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friendly_one 12-11-2007 09:10 AM

Feelbad...what is biofreeze?
Hey Marcia,

It's your kindred kidney pal. ;) What's biofreeze? I read it in one of your replys to another post. I've never heard of it. Does it work for kidney pain? Or, is it just for your shoulder? I would love to have something that works for kidney pain that is not a narcotic, ya know?? Just curious. Bye for now! (Stone)

brianpain33 12-11-2007 02:20 PM

Re: Feelbad...what is biofreeze?
Biofreeze is a kind of gel that you rub into your skin. It is beneficial for muscle pain and some types of arthritis or joint pain. It actually smells pretty good and does not burn like a lot of the other ointments do. I has a cooling sensation when you rub it onto your skin which I guess is how they came up with the name Biofreeze. :D


feelbad 12-12-2007 06:55 AM

Re: Feelbad...what is biofreeze?
just exactly what is causing your kidney pain?that would be the key here really as to whether or not biofreeze would realistically work or not.lidocaine patches 'have' worked on some of mine at times but most of my actual kidney pain is stemming from the sheer size and relocation of my kidneys due to the PKD making them well over three times their normal right kidney is actually sitting right alongside the FRONT of my right ribcage.this occured when i tried lyrica and it made my already huge(from the cyst growth)kidneys just swell up on popped right out of my back one day(cannot even describe what that felt like,too wierd for words)and slid to the i get a real achey type feeling there from time to time but mostly it is just way too much pressure pushing upwards and sideways and also assisting in making things with my right shoulder blade much worse.they are just WAY too big for my body size right now.what helps with kidney pain really depends alot on just what is actually causing it,you know what i mean?

the biofreeze really is an amazing little wonder gel that i kind of found out when my hubby brought home two little sample packs of it from a lady he works with.she was putting some on at work one day and my hubby being nosey,asked her what she was doing.she mentioned back pain that was pretty severe and was seeing a chiro(which is where this has to come from,or online somewhere)and she got this stuff from him.after she started telling him about it,he just asked her if she could get ahold of some for me to try.believe me, my hubby knows more than anyone what hell i am living in everyday.i just gave this stuff a try to see if it worked or DID come very highly recommended by the woman he works with.the first go round didn't really impress me much other than the actual 'freeze" i felt was much more intense than with any other topical i have ever tried before(i have a little basket of topicals sitting in my closet that have not impressed me much).this was in the morning and i had just rubbed some into my worst pain areas in my uper did seem to actually DO something but i was a bit dissapointed considering the glowing recommendadtion that came with it.BUT when i used it agin later in the day(just because)i really rubbed it in much better and covered a bit more area,and wow,i could not believe the overall difference in the actual intensity of the pain relief.i swear,my upper back,mostly on the right is one constant gnawing radiating mess from hell almost constantly for alot of reasons,and this stuff actually took down that 'intensity' level down at least two full notches on the old pain scale,THEN i was impressed.between this and the lidocaine patches,i really have what i consider to be pretty good management over what used to be a churning mess from hell has worked THAT well for me.

the one big thing i did find out however,the hard way?is NOT to use this ever again on my deeply burning RSD made things SO much worse in that area.i think it was mostly becasue of the really intense "freeze" it gives.we only did THAT once.but this stuff really does help with my trigger point pain and other areas where i have achey type pain and alot of deterioration thru the c spine areas?structural pain also seems to benefit,just never ever use this stuff on any areas of burning pain,it will suck,trust me.

i now have two "roll on' type bottles of this stuff that are like gold to me.the nice woman from hubbys work got these for me.what a nice lady.when everything in my upper back really hits the old fan,i grab that stuff and rolling begins.within about ten to fifteen minutes,it really brings down that 'intensity'level really well.makes things more tolerable ya know?every single person who i since talked to who has actually uses this stuff for some pretty intense types of pain,have ALL given it alot of credit in making their pain more tolerable.i have yet to hear anyone say it was a bad experience.except if you have that burning type pain?ooo,just don;t go there.this stuff is always at least worth a good try.i found when i first started it,it appeared to get better the more i used it,even like two days after i got it and i had not even put it on yet,it really seemed that my overall pain level had gone down a bit.who knows.the stuff just works,thats all i care about at this point.i would recommend it highly.sooo,depending on just what is actually causing your particular kidney pain,it "could' possibly work,ya know?this also helps to kind of 'distract' you from the pain too becasue of the freeze action it has.packs a whallop there for ya.i found out this stuff IS considered to be a form of cryotherepy too.which is not actually recommended for any RSD pain.ooops.good luck,and let me know if you try it,K?marcia

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