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New PM - No Meds Prescribed - Just injections

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Old 01-22-2009, 02:21 PM   #1
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blackRaven HB User
New PM - No Meds Prescribed - Just injections

Hi I also had my first appt with my PM doctor and he did not give me any pain meds he said he wants to try injections first. I have a problem in lumbar L-4 and L-5 I and I also have fibro,lupus,and OA in my lower back and left hip and I am in so much pain and my family doctor already gave me my pain meds(oxycontin) before my appt and I took my last one before my appt thinking he was gonna help me.So now I have to go have a injection in my lumbar spine of cordasone so I'm hoping this works but if does'nt what am I supposed to do then?any suggestions?:I am having a MRI done on my back.
Thank You,


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Old 01-22-2009, 07:22 PM   #2
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slipperyslope HB User
New PM - No Meds Prescribed - Just injections

Raven you needed to ask your Dr for some pain meds and explain the situation to him. He can't read your mind and probably didn't know you were out of meds. he assumed you had them from your GP. You should have asked him for some, as now you have to suffer with W/D'S and pain. Why don't you call him tomorrow and explain the situation to him, but this really should have been done at the time of your apt today. I hope it works for you. If not you will have to call your GP and explain the situation and ask for help. It never hurts to ask, if your new PM Dr does not beleive in narcotics you will find that out when you call and if worst case scenario maybe he will allow you to taper off them or ask your GP to allow you another refill to taper with until you can get your issues resolved and have another apt with your PM Dr and ask him at the next apt.


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Old 01-23-2009, 04:08 AM   #3
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cheryl810 HB User
New PM - No Meds Prescribed - Just injections

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi Everyone!!
Blackraven; I'm so surprised that that a GP prescribed you oxycontin, mine would only give me percocets. And just like you, I didn't get anything from the pain management dr on my first visit and was left with nothing. When I went to him, I just had a few pills from my GP, so I had to go back to my GP and get more and explained that the PM dr didn't give me anything and in fact didn't believe my pain. I told her how he treated me and she was shocked because she referred me to this guy since she goes to him and loves him. She was surprised that he didn't believe in fibro either!!
From everything that I read on these boards it looks really bad if you ask the PM dr for meds on the first visit; you'll practically get blacklisted just for asking to continue what you were prescribed. I've read that it takes 2-3 visits before a PM dr would prescribe narcotics so for this reason I too did not ask for anything but hoping he would since I didn't have any left. I've been through w/d's before and it's not an easy thing to go through!! I feel like all I do in my spare time is run from dr to dr!! My family can't keep up who I go to and for what!! It's unfortunate that so many dr's don't believe you and you end up having to jump from place to place to find the "good" drs.


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sammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB User
New PM - No Meds Prescribed - Just injections

Blackraven, I feel for you. Starting with PM doctor is stressful, not knowing if or how he/she will treat you pain.
I agree with SS, call you doctor & explain. Its tough as none of us want to come right out our first appointment & ask about pain meds.
By the time I got into PM I was so frustrated & nervous I just laid in on the line. My quality of life was suffering, could not do much at all. The pain scared me & no doctor wants to treat long with narcotics & thats why I was there. I was willing to try other methods to. I did let him know, as did my husband, I did not want to take narcotics, but I had no choice. I took my husband & he told the doctor how bad my pain was & that I did not like having to take medication for my pain. He also explained how careful I am with the meds. My husband actually came right out & told him we were there so I would not have to suffer so much. I think he liked that I was open to trying other methods from the get go & I made it clear I was looking forward to the day I did not need meds anymore but in the meantime I could not function without them.
Taking my husband really helped. Even though it made me alittle mad that he talked to my husband more then me, he confirmed alot with him. He ask him how I slept & so on... Also ask him to watch me closely when any changes were made with the meds. I dont like taking him but he still comes along for alot of appointments & my PM stills asks him questions about what he observes.
You may have to come right out & say I am in PM to help control my pain. I am open to trying things but I really have to have help here. In your own words of course. I would recommend taking someone who knows how much pain your in & how it effects your life. That is just my opinoin of course.
I had to sign a ton of papers & contracts to hold me accountable for my meds, but thats fine. My PM does hold me accountable & lets me know it. He will tell me "I give you this medication, its up to you to take it the correct way" He also explains how people can become addicted, abusers & yes even Over dose. I would expect that from him.
Good luck & ask yourselves what do you have to loose by just being honest, if these PMs are not giving you meds in the first place. In the meantime try to get the name of another PM doctor just in case. God bless, Sammy

