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forginon 07-19-2008 10:11 AM

Re: Bad Pain-Bad experience-Second Opinion today-need support!

Sweetie, you are going through so much. I am constantly amazed at your strength. I could not endure what you have been through and retain your levelheadedness.

You really need to be given the opportunity to become a nurse. The way you cared for me during my down time recently is a perfect example. Nursing is for people like you. You bring so much to the table. I pray you will get that chance.:)

Just curious, if you presented a plan to your doc like the one I was coaching Pepper to do, would it go down OK, or would it go badly? I don't mean for results, but your doc's attitude. Would he be offended or angry? I really think you need for him to see you are trying to take charge of your PM, and that he needs to declare his position on what is and is not acceptable as a pain level for decent quality of life. Do you agree?


stepbystep89 07-19-2008 05:17 PM

Re: Bad Pain-Bad experience-Second Opinion today-need support!

I recently began seeing a Pain Psychiatrist. I have found it extremely helpful in finding alternative methods of pain management.

She has me reading - Managing Pain Before it Manages You. There is a ton of helpful information in the book. I strongly suggest reading it. I have learned so much about the mind-body connection and the Relaxation Response.

I wish you the best of luck! Keep posting!


music47 07-19-2008 08:40 PM

Re: Bad Pain-Bad experience-Second Opinion today-need support!

I am so sorry you are dealing with so much pain and bowel problems. My prayers are with you each day. I know what you are going through because I deal with CP too. You are so strong. Hang in there.:angel:

Hugs Nadine:)

skych 07-20-2008 06:00 AM

Re: Bad Pain-Bad experience-Second Opinion today-need support!
Hey everyone,

Thank you for all the suggestions and support.

Steve, your are so sweet. Thank you for saying those things to me about being a nurse. Every day that goes by I learn to have so much compassion for people and I think I may lack that for myself...thus allowing myself to continue with the high levels of pain. I would not want my patient to be feeling this way so why is it I allow myself to be this way?
I think my doc and I hae discussed the pain level thing a long time agao and it was a 5, but the thing is that he knows how much trouble my bowels can cause I am also feel that he is always a bit leary because of my past street drug abuse. he has and is in no way thinking that I have any issues with my meds, but for any addict and alcoholic in recovery to be on long term narcotic pain meds it can be a tricky line to walk on. I must maintain my spiritual fittness. I feel I am good in that area of my life...working with 12 step sponsor and going to meetings and events when I can.
I do not think he would get mad in anyway what-so-ever. About the presentation of a better plan.

I on the other hand have a totall fear of being on more meds than I am now and it causeing the comstipation to spiral out of control. Also as much as I hate to say it I am nearing the end of my stash of money. If I need to I can get some of the medication costs returned to me from my attorney, but I would hate to do that untill all the money is gone.

StepbyStep, I am not sure if I have met you, so first I would like to say hello and nice to meet you. Thanks for the suggestion about the Pain Psych. and the book. I actualaly have that book and I fill out the pain diary in the book every day. I have been making copies of them for months now. I started with the book at the urging of my PM and then I started using the pain diary as a tool to see my pain leves etc. Steve I have many of these to show my PM. A good portion have been turned in to my attorney along with some typings I printed from my computer about my pain right from the start of the car accident and injury there has been great documentation of how the pain has been affecting every aspect of my life. I write notes on the back pages of the diary to explain some things in more depth such as the trip to see my sisters daughters and how the drive and the anxiety has affectexd me.
I would like to see the Pain Psychologist and he recomended coming to see him after surgery. Right now I just do not have the money. Hopefully the settelment will happen in the next 3-4 months. I will have to live off of my family when my money is gone.

Music...thanks for being here for me again. You always post to me with encouragement and kindness and love. I hope things are good for you and again thank you so much!

I know that my pain levels are to high. I am wondering if a raising of the LA medication would suit me? I would like to get rid of the Robaxin because it is not helping me anymore. At least I do not think so, but if I get rid of it and add something else then I risk an increase in the cost of the meds. Even with an incres in the Morphine sufate I am rasing the cost. It is a terribel thing when your meds for pain are only helped by a discount card! I spend $500.00 bucks a month on my regular meds and the pain meds make up $400 of that. Imagine if I had no insurance at all!!! I already get the Cymbalta for nothing through the Lilly patient assistance program.

The Valium is the cheapest and of all the meds I get. The 20 pills of 5 mg's each only costs $4.54 but the PM does not really want to give more or raise the dosage because he knows that the benzos are a kicker when tappering off.

Anyway. I just hope that tomorrow I can get the EMG and the MRI of my shoulder scheduled. I hope they can be doen within this week or the next and that I may get back in to see the Ortho Surgeon for another assesment of the siuation.
Honestly I feel it will be a huge blow to find ou there is a rotator cuff tear in my shoulder. I tried many times to get them to check that out and all the docs I see never wanted to. I have already been told I need the neck fixed, but if a shoulder tear is present then I know they will want to do that first. I am really trying not to go there thinking about it to much but it does kinda weigh on the back of my mind a bit heavily.

Steve, and everyone...thanks again for supporting me through this. SO many little road blocks I feel prevent me from getting the correct pain relief..
I am going to a Cocaine Anonymous 12 step B B Q today for 2 hours or whatever my body can handle. I have been home for 2 days resting just to be able to go and I still have the same pain levels. I know I can leave when I need to and I have been really good at not doing to much the past week so I will be ready to leave when I feel the pain rising.

Still hanging in there!

forginon 07-20-2008 02:21 PM

Re: Bad Pain-Bad experience-Second Opinion today-need support!

It's always best to raise the LA med if that is an option. It provides better coverage with less total opioids, is better for tolerance, leaving you with more options down the road.

