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tbreeze27 03-28-2008 03:24 PM

I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
OK, there is something wrong with Doctors these days. I am on this "holiday" as I type this. I called my back doctor, he was in Mexico, talked to his assistant, she said no. I have been explaining to my doctor over and over. . . Probably started in Jan of this year. . . that I am no longer responding to Oxycontin 10mg Prude anymore. It offers NO relife at all. March 14 I was taken off of them and told that I would need to go until April 18th ! ! ! I mean. . . What in the world did I do to be treated like this? I fill on time, I follow all the rules. I have been on Narc's for almost 4 years without this type of problem. I just couldn't take the pain two weeks ago and not one person would do anything or attempt to help me. So. . . . I got sent to the ER. . . . BAM ! ! ! What a waste of time that was. I was laying on the bed there crying. . . and being a 28 year old male, I was mortified by people looking at me. I was told by the ER doctor that I was "ADDICTED" and that I was going thru withdrawals because I had build up a tolerance. He kept telling me how he could see I was in sooooooooo much pain. I left there with Norflex and Prednisone 20mg, Oh, and one other stupid thing that had nothing to do with pain management. He saw all my records and my treatment plan, all the medications I was on. . . But did not one thing but lecture me and told me he was going to put everything we talked about in my medical history. He advised me that the medication Oxy is waaaaay to strong for me to be on and that he could not believe I was driving and going to work on this. I was sicken to death by this doctor who was CLEARLY showing that he has the IQ of a TIC-TAC. In the end, my back doctor was contacted in Mexico and I was placed on this "Holiday" and advised not to treat at this current time. This healthcare system is soooooo messed up ! ! I was let go in intense pain, throwing up from the pain, and dizzy. . . Oh, and I have no medication right now. . . I have left work 2 times within this "holiday" period. . . I can't be with my friends, my Mom is freaking out and extremely upset with what went on. They go into this field to treat and help. They need to have some ability to trust in people who have their complete medical records ava for them to see. I sleep now about 2 or 3 hours a night because I can't stand the pain. I spend my nights walking around the house, talking to the cats. I have not had any withdrawal feelings. . . my pain is sitting at 8 right now. I do not know what else to do or that I can do? I laid in bed last night tearing up and tossing and adjusting from side to side. I feel so inhuman and degraded. Tony

hessie28 03-28-2008 06:29 PM

Re: I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
Tony, Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I don't get these doctors either. I almost think to be a specialist they should have to go through what we do first. Make them have back surgery etc and deal with the pain. Then they are qualified enough to treat us. I know that sounds stupid but it gets the point across. So no matter where you go you are black listed and can get no meds? I would die if I had no pain meds. Mine run out Monday. I'm afraid I will run out sooner. Feel better.

IZZY'SMOM 03-28-2008 06:35 PM

Re: I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
This crap smells so bad I can smell it from here. You know, if a doc is going to do something like this MOST if not ALL docs would go over it with the patient, and let them know what is happening and why.
Your doc sounds like he didnt like the reaction that you showed, and especially having him contacted on caca, so he decided to cut you off, per say...
Did you have any other incidents before the ER incident? Myber I missed alot, but my doc would NEVER EVER do something like that, and Im not even under contract for 3 yrs. In FACT, my doc gave me 250 extra pills this month and I caled him to tell him, and he said "no biggie, I trust you, just hold on to them."
Your doc, choosing to do this to you while he is on vaca iin Mexico, IF you have dont NOTHING wrong, should show you what a horse's *ss he is. Im floored...If there is something else we dont know of, please let us know.

mike j 03-28-2008 07:15 PM

Re: I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
I am so sorry to hear that your doctor would put you in this situation. He sounds like a very demented individual. I would terminate him and find another pain specialist. I think I would call the quality assurance board and make them aware of your situation. He sounds like a very sick individual.

I hope and pray it make it through this. You should have enough time to find another doctor. The only drawback is if you file a complaint it could follow you. You are in a no-win situation. Hold in their.


Executor 03-28-2008 07:17 PM

Re: I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
[QUOTE=IZZY'SMOM;3507336]In FACT, my doc gave me 250 extra pills this month and I caled him to tell him, and he said "no biggie, I trust you, just hold on to them."[/QUOTE]

You've got a great Doc Izzy. I just read through many of these posts and it's amazing the great difference(s) in Docs. Some are sooo caring and trusting, while others are like Tony's Doc who shouldn't be practicing medicine. What Tony is experiencing is practically torture.

Tony- Depending on your pain and withdrawal symptoms, I'd be tempted to check into rehab. At least there, they will taper you down and properly treat your WD. WD is [B]SERIOUS[/B] stuff....your heart rate escalates quite a bit, your BP can go sky high, and many other things can happen....Esepecially given your dependence to a CII med.

Hope all works out for you. I'm soooo sorry!


trowftd3 03-28-2008 07:25 PM

Re: I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
That just plain sucks!!

