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Pain from old injuries

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painski HB User
Pain from old injuries

About 3 years ago I was stabbed in the back 3 times I had a collapsed lung wich I recovered from. 1 of the wounds was very close to my spine. I now have severe back pain on a daily basis. My pain is usually from a 6 to a 8. I have no insurance and I was wondering if I splurge for a doctor what tests will be done to determine the source of the pain? Would I likeley be prescribed pain medication? If so what? What if the tests don't show anything and they don't beleive me?
As if the back pain isn't bad enough I also suffer from chronic headaches from skull fractures I sustained in a car accident almost 10 years ago. So I would pose the same questions for this ailment.
Any insight would be appreciated.

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tattoogirl HB User
Re: Pain from old injuries

Well pain management is there to treat the symptoms but you will be required to "treat" the underlying cause as well. You would most likely have to start with a PCP who might be willing to prescribe meds, at least short term. However, be aware, that patients coming in with pain and never having been seen before might have an issue because many doctors are wary that you might be a drug seeker. Get ALL and EVERY record of your injuries to make available to any doctor you see (get the records on your own and make a copy for yourself, always good to get for yourself first to see what's in there). You can try and see if you can get into an orthopedic doctor from the beginning, explaining your situation, but most specialists require a referral from a PCP. Perhaps you could call your treating hospital from the previous injury and ask their opinion, might be a long shot but worth it. In pain management they will expect you to have ongoing care besides them and you will need to have records and be addressing your issues before you see them. They won't just prescribe meds, they need documented medical reasons to do so. I wish you luck, pain can be awful and very debilletating!

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Re: Pain from old injuries

as tattoo up there suggested, it is ALWAYS a really good thing to obtain all and any actual medical records from anyone or any facility that ever treats you just so you have them and can also read thru them too. and espescially ANY types of real testing results like lab reports to any MRI reports since you do NOT always even get told everythig that could even be in any given report. this way you also have your very own medical file started on yourself which contains YOUR medical history. i have been doing this for many years now with all my treating docs i have to have now. and most importantly ALL testing results of every lab ans every imaginable type of scan i ahve had to have during these past like ten years of hell i have been living in?

but anyways, the one thing that just can be always a big issue with ANY traumatic type of injury or even a surgery is the old scar tissue that tends to rear its ugly head after a year or so has passed. some people will actually generate a suprising amount while others can be alost nothing. its very highly individual. but with trauma(espescially from a stab wound and you have more than one here) it can be in a very strange way depending when blunt force thru the skin into solid tissue is done to the body? alot depends upon the actual angles that the knife went thru the back in your case. when you say "close to the cord' just HOW close was it, do you recall? this is where all of your ER and any hosp stay records would seriously come in very handy here. any CTs which were probably the very first initial type of scan they did and follow up MRI reports really would tell you alot about the true placement of the stab wounds and the overall depth and full impact upon any organs and also the proximity to the spinal cord too since that just is a biggie. this also could have in some ways disrupted actual spinal nerves too just becasue they tend to go and spread out away and downward slightly at each level from that cord as well so they could be a bit more vulnerable to injury/damage. did you have any real immediate or subsequent actual neurological deficits following the attack like numbness tingling anywhere or anything else that just 'changed" on you that seemed not normal other than the real pain you had to be feeling?

i know you do not actually have ins here but quite honestly, i do think the only real true way of even being able to fully see that area to the best possible advantage would be with a contrasted MRI. i know its kind of a spendy type of test, but considering the mechanism of your injurys and how many seperate areas were also involved here and just what can appear over time that may not even have been noticed at first even, this seriously would just be probably the very best way of seeing all that soft tissue,including that cord area too and any damage and possible scar tissue that could also have worked its way over to your coprd, or particular spinal nerves as well?

you would at the very least need to see your primary to even get the needed referral for the MRI too. but in all honestly,what you pay out now to get the very best type of possible testing that could easily find the source of your major pain generators would probably save you a ton of hassle and money paid out for alot cheaper types of testing being done along the way and anything else you may need to have done with simply not really knowing what is going on at that injury site, ya know what i mean? while just having that one good well contrasted type of MRI would just show that whole injury area all in one shot and at least give you the more updated look you just need even to just follow up on this type of injury you suffered.

while i really do know what you are going thru without having ins here since my son went thru the same dang thing before he was able to finally get his current ins when he had a major medical issue(testical torsion, not fun let me tell ya),they DO these days anyways becasue of the current economic situation being what it is, really DO try and work with people to really help them be able to obtain the needed medical work/care and make a payment plan that you can best afford? there may be one other possible avenue here that could help depending upon the actual circumstances surrounding the stabbing? if you were an actual victim of a crime while not commiting any crime yourself, there just ARE certain victims funding groups availiable to you that even this far out could be worth a try and see about funding for this at least in part?

i just used to be a victims rights advocate for women who were able to get some help with certain needed things ONLY because they were a true victim of a crime committed against them,and they pressed charges. this is just something that i would contact someone from the jurisdiction of where your stabbing took place(county level would probably give best info) and ask about talking to someone about possible victims help programs that could help out financially? espescially since this IS the direct result of THAT crime committed against you back then. its just a shot here that may be able to actually help out right now. ya never really know just what IS even availiable til you start checking things out, ya know what i mean?

but either way, unfortunetly for you here that contrasted MRI i just really do feel would be the very best way to get the bigger picture of what could be going on back there at this point. you just really DO NEED recent testing done that would show the need for any real type of pain management being done before i think any doc would seriously try and treat your pain these days anyways. you kind of have to at least get the main idea of what that main pain generator actually is to even be able to realistically appropriately try and treat it effectively? and you just DO need to know how these injuries have impacted you at this point since like i mentioned above, alot can change over years.

you 'can' try and see what any doc may try and do for you right now, but if you do not actually even have a regular primary right now, seeing any brand new doc its going to be a bit more involved at least at first, espescially without anything to really back up where things are at right now and not three years ago kinda thing? but DO obtain all those records too, you simply need to know the real full extent of the original levels of true injury that was done with each stab wound.

all you have to do is call the hospital where you were treated at and ask for the medical records dept? they will tell you exactly what you need to do. its not that hard, trust me, i have obtained tons of my own medical records at this point. i do hope you can obtain that really important MRI here. its really needed as a good followup anyways? this will just help you sooo much more than anything else in just being able to even obtain appropriate pain management. i dio wish you luck with this and hope things will work out so you can get that done. please keep us posted, K? marcia
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