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UPDATE - My appointment w/ "Bob"

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Old 04-22-2008, 09:52 PM   #1
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cmpgirl HB User
UPDATE - My appointment w/ "Bob"

Hey Everyone: Well, I went in to see Bob tonight and it started out with the nurse taking my BP, which was 150/108. I told her that it had been as low as 140/92 at home, but as high as 155/102. She said she was sure Bob would take it again before I left. This was still way too high. (The little devil cmpgirl wanted desperately for me to say, DUH! But angel cmpgirl prevailed.)

When Bob came in he said, knock, knock (again devil cmpgirl wanted to say "who cares"), but I said nothing. He asked me "how are we doing?", (unfortunately little devil cmpgirl won this one) I said, I don't know, why don't you tell me." He just looked at me for a second and said, "my, aren't we in a bit of a mood." I gave him a blow by blow account of the last six weeks and the half-a***d message system and my needing to take xanax almost every day for the first time since it was Rx'd for me. And most importantly, that I was very upset when he made the comment that I needed to stop taking my BP every day, because I was "obsessing".

At first he denied it and then upon looking at my chart, he saw it in there. I told him I thought that was a very unprofessional way to treat me and that I felt like I've been flying blind here. Nobody seems to want to tell me if I am doing what I need to do; or that I need to do something more. I asked him just where I should be at this point and he said, "Your blood pressure should be at the highest, 130/75". I then went on to tell him that this was why I had called. IT HASN'T BEEN EVEN CLOSE TO THAT! And that I HAD 2 FOOTBALLS AT THE END OF MY LEGS. Would he rather I waited for the six week check-up? He looked down at the floor and said, no and that he was sorry there had been a miscommunication. I said, no...there have been several....every time I have called.

He doubled my Beta Blocker and said we'd leave the diauretic alone for now. I asked how my kidneys were. He said the bloodwork showed no problems with the kidneys, blood sugar, potassium and that my sodium is actually at the very low end. He said there was a note in there, from my primary that the protien was more than likely a side effect of the high BP as opposed to a cause. He then wrapped it up by saying he would see me in six more weeks.

That was when I told him I had been called last week by a nurse and told that Dr. E wanted me to schedule a full consult with him. He seemed more than a little surprised and looked quickly through my chart and said, "Oh, I see that. Well, just make your appointment with him then." Now I am sure that Ted the good PA must have said something to my primary. Bob seemed to know nothing about it.

Since it was evening hours, they can't schedule new appointments that aren't for urgent care, so I will call Dr. E's nurse tomorrow and make my appointment with him. I've already started my list of thing's that I want answers to, when I see him.

So, that is my update and thank you all again for the support and prayers. I felt like you were all there with me. I will keep you updated as this plays out. God Bless you all, cmpgirl

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Old 04-22-2008, 10:03 PM   #2
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ms_west HB User
Re: UPDATE - My appointment w/ "Bob"

Wow what a nice guy!! I am sorry you have been thru all this and I can't believe that he still is waiting another 6 weeks to see you. Unbelievable. I really believe this is negligence. This guy is a PA correct? Your numbers are not controlled in the slightest and this could cause you damage to your organs. I am sorry this has me steamed.

Please, please see the main doctor or I would find a new one. Just my two cents. I am really worried about you.

Old 04-22-2008, 10:41 PM   #3
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forginon HB User
Re: UPDATE - My appointment w/ "Bob"

You go girl!!!


You better be feelin' those bear hugs.

I am so proud of you I could scream. Not because you let bob have it, but because of the way you presented your case. Bob ought to be ashamed.

You have made my day cmpgirl!

Way to go.

Now, about those numbers. If the doubled beta blocker doesn't do serious damage to those elevated numbers please call the office. This kind of med ought to work right away, if it's going to work at all. Take it from someone who suffered heart failure last year, beta blockers don't need time to work - they either do or they do not. I can't speak to the kidney/protein issue since I have no experience there.

You've earned your rest, sleep well tonight.


Old 04-22-2008, 11:00 PM   #4
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cmpgirl HB User
Re: UPDATE - My appointment w/ "Bob"

Thank you Steve and Pepper: I am feeling somewhat vindicated. It wasn't easy keeping little devil cmpgirl in check, and I'm sure my BP at the beginning of the appointment was a strong indicator of that.

