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trowftd3 12-12-2007 12:21 AM

I've tried a search but frankly am too tired to reread every post.

So my doc wrote my 3 prescriptions to be filled on the 3rd. I only needed my breakthrough. I don't need my base med(oxy) until the end of the month. My doc made a mistake in writing the prescriptions and I didn't catch it until I got home. I called and talked to my doc about it and she said just to fill the one and have the pharmacy hold the others.

More complications....we're going out of town for the holidays.
I know insurance companies will let you fill early once (or twice?) a year for vacation but can you do this for schedule II meds? I know I can fill my new prescription when I've taken 75% of my old one but what's the time frame for vacations? My doc has already ok'd this...just wondering what others have experienced.

Izzysmom....I know you travel a lot...what have you done in this situation??

I guess I'll call my insurance co in the morning. Just wondering what others have done. Thanks for any help. ~Mush

BrittleBones 12-12-2007 09:20 AM

Re: Insurance/vacation/refill/???---(Izzy's Mom?)
Hi Mush! Going anywhere fun over the holidays? As far as the early insurance company allows early refill 2 times during a callendar year for vacation purposes. It doesn't care what kind of prescription it is...any Schedule is fine. My insurance allows me to refill a prescription once 70% of my current fill is used up. Hope they let you get your's early so you won't have to pay the full cash price. Take care - Memere (Kath'Mac):cool:

trowftd3 12-12-2007 10:34 AM

Re: Insurance/vacation/refill/???---(Izzy's Mom?)
Thanks for the response, Kathymac. I'm just going to see family over the holidays. I wish I was going to Hawaii or Arizona instead. I could use some sunshine and warm weather!

Wow! I didn't even think about having to pay for my prescription with cash...that would be $537.00 since I take two different strengths of Oxy.
OUCH...I sure hope they fill it for me. I would hate to spent the holidays in misery.

Take care.~Mush

IZZY'SMOM 12-12-2007 04:55 PM

Re: Insurance/vacation/refill/???---(Izzy's Mom?)
Hey Mush~
Ive been away, but Im glad I caught the board today.
Ive had to pay cash for earlys that insurance didnt fill...Are you really far from your doc, or can he rewrite it sooner for you? Guess it doesnt matter with insurance.
Maybe he can change the dose or something this one time that would allow you to get it. If they change the dosing instructions or the docse, the insurance HAS to fill it because its a NEW script not a may try that~
Hope you enjoy the fuun and sun for the holidays. Its friggin 23 below here every morning now. My A** is frozen!

brianpain33 12-12-2007 05:32 PM

Re: Insurance/vacation/refill/???---(Izzy's Mom?)
If your script is for a 1 month fill then could you fill at a pharmacy whereever you are going. It would be even better if you currently go to somewhere like CVS and then whereveer you are going I am sure there would be one there too. Just an idea. If you do that just let your PM know.


trowftd3 12-12-2007 06:15 PM

Re: Insurance/vacation/refill/???---(Izzy's Mom?)
Thanks Guys for the replies. I just got off the phone with my insurance co.
They said they can't override for vacation because it is a schedule II. My pharmacy doesn't exist outside of WA so....I'm not going to ask my doc to write a new one since she just had to fix her mistake last week. She(the insurance lady) told me to go to the pharmacy at the last possible minute and "see what happens" but she can't "manipulate the computer for that medication".

We were going to leave this weekend but I guess I'll have to reschedule for next weekend. I wanted to get there early so I could help my aunt with the baking and such and to spend as much time with her as possible. She has one kidney and isn't doing too well...she has to drive to dialysis every other day so she can't travel at all.

Thanks for your help! This is one more reason why taking medication sucks!
I know you'll all agree with me on that one. Take care.~Mush

IZZY'SMOM 12-12-2007 07:06 PM

Re: Insurance/vacation/refill/???---(Izzy's Mom?)
You have NO idea how many times I have had to reschedule flights, ect and crap for this same reason. I have paid out of pocket more time than I can count just to get my meds so I dont have to miss a tourney or a flight that cost 1500.00.
Its bull ***T,

brianpain33 12-12-2007 07:10 PM

Re: Insurance/vacation/refill/???---(Izzy's Mom?)
Couldn't you just go to ANY pharmacy wherever you are traveling to get it filled and then just let your PM know. Even tell them in advance that you are going to be out of town for awhile and will be filling it out of town. It seems easy enough to me rather than having to change all of your plans. Oh, but I am not sure about the out of state requirements???

trowftd3 12-14-2007 02:22 AM

Re: Insurance/vacation/refill/???
OK Get this....

The insurance co told me to go to the pharmacy and see what the computer said(what date I could fill it) but that there was no way I could get a vacation fill for a schedule II med. So I called(I figured why waste the drive there just to find out the date they could fill it) and to my surprise she said "It went through. We'll have those ready for you when you get here."!! All I asked was if it was possible to do a vacation override on a schedule II med!!! All I can say is WOW!!
So now after my son's doc appointment tomorrow I can swing by and pick up the prescriptions and head out of town. It would be nice to go a whole week without going to the pharmacy. I figured out the other day how much we would spend on prescriptioins if we didn't have insurance and it was astronomical. Of course we'd have to switch to generics so it would be a little less but husband and I both takd 7 different meds and his Zomig for migraines is $803 every two weeks!!! IIkes!!:p:p

Take care and have a wonderful holiday season. I'll be taking my laptop with me but don't know if I'll have time or energy to post.~Mush

ps Izzysmom....I knew you'd have some experience with this. The lady at my insurance company suggested paying cash..I think it was around $ thank you!

I also wish we could post pictures here...I'm dying to see what Izzy looks like. What breed is he/she? I have an overgrown sheltie(we call him a 'shollie'(collie+sheltie)). He's a moose.
We also have two adorable chihuahuas. Never thought I'd like a small dog but these guys have helped me out of a lot of painful and depressing moments. I think I need to start a new thread.

Sorry for the rambling.

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