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Does ALL narcotic pain meds make any of you very sick?

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Old 07-05-2010, 06:06 PM   #1
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ken50 HB User
Does ALL narcotic pain meds make any of you very sick?

I have severe chronic pain in more than one area. The main area being my low back since bad surgeries in 1988,89,90 and 91.

I have been going to a pain clinic Dr for about 15 years, and can not find one narcotic pain med that doesn't make me very sick.

I get dizzy, throw up(alot), and feel like I have a huge hangover. This will last at least 24 hours, or more.

The Dr told me Nucynta may not make me sick, and it didn't as much as others. But I was still so dizzy and hung over the next day that I could barely walk.

I've talked to some that get sick, but nothing like myself. Is there anyone here that has this problem?

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Re: Does ALL narcotic pain meds make any of you very sick?

Often people who don't regularly take pain meds get ill, and this can be because of the amount of medication being absorbed (thus often it is recommended to eat with taking the medications).

For someone who has been on them for a while this is harder to fix. Have you had any long acting medications? They absorb slowly and keep a steady level of medication in the system. Some of the ones I know about (there are more than this) are : Opana ER, MS Contin, and Kadian.
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ken50 HB User
Re: Does ALL narcotic pain meds make any of you very sick?

Thanks for your reply, but thats not it. I can't take the long acting ones(or ANY) as they will make me sick for 2 days.

I had my 9th surgery last wed(7th), and have tried every narcotic pain med made since my first surgery in 1976.

Been going to the same pain clinic Dr for at least 15 years, and he has never seen anyone that gets nearly as sick as I.
My mother was the same way, but not as bad. I've had a few concussions when young and some Dr's say that may have made it worse???

I give up. There is NO pain med for someone like me. The sugery was no fun without pain meds, and my everyday life is really bad without them.

I know there is not enough people like me for them to put any research into a pain med for my type.


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Re: Does ALL narcotic pain meds make any of you very sick?

has ANY real doc EVER actually put forth the real effort to even begin to try and figure out just why this keeps on happening with like EVERY single med that contains any narcotic in you?

what is it(symptoms/reactions) that you actually feel when taking any narcotics? what do you feel in your head or abdominal or ANYTHING that 'always" seems to show itself upon ingesting narcotics? by simply realistically taking a good hard look at what does become impacted with ANY narcotic ingestion that simply share the same commonalities, it could possibly at least be tracked back to one specific real common thing? the thing here is, if that one specific 'thing" that can be tracked back to simply gets found out and somehow 'righted' you may be able to actually tolerate narcotics? just a thought for ya.

the one thing among other lessor impactful actions narcotics simply have in common that i do know of off hand that become impacted, esp within the brain/head is that raise in 'normal"intracranial pressure? have they ever actually checked out even what "your normal" intracranial pressure just 'is' on any given day without any narcotics simply to see if it even may be just a bit higher than the average? if this just IS up higher than what it should be, when adding a med like i do think ALL narcotics just do here, that also tends to also raise it, well it could explain at least some of your real symptoms?

or even having "something" that is impacting your overall CSF pressure or the regulation of the normal amount of it that is supposed to be a more "constant amount/pressure" that gets replenished(like every four or six seconds? cannot recall the ezact amount of seconds off hand) with the brain during the normal "ebb and tide' of how it simply flows within that entire dura surrounding both the brain and the spinal cord too?

there just simply DOES have to be some real ongoing connection here betwen the narcotics and your ongoing reactions that all of them simply share in order to even kind of 'do this to you" at all kinda thing?

do you also ever get some good headaches with the other symptoms too? i am just wondering here if you actually just saw a good pharmacologist that truely DOES fully understand the nature of how meds work and the areas of the body, including the brain that these meds really hit the hardest or impact in very particular ways, you may finally have some types of answers to as to the "whys" in how this simply becomes triggered at all in you,ya know what i mean?

its just when we do really understand all the real 'whys" about ANY real ongoing symptom/response to any given meds, it can help TONS in either bypassing THAT particular problem or even possibly alleviating it all together in some cases? finding that one real connection/commonality that these meds share that is seriously just not only impacting you with the reactionary symptoms, but my god man, what absdolutely hellish pain levels you must have had to already endure here and still do when no narcotics simply even can be used to help with your pain at all?

but if i were you given what you are having to deal with with pain and not really able to fully obtain relief from the, in most cases, best types of meds for chronic pain that just are the most "go to" types of pain meds, i would seriously WANT to find someone who could give me some real solid reasons for this at all to even be occuring, ya know?

are there ANY other actual meds or groups of meds you have also tried at some point that are NOT narcotics that also gave you 'this' same type of reaction too or ONLY narcotics in general?

have you ever had any types of more in depth MRIs done from the brain on down thru your lumbar just to even see what could possibly even be lurking there inside your spinal levels in all areas, including within that dura(that dura itself CAN have certain issues too that CAN pretty easily also impair the CSF flow back and forth to and from that brain as well? and also can become pretty 'congested' from certain things too) surrounding the brain and the spinal cord? even the brain being MRIed with a good contrasting agent could possibly show something in there that trust me here on this, you could have even been born with that simply is NOT either supposed to be there and is impacting certain areas, or even some type of congenital abnormality up in there that could also not be anatomically 'right' or even missing in certain situations that could be creating the reactions you are even having? believe me, anything IS indeed possible to actually have/find within anyones body in any given area that in many cases you just CAN seriously be born with but not actually even know about ONLY because it is not really impacting anything enough to create that need to be more deeply checked into or it simply has to be found upon some type of 'inside scan" in some way? this happened to me and my son with some of the most insane 'findings/conditions i never even heard of before. but there they were either on a scan or in my sons case, he simply presented with some horrid "symptoms' of HIS congenital abnormality at age 12?

since there appears to also be an immediate family member as well who has this very same type of reactions you do too, there just could very simply be some level of real inherited condition or the anatomical thing too that would impact both of you with the same crap? just some 'stuff' i wanted to throw ouyt there for ya. but finding out that commonality here with all narcotics really would be the best possible thing that may just be the underlying reason/trigger when any narcotics are simply introduced into your body? but i would check out a good pharmacologist to try and find the best info on the impacts narcotics all share and on what exact areas of the brain too?

most university type teaching hospitals seriously DO have some of the best pharmacology experts who simply teach the pharmacists? this is where i would start looking for a good one. i DO really hope that you can figure out at least what IS the underlying reason for this crap and be able to actually try and work around it in some way too. please DO keep us posted on anything you find out. Marcia
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