but not related, the MRI's revealed that I have a mass on my thryoid - 3.3cm, which I'm dealing with.

My life: I have 4 children ranging in ages 8-16. Since the toe surgery 2 years ago, I have been in tremendous pain. I was a member of a pain management clinic but he is undertreating my pain so my primary has now referred me to a new pain specialist, with whom I am meeting on Monday. My narcotics have been: hydrocodone, moved up to 80 mg percocet daily, then moved to 100 mcg Fentanyl patch, which was lowered by the pain specialist who is not adequately treating my condition. It was lowered to 50 mcg 2 weeks ago and I have never been given anything for breakthrough pain.

I, like so many of you, live in chronic pain daily. My general practitioner is advising the new pain doctor to treat me with a pain pump. I'm nervous. I also do PT 3 times weekly.

Also, for those well versed in MRI's, can you please tell me what I'm looking at - possible surgery?, narcotics for as long as needed, perhaps I should bring up some of your views with my new pain specialist.

Apologies for the length of this post - it feels good to get it all out of me. I'm in a lot of pain, both emotional and physical today.

Please welcome me. Very gracious,

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poopoopadoop HB User
Re: Posted on Back Board - need friends and pain med suggestions

Have you seen a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon for the issues raised on the MRI?

Take care,

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Fabrashamx HB User
Cool Re: Posted on Back Board - need friends and pain med suggestions

Hi Michele.

You have come to the right place for support and friendship, I am sure you will find both here, as I have, and please let me offer mine to you!

WOW you have a lot on your plate here, with multiple painful health problems as well as a busy life with the little ones! As a person who has been in chronic pain for over 15 years, my first advice to you is to take it one day at a time. Try to avoid the line of thought that 'this is it, my life is nothing but pain and hardships from now on'. Thats just not true. You will go through many many changes, both physical and mental, and we are here to welcome you and help you through every step of the way.

The first part is trying to get your pain under control, If you know you will need to be on pain killers for more than a few months, ask your doctor about some long acting pain meds, they can be a big help, you dont have to go through that depressing feeling of your pain creeping back ever 4 hours, and you are then free to work on getting as much quality of life as possible.

If you feel your pain is not being managed or even acknowledged, do not hesitate to ask for a referral to a pain specialist, of simply a new primary. Not all doctors understand or are willing to treat chronic pain, but if you keep looking, you WILL find one to help you, I promise!

Try to focus on what you can do, rather on what you cannot, its certainly okay to have self pity and feel free to come here and vent whenever you need to, almost all of us, myself included, have done it.

I offer you my friendship and support and whole heartedly welcome you to our group here, I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Best Wishes, Fabby

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butrfligirl28 HB Userbutrfligirl28 HB User
Re: Posted on Back Board - need friends and pain med suggestions


I am so sorry something so simple, turned into something so painful! What a story! I really feel for you. It is hard enough to be a mother to 4, gosh, 4 children, without being in terrible pain everyday! I am hoping and praying that this new PM doc will be the lifesaver you have been looking for! Don't let anyone talk you into a pump right away. A pump is only recommended after all meds and doses have been tried. You are not there yet. As a mater of fact, you have a lot of room to go before you are "maxed out" on pain meds.

Please know that you can come here and vent anytime! Keep us posted on how you are doing. I am very interested to hear about this new PM. Take care, and like Fabby said, just take it one day at a time.

Your Friend,


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SpinalMalady HB UserSpinalMalady HB User
Re: Posted on Back Board - need friends and pain med suggestions

Hi Michele:

I would tend to agree with Amanda & seems quite a drastic jump straight to a pain pump without trying some other long acting pain meds, or even perhaps some other modalaties of PM treatment first. IF it were me, I would RUN, not walk, far far away from that Dr. Is this an option, are there others that could be consulted with first??

Perhaps I'm missing part of the story...have you tried other modalaties of PM treatment? Injections, Biofeedback, NerveBlocks, etc??