My husband was so proud of me, he took me out to dinner! He didn't have to pinch or kick me even once!

As I indicated I am calling Dr. E's personal nurse tomorrow. I refuse to deal with the front desk. Mary (that's her name) and I go way back. We worked for an HMO together years ago. I know I can usually count on her. I will not wait another six weeks.

The first question on my list is about whether a Beta blocker is the right thing for me or not. I know there are many other meds out there that can be tried.

Thank you again and I'm kind of proud of me too! (((((many hugs))))) cmpgirl

Old 04-23-2008, 02:52 AM   #5
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Round1 HB User
Re: UPDATE - My appointment w/ "Bob"

Cool, calm and collective !!!............ is the way to go..... Well done.... bet he just couldnt wait for you to go, and read the file and see what a major error he had made........... no wonder he said 6 weeks he needs to recover !!!!. well done, think you did very well. Makes you wonder of the hands we put our health in..........................

I was thinking of you at 9.45 last night has I was heading to watch desperate housewives, and the said you had another hour to the appointment, so couldnt wait to long on this morning to check.

Thinking of you pet.

Old 04-23-2008, 05:12 AM   #6
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zoey1 HB User
Re: UPDATE - My appointment w/ "Bob"

i am glad you stood up for yourself . I have had similar experience with other docs and most recently the most horrid allergist i have ever seen.
As far as beta blockers go if you take them as prescribed they work very well.
There are some studies that say they also help with pain in certain situations/ combined with low does of amitriptline. Also there are theories of "white coat syndrome" which just being at docs or thought of going can raise pressure.

I found deep breathing sometimes helps with pressure. I also totally changed my diet / cut carbs way down mainly protein a tad of fruit. Less soda lots and lots of water. As a result the pressure does not seem to be high as often.
Oh one thing we noted that when pain levels were high so was Everything else.
Have you noticed any correlations?

Old 04-23-2008, 05:37 AM   #7
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sammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB User
Re: UPDATE - My appointment w/ "Bob"

Cmp, I have to agree with pepper. Why would they wait six weeks. At the very least they should have you reporting to them you B/P numbers via phone, & then have you come in to verify themselves. Especially with an change or increase of any meds.
Why would they wait that long to recheck, does not take six weeks to see if this change will make a difference. He has no business playing games with your life. I wonder if it was his wife, or mother , or what ever if he would wait six weeks for a recheck, I don't think so. Sammy

Old 04-23-2008, 07:22 AM   #8
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TexMom85 HB User
Re: UPDATE - My appointment w/ "Bob"

Wow, Cmpgirl,

You rocked it! Keeping your composure with this turkey was really impressive, in light of his past actions. You really set the bar for how to deal with !DI!OTs who lack compassion and competence. I'm really proud of you!

I'll be praying that you get in with the doc really soon and get the answers you're looking for.... keep us posted!

Lots of prayers,

Old 04-23-2008, 09:03 AM   #9
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Re: UPDATE - My appointment w/ "Bob"

I am so proud of you - good job! My concern is - your BP is very high and I hope you will be able finally to take care of yourself.
I told you how scared I am of BP since i see what it did to my dad during his life (now is 76).
Please, don't ignore it, take good care of yourself...
Stay well, honey!

Old 04-23-2008, 10:32 AM   #10
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cmpgirl HB User
Re: UPDATE - My appointment w/ "Bob"

Hey everybody: Thank you all so much for the "pat on the back". It really means so much to me. I absolutely believe that I was able to keep a cooler head, because I felt you were all standing there behind me. That is truly an amazing feeling.

I am just waiting for a call from Dr. E's nurse. I called this a.m. and left her a message. I told her I know he has a large patient load, but I am one of those patients, and have been for over 20 years. I explained that I don't feel comforable waiting six weeks, and that since I am just around the corner from the office, my schedule is pretty flexible.

My home kit gave me an average reading of 144/94 this morning and I am sure the elevated numbers last night were due to my frustration with Bob. I know my diastolic needs to be under 90 and I want a different med if that's what it takes. I'm really tired of playing russian roulette with this. I'm not dealing with a head cold, this is my life.

I will let you know when I hear back. Thank you all for being here for me. I hope someday I can help you all as much as you've helped me. Blessings and peace, cmpgirl (((((warm hugs)))))

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