I've had the 'hyperanalgesia' diagnosis thrown around by my pm doc. He threatened to take me off all meds but instead just tried a bunch of other meds and put me back on the one that worked. Both docs are stupid if they think that 10mg of Oxycontin is a huge dose. (OK just uneducated.)

I would run far and fast away from this doc and find yourself a new, compassionate pm doc. Or even a gp. Would your regular doc be willing to prescribe for you? My doc does for me(with advice of my pm) and I know others here work that way. I'm sorry this happened to you and wish you luck.
Keep us posted and remember that you do not deserve to be treated this way!

ms_west 03-28-2008 07:33 PM

Re: I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
I am so sorry this happened to you and I pray that you find a solution to your pain problem soon.

Executor 03-28-2008 07:52 PM

Re: I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
[QUOTE=trowftd3;3507404]Both docs are stupid if they think that 10mg of Oxycontin is a huge dose. (OK just uneducated.)

I would run far and fast away from this doc and find yourself a new, compassionate pm doc. Or even a gp. Would your regular doc be willing to prescribe for you? [/QUOTE]

I couldn't agree more. For those truly in pain and who have some tolerance, Oxy 10 is baby aspirin. It's equal to (2) 5mg Percs every 12 hours....Any patient who's had any kind of surgery is prescribed at least low levels of oxycodone....And, they have no prior med history in most cases.

There are too many research and treatment options available to deal with this.


tbreeze27 03-28-2008 07:56 PM

Re: I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
Nut job doctors. . . is all I can say. I have been good with my meds. Followed instrustions per the doctors order on the contract, refils, calling a head of time, and every little thing they wanted. I have never had this happen to me before. I can't even remember when I started meds. It has to be like 4 years ago. I started with Percocet 5/325, 30 a month, then later on 45 Percocets a month.. . Then he topped me out at 60 Percocets a month. This past October I started Oxycontin. . . My back surgeon took over my med treatment. . . Did not like that my PCP had me on Perc's. He put me on Oyxcontin 10mg 2 x's a day. . . 60 a month, and Vicodin 5/500 60 per month for break-thru pain. . . Those things are a joke. . . I have 3 refills on them. . . But I will not take them. . . They are not worth my time and I am completly sick of putting IB-Phrofin (sp) and Aceteminophin into my body. In Jan of this year. . . I started feeling funny on my Oxycontin. . . I talked to the doctor about it. . . He didnt say much, just filled them again. . . I started feeling like the Oxycontin was not working as wells as the Percocet. I then talked to my PCP and he freaked out that my back doc had place me on Oxy. He told me enough is enough. . . that I have been on pain meds toooooo long.. .. .. That he will not help me with pain meds anymore. If I needed them still, I needed to get them from my back doc. So, I went back and explained all this to the back doc. . . he said he still wanted to treat with Oxycontin. . . Im now starting to get depressed at this point. . . no one will listen when I tell them that the STUPID Oxycontin is not working. . . I still am following their rules to date. . . Then, the Oxycontin just stopped and dropped me like a hot pocket. . . No relife. . . at all. . . I started calling my docs office. . . got excuse after excuse of why his assistant cant do anything for me. . . Though. . . she's the one that fills my prescription. . . she is a PA. Then the ER bizness happened to me. . . I am just tired of living this way all the time ! ! ! I have my everyday stress and shouldnt have to deal and worry and feel this way for the quality of my life. After my back docs PA contacted him in Mexico. . . they decided that I was on the propor amount. . . . what a joke. . . lets see. . . I started complaining back in Jan about them not working. . . something tells me is was sipping the juice in Mexico when he got called on vacation. Anyway. . . Here I am. . . alone, at home, with my cats, nothing to do but watch TV. . . My pain is working its magic right now. . . I have been misirable since the ER visit. . .

I want to scream sometimes. . . Rreally ! ! ! I get so frustrated. . . but I cant scream while speaking to my back doctor. ( . .I feel like Im in a really bad dream or having a long long nightmare). . . or I will be out of their to two seconds. . . so I sit, listen, get told the same thing after the same thing. Not one person knows what to do or how to help me. . meaning friends and family. They see what this is doing to me. If someone wants to call me an adict out there. . . . FINE. . . I am addicted to Oxycodone. . . But I think my addiction is normal. . . normal in that, I need it to live, to be happy, to make my everyday count 100%, to be with firends and family, to not feel pain 24/7 . . .I depend on my medication. . . taking my medication away from me is like someone coming into my home, removing all the food in my frig, taking all my clothes, my toothpaste, toothbrush, contacts, and then telling me. . . . you can no longer use any of these products anymore. . . . How awful would that be? That's kind of how I feel right this second. That someone took something away from me that allowed me to live and be human.