IMHO, it just seems crazy to jump from one end of the pain treatment spectrum to the other. I do empathize with your situation...My CP was caused by a rear end collision by an "undercover" narcotics officer who never even attempted to brake at a stop light. I was 4th in line at a stop light, and was hit so hard from behind, that I was pushed thru the intersection. My situation steadily deteriorated over the years (accident 1991), and given other medical problems which required steriod use, (over 20 years) this was a BIG contributing factor to a complete collapse of the Spine at L3-L4/ L4-L5 causing CES which led to losing control of my bladder due to those nerves being pinched. This led to an Emergency Two Level Fusion with rods and screws 3/9/07....NOT FUN!!

Though I am still in CP, thankfully, with a variety of modalaties (now using biofeedback and relaxation therapy) and prescribed meds I have been able to keep my pain at a 5-6 instead of 11+. With the biofeedback, and PT that I have been doing, I am no longer using the Patch (fentynal) and am on oral meds only...So glad to be off of the patch.

If it were not for some GREAT people on the back board (DietDrPepper being one of them ) telling me to RUN off to the ER when I couldn't seem to get anyone to hear the fact that I had lost bladder control, I'd probably be wearing a bag right now... There is MUCH urgency with getting that problem addressed, and those wonderful folks drilled that into my much so, that my NeuroSurgeon walked me up to the surgical suite on a Friday evening at 5pm, waited for the blood work and other labs to be completed, then rushed me into surgery at 7:30pm...

Good luck to you, and I hope you can find just what it is you are looking for in terms of an Excellent doctor, AND pain control. We are also here for you for support.

Sorry for the long read...I tend to be VERY verbose!! That's the writer in me comming out!!

\lm/ = "I Love You" in Sign Language

12/10/04 MicroD & Hemi Lami 100% Success
09/05 Re-injured post Katrina
06-07 In Pain Mgmt. trying to deal
3/9/07 2 Level PLIF due to CES

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Michele9885 HB User
Re: need friends and pain med suggestions

Thank you, I was unaware of posting on two different boards as I'm new to this. I will stay with this one as I have to say, the responses I've gotten are very heartwarming and I'm truly grateful. Again, thanks so very much

Old 11-11-2007, 08:02 AM   #7
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Michele9885 HB User
Re: Posted on Back Board - need friends and pain med suggestions

Dear Fabby and the rest of you "Oldtimers" sorry for the delay as I was so touched by ALL of your responses. I'm starting with a new Pain Mgt. Dr. on Mon. I've had injections, 4x all failed I force myself to go to P.T. 3x a week -- I find it excruciating afterwards! However, traction seems to alievate some pain. My old Pain Dr. told me I needed to be cut from (Fentenay) down to 25 mg. (I was at peak on 100 mg) -- I gone through other pain meds. over two years and have built- up a tolerance as explained to me by my Primary Care Dr. -- He feels this new Specialist will help. (Please God). I'm continuing with P.T. and doing my best to work through this pain. I feel as if NOBODY will LISTEN except my PM. I cannot spend 1/2 my days in bed. If surgery is the only ans. then, so be it. My children miss thier Mommy. I was active my whole life, played all sports, etc. I was so touched that each and every one of you responded. To have people "UNDERSTAND" that alone gives me hope. I'd love to hear what and the effects of "the next step in paiin meds" I'd possibly be lookig at -- I'm scared! and in SO MUCH PAIN that it does set the stage for more depression to set in. I try to keep busy but then need to stop. I'd appreciated your feedback again. With Deep Appreciation and Graditude! Michele

Last edited by Michele9885; 11-11-2007 at 08:04 AM.

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conductor HB User
Re: need friends and pain med suggestions

Dear Michele,

What does the very last line of your first post mean? It says, "Michele9885 is online now Report Bad Post Edit/Delete Message".

I'm just curious about that!

Take Care,
Jon (Conductor)

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