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  • Is there any pain meds that help with nerve pain?

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    Old 06-26-2003, 08:50 AM   #1
    Senior Member
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    Question Is there any pain meds that help with nerve pain?

    I have nerve damage from gallbladder surgery
    (darn surgeon) :-(
    I am in 24/7 pain for 7 months now (november 19th,2002
    was when i had my g/b removed due to gallstones and alot of pain).
    Well i had a few doctor's tell me that no amount
    of pain killers would take away nerve pain, is this
    I am going to see a medical doctor soon at the pain clinic and hopefully she will be able to do surgery to stop my nerve pain or give me nerve blocks, etc.
    Right now my primary doctor has me on "ultram" for pain and that doesn't take away my pain, a few months ago i was on oxycontin 10mg and that didnt even take away my pain either, just made me dealthy sick.
    I don't want to end up living with this pain for another 70 yrs. if surgery can't fix it or pain med's dont even help at all with the pain.
    Is there anything out there that would atleast help a little bit with my pain?? Or am i doomed for the next 70 yrs. in horrible constant pain?
    I have tried also neurontin but that doesn't help with my nerve pain, and i have been on celexa and alot of other anti-depressants but none of those have helped with my pain, right now all i'm taking is ultram 50 mg 3 times a day.
    I don't want to go back on the powerful narcotics since being that they make me dealthy sick (I have a very sensitive systom) :-(
    I just wish that there was some kind of pain med to atleast take away some of my pain, and i also wish that there was some kind of surgery that i could have done to completly stop the pain.
    I think that this darn surgeron who did my g/b surgery wrecked my body and my life for the rest of my life! :-(
    I have heard about pain pump implants, etc.. i wonder if the doctor tells me that they cant do surgery or pain med's wouldnt take away my pain i wonder if like a pain pump would work???
    at this point i am willing to try ANYTHING just to get a better quality of life, i dont' want to end up fileing for disability and sit on the couch for the rest of my life in agony! :-(
    Do any of you have nerve pain caused from surgery and what do you do to diminish some of the pain. i have had a few doctor's tell me that i will just have to "deal with it and learn to live with the pain" and that i shouldn't expect to ever be pain free again. :-(
    My family is all worried that if i would have surgery like to cut a nerve that , that would either leave me parilyzed or in worse pain then i am now, I told my family that i am in so much pain all the time that i wouldnt care if surgery would end me up parilyzed just as long as the pain would go away.
    I guess when a person is in constant pain and pain med's dont even help you get to the point on where you will try anything just to take away some of the pain.
    shoot i'm rambling on and on and writing a book.
    I guess i'm just so darn frustrated at the doctor's for not being able to take away my pain, and for the doctor who gave me this pain! :-(
    I guess surgery is what got me to have this pain and hopefully surgery again will make my pain go away, i guess we all pray for that don't we?? :-(
    Take care everyone! Kim

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    Old 06-26-2003, 09:03 AM   #2
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    kim32 HB User

    oh i forgot to mention that my pain
    feels like this: pinch yourself and keep pinching
    yourself and don't stop, that's how my pain feels
    like 24/7 it never goes away! :-(
    if anyone else here has nerve pain does your pain feel
    like that?? My primary doctor told me that some
    people who have nerve damage feel very little pain, but (where ever there nerve damage is) that part
    of the body goes numb or they have a tingling sensation or a burning feeling.
    I used to have the burning feeling but now it's all sharp pain. :-( Kim

    Old 06-26-2003, 09:23 AM   #3
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    Soleil11 HB User

    yes, I know from my colon surgery, it felt like afterwards a pinch or deep tootache or knife stab locally. I am having it today almost 2 yrs. later but it is a referred pain in pelvic area in colon. It gets better w/ time than how it is was almost 2 yrs. ago and I do take pain medication, but not from surgery dr.,from primary. They told me,surgeon, that pain medication would'nt help this kind of pain.I am taking dialudid for my other pain and I guess it helps some for this. I wouldn't not want to have something for pain as possibly this would be worse. I think there is something other than Ultram for pain. Just because one kind doesn't agree doesn't mean to stop asking for relief. I am drug sensitive also and don't have any noticable side effects to my pain med, altho not reccommending anything. I know you have been struggling to get them to address you and we are all a little frustrated knowing that you don't seem to be heard in the medical area. I know the person that said the squeaky wheel is heard is true. I just went back over and over and then was finally heard. I said it is affecting my quality of daily life functioning and I want more than a life of daily pain that consumes my every thought. Please address this and help me get some relief so I can live some kind of life and say you want something done now, and that ULTRAM IS USELESS for you. If they start you out weaker, maybe you won't get so sick from pain meds. Soleil