If that is an option I would go for it Chrissy. Try not to think of your meds in terms of how may pills or total milligrams you are taking. That's for your doc to worry about. Your concern should be the pain. It is either covered or it is not. Your pain score is "what it is." Very simple. Leave the amounts to the doc. If you are taking 500mg three times daily and your pain score is averaging 7 daily, then your pain is under-treated. I am not trying to say that we should all take as much as it takes to be pain free, or that we should have no concern about our drug consumption. What I am saying is that reporting our pain is our job, the amounts of drug we require is the doc's job. OK?


cmpgirl 07-20-2008 08:40 PM

Re: Bad Pain-Bad experience-Second Opinion today-need support!
Hey Chrissy, Just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. I agree that an increase in LA meds is a better option than one in BT meds. This is how my doc looks at it and how we have been proceeding with my PM. I know you have concerns about the bowel issues, but along with my recent increase in my Oxycontin, I have also increased my doses of stool softeners and fiber intake. If you keep ahead of it, so to speak, you might not have any additional constipation. So far, so good for me.

As far as the robaxin....have you ever taken Soma (gen. carisopradol)? I have taken almost every MR that there is and Soma is the only one that has ever helped my spasms. (and I have spasms all of the time, all over) I'm not sure, but it may be less expensive than some of the others too. I'm sure you could ask the pharmacy.

I'll say an extra prayer that you can get all of your tests/appointments scheduled soon. Hang in there girl! Lots of hugs, CMP/MM

ms_west 07-20-2008 08:54 PM

Re: Bad Pain-Bad experience-Second Opinion today-need support!
Chrissy, I just got back from vacation and want you to know that I am praying for you and that I respect you so much. You have been the ringer and you are such a fighter and determined person. You keep fighting and I will be praying that your procedures and surgery are scheduled soon. (((Gentle Hugs))))

skych 07-21-2008 06:13 AM

Re: Bad Pain-Bad experience-Second Opinion today-need support!
Hey Everyone,

Well I over did it yesterday! I had been being so good about taking care of myself. When I went fishing with my Mom I brought the stuff I needed to lay down if necessay, at yesterdays 12 step B B Q I brought my chair and stuff to lay down and satyed put in the cair with minimal activity,

The I went home and rested a 1/2 hour got up and started on a roll. I tidied the house and then went in search of something in my little woodn shed. I was off to the races....
The shed has had an old door in it since I moved in here almost 2 1/2 years ago. it has been esntially in the way and taking up space. I got irritated at it and I moved the few things in the way (gardening supplys-plant food and sprays nothing major) But then~~~:nono::nono:~~~ what was I thinking???? I dragged it out of the shed and into the car port to be picked up today or tomorrow by a thrift store.

I have no one to blame but myself. I will be doing nothing today. Reading and resting.

I hope today I can get the tests I need done scheduled done.

Do you all think I should just transfer my care to the Ortho Surgeon now or wait to see what the tests say and both the Neuro and the Ortho say about the new test results??? I know for sure that any more neck surgery to be done I want to have the Ortho surgeon do them. If there are issues with the shoulder I don't know who I will see for that because the OS specialises in the spine. The place is a group of Orthos surgeons so maybe someone else from the group can do it. But I am trying not to worry about it to much because we just do not know if that is an issue today.

[COLOR="Indigo"][B]Thanks Everyone![/B][/COLOR]
I want to extend my gratitude and thanks for all the posts of support and suggestions!

Steve, I am glad that you and other agree about the LA med. Next PM appt I am going to bring in my Pain Diary papers and ask that the PM read them or at leat look at the pain #'ers and the notes I have written. Then go from there to try and see what to do about the pain being so high. I was not really necessarily making a point about the mg's just sort of posting them so you all could see the meds I am on and the dosages.

As for the Soma, I have heard it is really good for a MR but I try not to ask for specific drugs. I really need to call my Prescription Drug Discount Program and ask them what medications are on their list as least expensive options. I may need to call the pharmacy and ask for some examples and dosaging info to have available for the insurance to be able to give a price. I may wait to see what the PM might suggest and have him right down the info needed so I can call my Dicount Prescription company to ask then the needed info.

I would hate to try some new med and have it cost me 60 or more dollars and then not work. I guess the PM could prescribe like five and see how it will work both for the PM issues and cost.

Well....I should be able to get the needed appointments scheduled today so I will post the dates if thats what takes place.

Please pray for me. I really am hoping that I do not have any issues with the rotator cuff.


cmpgirl 07-21-2008 07:37 AM

Re: Bad Pain-Bad experience-Second Opinion today-need support!
[QUOTE]Do you all think I should just transfer my care to the Ortho Surgeon now or wait to see what the tests say and both the Neuro and the Ortho say about the new test results???[/QUOTE]

I think you should wait til you have all of the test results before transferring your care. Who knows, there may be something that the neuro might have to deal with as well.

[QUOTE]As for the Soma, I have heard it is really good for a MR but I try not to ask for specific drugs.[/QUOTE]

I think if you just let him know that the current MR is doing little or nothing to help and ask if there is something else he can recommend, you should be fine. If he doesn't flat out mention Soma, then maybe you could say "I've heard that lots of people have luck with Soma. Do you think it would work for me?"

[QUOTE]Please pray for me. I really am hoping that I do not have any issues with the rotator cuff.[/QUOTE]

I will be praying, as always. Take it easy on yourself hon. I know you can get caught up in doing a task sometimes, but right now, you need to be laying as low as possible. If this was your patient down the road, you'd be giving them quite a lecture, right? God Bless. I am sending good thoughts your way. Hugs, CMP/MM

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