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Looking for compassionate PM Dr. in KY, TN, or OH

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Old 01-27-2009, 03:14 PM   #1
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Rodsinmyback HB User
Question Looking for compassionate PM Dr. in KY, TN, or OH

Hello all. I am new to this forum so let me tell you a little about my story. In October of 2007 I was involved in an accident. The night of the accident and everyday since I experienced severe pain and numbness down my right side from my lower back to the tips of my toes. I visited Dr. after Dr. with no luck in getting any comfort. It seemed like all they wanted was to give me spinal injections (7 in all) and collect the payment from Worker's Comp. Finally, I was referred to an orthopedist who performed an MRI, CT-scan, and Mylogram to determine the problem. It was determined that a disc was bulging and putting pressure on the roots of my spinal cord. October 27th, 2008 (exactly 1 year since the accident) I had surgery to fuse the L4, L5, and S1 discs in my spinal column. Well, here we are almost 3 months later and I still have no relief. The Dr. is talking about wanting to go back in and do some more, but I am very hesitant. I, myself would like to try an alternative method of pain relief for a while and see if it may help. I have taken Methadone (REMOVED), Perocet (REMOVED), and Vicoden (REMOVED) At the present time I am taking (REMOVED) hydrocodone about 8 times a day and it still isn't giving me any relief. I feel like a chicken pecking corn I have to take so many pills and it's honestly doing me no good. It's untelling how many problems this is causing my liver and other internal organs. I would believe that it would be better health wise to take stronger meds fewer times a day that weaker meds all day long. Anyway, I am located in Southeastern Ky and stronger pain meds aren't on any doctor's agenda in this part of the world. I would honestly be willing to travel if I had to in order to get some kind of relief from this constant agonizing pain. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

(Dr or clinic name is all the information needed. I can use the internet!! Thanks again!!)

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brianpain33 HB Userbrianpain33 HB User
Re: Looking for compassionate PM Dr. in KY, TN, or OH

here is a list of PM doctors here in columbus, ohio. I don't know if you want to travel all that way or if they would even take out-of-state patients but it's worth a try. here is the list here in columbus

Interventional Pain Center (Sachit Manocha, MD)
Grant Pain Management (Glaldstone McDowell MD)
Riverside (Robert Perkins MD)
Pain Care Specialist (several doctors)
Ohio State Pain Control Center
Pain Management Consortium of Ohio (Bruce Massau, MD)

hope that helps


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Odesse HB UserOdesse HB UserOdesse HB User
Re: Looking for compassionate PM Dr. in KY, TN, or OH

Dr. Valley at East Tennessee Brain & Spine Center is incredibly compassionate.

That is a lot of pills to be taking, especially if they're not giving you any relief. You deserve some better treatment, and I really hope you get that very soon.

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Mcgirl HB User
Re: Looking for compassionate PM Dr. in KY, TN, or OH

I have been seeing my pain doctor at the Main campus of the Cleveland Clinic for about six years. He is awesome, compassionate, caring, helpful, trusting...I could go on and on. The other doctors in the office are great as well from what I gather. His name is Leonardo Kapural. I would highly suggest the CCF. They are some of the best docs in the nation.

Good luck with your search!
"That which does not kill me will only make me stronger."

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Lotty667 HB UserLotty667 HB UserLotty667 HB User
Re: Looking for compassionate PM Dr. in KY, TN, or OH

Oh boy Rods, have I been where you are. I live in the Ashland, KY area and the doctors here are so frightened of pain meds. The actions of a few doctors several years ago and a bunch of drug addicts and diverters have really made things difficult for us real chronic pain sufferers.

It took me almost a year to find someone to help me and he turned out to be a Primary care doc. Unlike you I wasn't able to travel, because my husband at the time traveled for work and was never home and I don't really travel all that well without help. Without his care and compassion, they would have had to lock me up in the looney bin by now.

The others here have given you some great suggestions. I hope you are able to find someone as caring as I have found whether they be a PCP or Pain Specialist. My prayers are with you.

