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deepakJ 11-12-2009 12:33 PM

Pain in oblique and pectoralis major muscles...
Hi All,

I'm facing strange problem from last 5-6 years...whenever I sit on a surface which is either very soft or not very well balanced (like soft cushioned couches, unbalanced chairs,soft mattresses..etc) I feel severe pain in right oblique and pectorals major muscles and since I can't avoid sitting on chairs due to my job requirements my muscles always remains sore (even after taking 7-8 hours sleep.)I've been to many doctors but no one is able to diagnosed this pain.Pain is only on right side.After doing some studies I've concluded that pain could be due to weak core muscles as they are unable to balanced my torso while I sit on soft or unbalanced surfaces.

I just wanted to know if someone has faced this kind of pain in past? Please advice me what should I do..?I'm getting frustrated with this chronic pain as its affecting my professional life big time!!

Thanks in advance.

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