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How much do your think a surgeon considers your PT's notes

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Old 04-09-2008, 05:24 AM   #1
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How much do your think a surgeon considers your PT's notes

Ok guys, I have been worried about the surgeon cutting back my pain meds as the time is drawing near. I am really having some major pain on certian days. Just to recap went through shoulder decompression, left with arthritis in that shoulder, & several other parts of my body. Having a difficult recovery to say the least, the non surgical shoulder hurts like crazy at times. In fact had myself alittle crying spell before getting out of bed, could not unbend my arm this morning.
Started pt & she has noted some major problems in the rib cage, which has been really painful for me all along. She also notes that my muscles are really messed up along then entire shoulder/rib area & problems in the cervical area, which I knew about. I know she is right on because the last therapist noticed the same. She said I have got to be in some major pain & wants me to try to take it easy & go back to icing as much as possable. She also believes that I may need additional tests done in that area. She said that even when I am relaxed my muscles in that entire area are in a state like I am pushing on an object with full force or working them hard when I am just laying there.
So does anyone know how much a surgeon/doc. refers to a PT's notes.
I am kind of depending on this to help my surgeon understand that my pain is up there & I am fearful of him cutting back my pain meds.
I had to go back to work abit & there is no way at all I could work without the meds, infact there is no way I would be able to move much at all. I am worried that he may think if I could work abit then I am doing better, it was either go back or be replaced.
I have better movement after surgery & for the most the meds help the pain more then before surgery but it is still there. I am just not ready for him to cut back at this time & he plans on doing that soon.
So what do you think? I have a appointment with him at the end of the month, I will make sure the notes are forwarded to him. If he does not bring the PT up should I? I am worried. Sammy

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skych HB Userskych HB User
Re: How much do your think a surgeon considers your PT's notes


You to have been through so much. I am wondering if he will refer you to a pain specialist. When my surgeon was done prescribing he refered me back to PM. At that time the PM took over my care and my meds.
I cant imagine that he would want to do that when it clearly states that your having problems still. Now the therapist even has documented this.
If he mentions the decrease and not a referral then I would suggest that you ask. If he says no see if your primary will refer you back to PM.

I hope you get some relief soon girl. I know how long and tough this road has been for you.

I still hold true that God will bring us through all this stuff. Hope!


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Re: How much do your think a surgeon considers your PT's notes

Hey Sammy: I think that if the surgeon doesn't bring up the PT's findings, I would bring it to his attention. Let him know that this is the second PT who has told you this. Even if he says he isn't that concerned, I would make sure your primary has copies of the PT notes, and talk to him/her about some further testing.

As I have been reminded of, so recently myself, some docs are only concerned with their own opinions, and that leaves it in our hands. Don't let the surgeon just dismiss your questions. I know I have been hit upside the head with the old reality stick. I'm getting back in the game with this whole BP problem and I'm not going to take no for an answer anymore.

Hang in there, my friend. I know how frustrating it can be. And how discouraging. I would have that other shoulder looked at too. It's more than likely bothering you because you've been using it more than before. You know, kind of overcompensating for the "bad" shoulder.

As always, I am praying for you. Let us know how things go. God Bless, cmpgirl

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ozzybug HB Userozzybug HB Userozzybug HB Userozzybug HB User
Re: How much do your think a surgeon considers your PT's notes

Hey Sammy-
I'm sending positive thoughts your way. I agree- you have really been through a lot.

I can't say what your surgeon will do, but my surgeon always had my PT fax their notes immediately after each of my sessions and then made treatment decisions directly from the PT's notes.

If your PT is making notes that you are having difficulty with pain and such, I certainly hope your surgeon will take that into consideration in treating you. I mean, if they want us to go to PT, they need to really consider what the PT says because they are the ones working directly with us and see what we are going through.

Good luck, and please keep us posted. Hopefully you won't have to worry about coming off of any medication before it's actually time to do so. I also hope that if there is more testing required and your PT notes it, that your surgeon will follow through with that as well.

One more thing, you can also get copies of the PT notes and take them with you. If your surgeon does not bring up PT and their notes, then absolutely bring it up. PT is a HUGE part of this, and I feel that this is a team effort, so everyone should be in the know about each part of your recovery.