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Old 01-24-2009, 12:19 AM   #5
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lisam1120 HB User
Re: New PM - No Meds Prescribed - Just injections

Hello Blackraven....
I just wanted to tell you that I understand how you feel and wanted to share some advice as i'm sure others will do the same. I am new to the boards by about three weeks or so, and have gotten some amazing help and suggestions here, this is a great place to come and vent, ask questions, get advice ect.... if it were not for some of the people here, I wouldnt be where I am today and I wish that I could personally give them all hugs for all they have done for me.

I'm very sorry to hear that on your first visit that the Doc would not prescribe anything. I too just went to see a new PM doc yesterday after having a horrific experience with another PM doc for 2.5 weeks and was very nervous about whether or not I would be prescribed anything, but I went in with my hands full of information about myself.

My question to you is, did you take any records with you such as previous Doctors records to show what you have been dx with? What you were previoulsy treated with as far as medications? Any Ct Scans, MRI or Xray reports? ect...

When I went to see my new PM doc yesterday, I had with me all of my records from my Rheumy for the past two yrs (she was who had been treating me then referred me out to a PM doc), I printed up my pharmacy history for two yrs to show what I had taken in the past and was currently taking for two yrs (you can either do this by going to your insurance carrier online and you should be able to view your prescription history, or you can go to the pharmacy where you get your rx's filled and have them print out a report). I took in my last MRI and CT Scan disc's and reports, I took in a pain diary I had kept for the past two yrs, and then finally I had taken in a gallon size ziplock bag of the medications that were currently being prescribed of meds that worked and meds that didnt work.

I did not ask the PM Doc for any medications because I was too afraid of being labeled a "seeker" and I simply hoped that after going over my history he would see that there were three particular meds that I had taken for two yrs that worked well.

I also let him know that although I had gone through many facet joint inj's, epidurals and trigger point injs which had caused more discomfort rather than help, I was willing to try whatever he suggested because maybe his technique of doing them is different from others and they may work. I was open to trying anything to get my pain levels under control.

I ALWAYS ask a new Doctor towards the end of our visit, why they chose the profession of Pain Management? and do they or have they ever suffered from Chronic pain?

I have found as well for myself that making multiple appts with multi docs helps, because if one doesnt work out, then you dont have to start your search from the start and you also dont have to wait another few weeks to get into another appt. If you find a doc that you feel is going to treat your pain the way you want or are comfortable with, then you can always cancel the other appts.

Its exhausting, upsetting, depressing and of course painful to have to find a good doctor, but I would highly suggest arming yourself with your medical history and pharmacy information, if for some reason you cant get copies of your pharmacy history, take in your empty bottles of anything you took or full bottles of what you are currently taking, this will at least show the new Doctor that you have taken the meds before and he then has some history to go off of.

Many people will tell you that when you go in empty handed and have nothing to provide to a new Doctor, more times than not, they will never prescribe on the first day.

I hope that I have helped maybe just a little by providing you with what I did when I went to see my new PM doc. and I sincerely hope that you will soon find some help, because I was just in your shoes a couple weeks ago and its not a good feeling at all. There are many others on here as well that may be able to suggest someone or a group practice that they have heard of in your area. One of the posters on my thread mentioned the place that I went to yesterday and I wish I could personally thank them, because Im positive that i'm now in the right hands of a good, caring and understanding Doc.

Please keep posting and let us all know how things turn out with you and I wish you the best of luck and of course to be painfree soon.

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lynn1961 HB User
Re: New PM - No Meds Prescribed - Just injections

Hi Blackraven....

Ugh....last night I spent 15 minutes typing a post to you and it didnot get posted. It was my puter, let me try this again today!

Lisa has offered lots of great advice and she has been through H*ll the last couple of weeks dealing with this same issue or similar to the same issue. I am so glad for her to get where she has finally gotten.!!