Take care,


Old 01-29-2009, 02:52 PM   #6
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lisam1120 HB User
Re: Looking for compassionate PM Dr. in KY, TN, or OH

Hi Rod,
Welcome to the boards, there are some great people here that will be able to help you find what you are looking for, so you've come to the right place, as most of us have been in your position, so we know how others are feeling.

Your actually only three months out of surgery and typically the recovery time for a fusion is 6 months, on top of that you had a 2 level fusion. I had a one level and the recovery took just over 6 months, so I would expect you to still be fairly painful, however the meds you are taking are very low for pain control and i'm shocked that your Othro Doc doesnt have you on something stronger. I was on stronger pain control up until about the 6 mo. mark, and then my Ortho begain putting me on lower pain control and the weaning off process started. I was never completely able to come off of pain medications and the lower we got the worse my pain was and I realized there was just no way in H*** that I could perform simple tasks such as taking a shower, blow drying my hair, sleeping ect with what I was taking... Thank god I had a Rheumatologist that took over my pain control and she began treating me again with stronger meds, which she did for 2 yrs.

Dont want to get you nervous but during that 2 yr period I continued to see my Ortho doc, as my back surgery only made things worse for me and my pain even on pain meds was nonstop, although controlled with what I was taking. One of the problems I had that was new, was I had severe sciatic pain from where the screws and hardware were, well a year (5/2008) after the fusion we went back into surgery to take those out thinking this was what was still causing my pain. Not so!!! I was still in horrible pain and we did another CT Scan, which showed that the level above my fusion had a Diffuse Disc Bulge, so now he wants to do another fusion on that level (L4-L5).

My Rhuemy referred me out to a Pain Management Specialist to control my pain better and that brings me to the current time of today.

Its very hard to find a PM Doc. that will only prescribe medications, most will want to perform different types of injections to see if this helps in controlling your pain and many will put you through different types of therapy, even if you've been through all of these procedures before and they are shown as being unsuccessful. Every doctor is different and has a way of doing things and they will want to try they're way on you, at the same time they will control your pain with stronger meds but eventually will want to take you off of them. Once in a blue moon you might be able to find a Doc that does only prescribe meds, unfortunatley in my State at least, those docs ended up loosing they're license and are currently in jail and because of this, many Docs no longer will prescribe just meds, they will try other procedures too.

As long as my doc is keeping my pain under control to where I have some sort of quality of life, then I personally have no issues with trying other procedures, even though i've been through them all and they have failed to help and at times have made issues worse, i'm hoping that maybe one of them will work and I wont have to rely on medications but the reality of it is, is that most people with back injuries who have had surgeries will always have pain and many of us will have to take medicatons the rest of our lives, the problem there is finding a Doc that is willing to prescribe long term. Its very hard.

My current PM Doc does not prescribe long term and I knew that because I was told this before I made the appt by the receptionist, but the PM Doc I was seeing was doing some barbaric and unsafe procedures as well as prescribing a total of 11 meds for me to take daily, only 2 of those were actual pain medications. I felt I was in danger of her possibly killing me or causing me to become paralized, so after 2 weeks I left & was referred somewhere else, first by a poster here on the boards and then by my Ortho surgeon. Right now i'm only taking a total of 4 medications which are Oxycontin for long acting control, Oxycodone for BT pain, Tramadol for my Fibromyalgia and Soma more or less to help me sleep. My pain levels went from a 7-8 down a 2-3 and have been consistent for almost 3 weeks now. I'm just waiting for my workers comp to approve all the other procedures he wants to do and then we can get started and see what happens. We have a plan in place and goals to meet, so i'm happy with that. Depending on what happens in the end though, if everything he has done does not improve my pain to where I wouldnt have to be on pain meds, then I know that I will having to search again for another PM Doc that will be willing to treat long term. Hopefully it wont get to that, but after two yrs of going through this I have my doubts although I try to remain positive.

So not only do you have the task of finding a PM Doc, you have the added task of finding one that you can rely on to treat your pain for as long as needed.

I would like to add some information to help you on your first appt when you do go...