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sammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB User
Re: How much do your think a surgeon considers your PT's notes

Very good suggestions.
cmp, I am glad you are looking into the bp issue I am a bit worried about that, that is not good for your body to have it run so high or to flex alot.
My client is having the same problem right now & her doctor said to moniter is closely & if it goes over a certain number she has to take an afernoon dose. I don't believe in ignoring or playing around with the bp.

I agree if you are sent to pt it becomes team effort. I am addressing the issue of the pain control next visit, because I can't stand to worry about it anymore.
I am in pain with both arms & it really hurts.
They won't look into the other until the surgical side has more time to heal.
Ladies I have to slow it down, hard with jobs so hard to come by in this state.

PT has been extended from 4wks to 8-10wks, we will see what the surgeon says. I am educated enough to know they are right. To many things going on to conquer in 4wks. I just dread it. At least the therapist is taking is slow.
I am a huge mess. There is definantly a problem some where & I have hope that at some point in therapy we will narrow it down. I am going to start a journal for pt, I am just to mentally tired to keep track off the top of my head.
I will make sure that those notes are faxed over the day before my appointment, I know how important they will be.
The last time I was in therapy they were really bad about that. In fact I have found out that they were charging me for a co pay I don't have, so I have to find out how to get my money back. That has me seeing red. Dang can't trust anyone, & as much as this has cost me I want my money returned to me.
I am wondering if the muscles are that bad, & I know they are if I need to be on a muscle relaxer again? At least I know why I can't get a bra on.
I am worried ladies, the therapist is questioning the thoracic spine, & made it clear MRI's don't always pick up things that are wrong. For one the position you are in for it is a big factor she said, & also at times when a problem is in the beginning stages it can be missed until it progresses. I have been a firm believer in that all along. I think that is important for everyone to know. We are under the impression that MRI's are so reliable, & the doctors rely on them as if they had the answer to everything. Really can leave you in a bind, not ot mention all the suffering. Time & time we have read about MRI's not showing all there is going on, I believe Dietpepper was one who had mentioned something about that, but don't quote me, to many people have brought up the issue of MRI's. I woke up all night with one or the other arm tingling like crazy. This is hard.
I thank you, what would I ever do with out all of you.
Chrissy we just seem to keep going down the same path. I am glad you are in PM. You don't need to keep suffering. Sammy

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ms_west HB User
Re: How much do your think a surgeon considers your PT's notes

Sammy, I think bringing up the pain issues and dealing them will relieve your anxiety which in turn will reduce your pain tremendously.All of these emotions do play a part in our pain levels. Good luck.

Yes, I am at least one person who has brought this up concerning everything not showing on the MRI. We found out that L3 nerve root was compressed and required a laminectomy on top of all my other level problems this last surgery. We were not aware of this level being a problem until we were in. I have also had a friend who had a fragment floating in their spinal column which did not show on the MRI/CT/Mylegram. So these tests are not 100% accurate all the time.

Continuing to lift you up in prayer.

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sammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB User
Re: How much do your think a surgeon considers your PT's notes

Thanks pepper for confirming it was indeed you, I know others have made statements & have questioned the reliability of these tests. I don't get why the doctors put so much faith in them, I understand they have to go by something but that can leave someone to really suffer.
The PT is growing more concerned. If she does not note a difference she is going to call the surgeon, but I will have to slow it down alot or I am in trouble. I asked her to give me a chance to find someone to help out at work & relax more before calling the surgeon. I am a mess. The ribs are really bad & I am taking a several steps back in my recovery. I could cry at the thought of going through all those tests again. The pt is becoming more & more convinced there is additional problems. I am worried about the thoracic spine. I am praying it is the shoulder.
I have no choice left but to slow it down or she said I will be in big trouble especially with the other shoulder. It is hard with the economy the way it is in this state to loose income.

Pepper you are right I am getting more & more nervous about the pain control issue & will have to address that next visit. Can't help but worry. I have tried every alterative I can think of to help decrease the meds. Of course that is not going to happen as long as I over work myself, very foolish. I honestly was just trying to help someone who needed me.
Once again people don't get it. Because they see you doing things they assume you are peachy. Big shock to my husband with the pt's comments.
Every once in a while I could scream over peoples ignorance. I am going strictly because the pain pills help me to be able to do so, what is so hard to understand about that. Sorry allowing my frustration to show. Thanks guys, I am depending on the surgeon to really go over these pts notes, she may be calling him soon anyway, then of course he will probably send me to some other doctor, really just so sick & tired of it all. Sammy

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