My advice is.....establish trust with your PM doc. They deal with so many "seekers" that it makes it hard on people that are truely struggling with pain. Once you establish a good relationship with your PM doc, he/she will not be so apprehensive about prescribing the right pain meds for you.

On my very first appt with my pain doc, and I had never been to a pain doc in my life so I really didnt even know what a pain doc did, other THAN prescribe medications. I was actually opposed to going to a pain clinic myself.But this was my neurodocs recommendation so I went there. My neurodoc had prescribed me pain meds. My pain doc decided that I would have an epidural injection that day. I had the injection and he wrote me a prescrip for the same pain med my neurodoc had written and sent me on my way. I had another appt with him the following week. Or maybe it was 2 weeks? This went on over a course of several months. He did several precedures trying to get me some relief. Some of the injections DID indeed give me relief, BUT, it was short lived. During the course of several weeks, me and my doc had established a good relationship. He knew and I made it aware, that I didnot want to rely on pain meds for the rest of my life. I also never signed no contract. I have read on this forum that many make you sign a contract? I am not sure what that means even. After many months of seeing my pain doc and doing all the procedures he felt would help.....I had a neurodoc appt. I went to my appt and my neurodoc had all my pain mgt information. He read that I had all the procedures that I could possibly have. So....he then suggested a fusion surgery. But he told me if I felt better and if it would help me make a decision on the surgery <I really didnt want to go through a fusion surgery neither > that I could have the discogram test. I chose to have this painful test. I did indeed test positive on the test. So....I decided to have the fusion. My pain doc did the test.

After my fusion....a week or so after the surgery, I had a severe nerve flare up. I made 3 ER visits because the pain was unbearable. My pain meds from surgery didnot touch the pain I was having. On the 3rd ER visit, I was admitted back into the hospital. Immediately was put on an IV and had diauladid <sp?> I had several test and it was determined I had S1 radiculopathy. It affects the sciatic nerve. I had severe nerve/nerve root inflammation. pain doc took over which medications I would need to get the pain in control and my nerve flare up healed. He put me on oxycontin,roxicodone, lyrica and flexeril. I am so thankful for my pain med doc....he is the best. I really feel it is because he knows me. And he trust that prescribing this heavy duty pain med......that I would be ok taking it. I had an appt with him this past week and he wants me to take all this medication for 3 more months while this nerve heals. My point in telling my story is.....I so believe it all involves establishing trust with your pain doc.

If this is a new appt with a new pain doc.....dont never go into the appt and ask for pain medication. The doc will think you are there "seeking". Especially if there isn't a diagnosis. I read where you have lupus and other probs so, you should be ok. I am not sure about lupus, but seems many lupus sufferes suffer with some pain. OR.....if you had been taking pain meds, tell him. I am quite sure he will ask anyways. The new doc may change the meds you had been taking. Be cooperative as to what he may suggest in treating you outside of just giving pain medication. Some of the injections may just help you. All the time while doing all the things he thinks might help you, you will be establishing a relationship with your new doc. Hopefully you will be blessed with finding a good one as I did and as Lisa finally did. I dont know if I have helped any but I hope I did.......good luck to you and hopefully you will soon be on a track of getting good pain relief. I surely sympathize with you as I know what being in pain is like....good luck to you...


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slipperyslope HB User
Re: New PM - No Meds Prescribed - Just injections

I don't see the harm in asking for a refill . He can say No. My PM Dr prescribed me my meds two times the very first vist. The first time I saw him I was on some meds that were not helping me so he switched me to a new narcotic. than when he closed his practice and re opened it again a year later, he again prescribed me new meds at the first visit again, so its not always the case where you look bad. It depends on the situation.

I hope you didn't go through W/D'S and have to suffer because you didn't want to ask for the meds you were already taking. I do hope your GP was able to help you but you might want to mention it at the next apt.

good luck, SS


please don't debate others' opinion>


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themommaoffour HB User
Re: New PM - No Meds Prescribed - Just injections

wow lynn has given you awesome advice and it is a little freaky cause itis just about the very same as I was about to say and lynn your story is mine t a tee exept for the fusion, I'm so very scared of this next step. Keep the faith and try not to go too crazy having to be seen as a "real" pain patient and not a )*&&%^%$^ seeker. Sorry I just get a little angry with them go back to your stupid steet drugs and leave us alone. (not nice) sorry

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