I hate the DEA. . . with pasion ! ! ! But one thing that bothers me even more. . . . Is why DOCTORS (the good ones) do not stand up for their right to treat, for their practice, demanding the DEA to stop this insanity. Doctors are supposed to treat the paciatn, not the DEA. I wonder how many DEA emplys are on a pain med? How anyone can support the way treatment with pain medication as gotten out of control? If 1/2 of all pain medication prescribing doctors (good ones agian) protested and said, THIS IS OUR SPECIALTY, OUR PROFRESSION, WHAT WE WERE TRAINED IN, OUR PASSION, OUR EXPIRENCE, OUR PRACTICE, AND OUR ABILITY TO SAVE LIVES, TO HELP PEOPLE BE WHO THEY WANT AND NEED TO BE IN LIFE. . . . . the DEA wouldnt stand a chance. Some of these big stong people who are making all these rules will one day fall victom to their own law. . . I laugh in their face! As it will turn a 360 for them some day, needing what true pain sufferes need, but can't get because of their laws, protest, rules, orders. . . .

Is it my fault that Kelly and Chris and Mike or, whoever are abusing it, doctor shopping, buying it off the streets, or scamming to get their fix? NO! ! ! You can control somethings in life. . . But how dare anyone treat me like im a rock, that feels nothing.

The media is just as bad too. They tell tails and give misinformed pain medication and its abuse. . . not all the time. . . but they do make it out to be the giant these days. . . .certian people need to mind their own buisness. Sticking their nose where it does not belong has now led to innocent people being denied the right to live.

My thought
Sorry about the spelling and grammor . . .lol

tbreeze27 03-28-2008 08:44 PM

Re: I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
I wish a doctor would read my post, understand my pain and help me. . . . thank you to all who care. It means a lot to to read your postings.

tbreeze27 03-28-2008 09:09 PM

Re: I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
No. I belong to a health care system that has my medical records and doctors everywhere in my state. They will not treat me because they would see that Im being treated already. . . . not practicle though. I dont know if i am able to look up a pain doctor and just go to him? I can't imagine a doctor would treat me if I walked in explained what is going on either. They would probably think something fishy was going on. My body is a mess. .. retired gymnast of almost 9 years. I baffle all the doctors I have seen and currently see because a lot of what I am going thru they can not diagnose. . .until something bad happens. . . which is pretty regular these days.

trowftd3 03-28-2008 09:46 PM

Re: I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
[QUOTE=tbreeze27;3507515]No. I belong to a health care system that has my medical records and doctors everywhere in my state. They will not treat me because they would see that Im being treated already. . . . [/QUOTE]

What do you mean? Most insurances allow for a second opinion. And if you're not happy you can get a new doc. They work for you...not the other way around.

I understand what you're saying about not being diagnosed. I am five years into cp and still have no diagnosis. My last pm appointment ended with..."I think we've tried what we can. If you hear of a new pain med coming out in the future and you want to try it give me a call." I've had injections, tins, tens, ct, xray, mri, meds and such. My primary doc says, "It is what it is." But, what is it? We don't know. I have pain in my lung when I breathe and every doc has told me that this is impossible.

I consider myself [I]very[/I], [I]very[/I] lucky that I'm getting treated and have fairly adequate pain control. I'm also afraid every day that it will be taken away from me [I]because[/I] I don't have a diagnosis.

My advice is: Don't give up!!!! Keep fighting to find a diagnosis and keep fighting for pain control!!! You deserve it. Good luck and keep us posted.

tbreeze27 03-28-2008 10:12 PM

Re: I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
I guess, I do not know how to go and see someone else within my network. My insurance is a plan I selected. Lets just say.. . . There are 20 clinic and 400 doctors of all different speacialtys. . . I have a PCP. If I see another doctor. . . They would say. . . Why are you not with this PCP anymore? Within this facility I have saw about 10 different types of doctors. . . all who know each other. I dont know if I can go to a pain doctor without a referral but takes my insurance? What would I tell him? Im in pain? Wouldnt he have needed to speak with other doctors and get info on whats wrong with me and what I have been treated for? I didnt think you could walk into a pain clinic and ask to be treated for pain. . . Im so nieve when it comes to this stuff. . . :confused:

sharonn 03-29-2008 06:16 AM

Re: I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
This is truly a nightmare and my heart breaks for you....being in withdrawals and pain due to a Dr.'s total stupidity...OMG! I hope you find help soon. The irony is you can probably can more help checking into a rehab these days then for pin...Arrgh!!!! I wish I could be of more help God bless you....keep us posted. Love, Sharonn

tbreeze27 03-29-2008 02:30 PM

Re: I got placed on a "pain med HOLIDAY"
Yes I am in pain. I have been for four years. . . and it's getting worse year by year. The doctors do not know why. I'm having an SI Fusion in July. I am not going thru a withdraw of pain medication. If I was, I would run up to the store where I have 3 refills on my Vicodin. I have now been off Oxycontin since the 14th. . . .I believe I was on the smallest does though. I have shine splints, a bad disk. . . Some of it was caused by gymnastics for 9 years.

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