Make sure you go in fully armed with information about yourself. Go in with copies of your xrays, Ct scans, Mri's ect.. Make sure you take your pharmacy history with you, which you can either get online through your workers comp ins. company or you can have your pharmacy print out a copy of your history. its usually better if you get it from the pharmacy because they can print up the medication name, the strength and how you were taking it as well as the Qty you were recieving. Also take in any medical records you have that shows your history and diagnosis'. Keep a pain diary as well, which shows what you did daily and how it effected your pain levels and what you took or did that decreased those levels.

I hope this information has helped some. I dont live anywhere near you, so I cant help in that aspect, but im sure many people here will provide you with names of places either they went to or have heard about.

Best of luck and keep us posted

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Rodsinmyback HB User
Re: Looking for compassionate PM Dr. in KY, TN, or OH

I would like to thank all those that replied to my original post. Nothing much has changed since it was made. I am still in search of a PM Dr. and still in agonizing pain!! I would like to say that all of your posts were helpful in some form or another. I want to especially thank Lisa because she laid out an honest assessment of what my future held. The reason my procedure was 2 level in the beginning was to side step the problem you are having now. The one thing I can say is that my surgeon was brilliant. He did look ahead and made it clear to me that if we didn't fuse both of them while in there, I would need another procedure later on down the road. While he is a brilliant surgeon, he knows ****** about pain control. He started me on Neurotin since my last post and the only difference I can tell is that it's just one more pill I have to take.

I too am open to any kind of alternative method that may alleviate my pain and give me some sort of opportunity to lead a normal life. Since my surgery, I have honestly gone into severe depression. I don't like waking up in the mornings (on the nights I can sleep) because I know that I have to get out of the bed and I know it's going to hurt like H**L!! I never leave the house!! My life has taken a complete 180 degree turn and it feels like I am screaming at the top of my lungs but no one is listening. I am so glad that I found this board where I can come vent to people that KNOW what I am going through because, unless you've been there, you have NO CLUE!! I'm going to keep searching and hopefully I will find a good doctor. As in Lisa's case, any doctor that would prescribe stronger medicine in my part of the country has long since been locked up. It means I may have to travel, but I would walk a mile on burning coals to get some kind of relief. The hot coals would probably feel better than the pains I'm having now.

Anyway, thanks again for all the replies and words of encouragement.


Old 02-04-2009, 04:11 PM   #8
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sandradee0303 HB User
Re: Looking for compassionate PM Dr. in KY, TN, or OH

Tom, you can try Blatman Pain clinic in mason ohio. He has a website you can google. He also has a massage therapist, psychologist and accupuncturist on site. The only problem I had when I went there is that he believes everyone should eat a perfect organic diet, no matter the cost. Also, my insurance did not cover him, so I transferred to Cole Center for healing in Sharonville Ohio. Dr Cole is nice. He is an M.D., as is Dr Blatman. Dr Cole takes care of my pain mgt but you need to let him know that you want to go with conventional meds because he is very holistic and has holistic "remedies". Hope this helps you some. Good luck in your search. Oh Yea, my friend just told me today that she sees Robert R. Gardner, D.O. in Beavercreek Ohio for her pain control. Sandra Dee

Old 02-21-2009, 09:34 PM   #9
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wifehurting HB User
Re: Looking for compassionate PM Dr. in KY, TN, or OH

There is a great pm doctor in glasgow,ky. his name is dr. jain. I must warn you though. These doctors are very careful about pain meds and people go looking for drugs. When I first took my wife there( she has had spinal fusion 3 years ago) we were first treated I was not happy with the doctor. He just wanted to see if we were serious about my wifes pain level. After several visits (injections, etc) he gave her pain patches.I am now very greatful for him to give my wife a semi-life! She will always be in pain due to her injury, but dr. jain seemed to help somewhat. after many fustrating appts with doctors, he was the only one to help her. good luck in your search

Old 04-26-2009, 10:34 AM   #10
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bullymom HB Userbullymom HB User
Re: Looking for compassionate PM Dr. in KY, TN, or OH

Hello Rods,
I just came across your post, and I hope you have been able to find a good pain doc to care for you. If not, and you are still interested, I have a couple of names I am willing to share with you. Both are in Lexington Ky. Send me a PM if you would please.

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