    Old 06-26-2003, 11:48 AM   #4
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    Soxy HB User

    Hi Kim. I feel so badly for you. I can feel the agony and frustration in your post. There are a lot of meds out there and procedures. Maybe you need to see a different doc who will listen to you. All of us who are in CP have the right to have our pain taken seriously. Demand it! Don't leave the office until they listen to you. Maybe your pain can't be 100% eliminated but just maybe it can be reduced to a point where you can manage it so you can have a life.
    It may not be that you were given meds that didn't work - and I mean this respectfully - maybe it's your doctors that aren't working for you. Just a thought.
    P.S. I take Topomax which is similar to Neurontin but for me I've noticed no side effects.
    Don't wish upon a star...reach for one!

    [This message has been edited by Soxy (edited 06-26-2003).]
    I hope you have a joyful, peaceful and pain tolerable Christmas and New Year.
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    Old 06-26-2003, 02:50 PM   #5
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    Pippin31 HB User

    Yes there are meds. Specifically to help nerve pain. I know of two off the top of my head. One is Neurotin (spelling?). This is actually an anti-seizure medication, but it helps with nerve pain too. I was on this for 8 months. It really does help with the pain. IT isnít instant pain relief like narcotic medication in the sense that you take a pill and start to feel better. It takes a little while for this medication to start to heal or help your nerve. It does make you feel very sleepy and can sometimes make you feel like you are hung over the next day. But, again, it does work. The other is Topamax. This can make you a little sleepy, but is much better as far as the hang over feeling. However, I couldnít stay on it more than 2 weeks because it gave me a headache. So, there are specific medications for nerve pain that will be more beneficial than narcotic pain medication. AT least that was my experience. I take pain meds, but they werenít very affective for my leg pain. Take care and good luck.

    Old 06-26-2003, 06:36 PM   #6
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    lostsoul15204 HB User

    Kim, I also have personally found that Neurontin is excellent for nerve pain. I started on 100mg 3 times a day,no relief,then 300mg 3 times a day,some relief, now I take the max dose which is 1200mg 3 times a day and the relief is amazing, the only side effects I FIND TROUBLING ARE blurred vision,ocassional diareha, and I can't remember how to tie my shoes!!!!But well worth the nerve pain relief. It is also a mood elavator, I call them my happy pills!!!!My pm doc also prescribed me klonipin .5mg for sleep and said they help with nerve pain too,as do all of the benzodiazapines,i.e. valium , zanax, ativan etc. The best thing about neurontin is that it's non-narcotic, non-addictive and how well it works once it builds in your system. The only drawback is it's very expensive but worth every penny in my book. Good luck and God Bless, Rick


    Old 06-26-2003, 08:58 PM   #7
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    jamesgm HB User

    my pain is in my feet.
    anything help this?


    Old 06-27-2003, 08:15 AM   #8
    nix nooks
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    nix nooks HB User

    I find that valium helps me when my sciatic never is pinched. it might work for you.

    Old 06-27-2003, 08:48 AM   #9
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    Hey james, As much as Cpers don't want to believe that opiates don't relieve neuropathic pain often the antiseizure meds do help. Neurontin and Toppamax were mentioned but there are several other antieleptics that may help, finding the right antieleptic is like finding the right opiate, you may have to try several before finding the one that works the best with the least side effects, There is Dilantin, Lamictil, and Klonopin that can be tried in conjuntion with opiates too.

    There are also other therapies that may help Kim. Nerve ablation may help her pain. A test block called a medial branch block can be done to isolate which nerve root is causing the problem and then the sympethetic nerve can be destroyed through radiofrequency or chemically. If two medial blocks are successful than you may be a candidate for nerve ablation.

    The sympethetic nerve that is causing her abdominal pain can be destroyed and give up to several years of relief before the nerve regenerates. It can be repeated if the first was successful.

    Do a search on Medial branch blocks and RFA Radio Frequency Ablation. A Dermatone map may give you an idea of which nerve root is causing the abdominal pain. Find an anesthesiologist that specializes in PM and uses flouoscopy to guide the needle.
    Good luck Shoreline

    Old 07-08-2003, 11:10 PM   #10
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    lacydoll HB User

    Hi Kim,
    I sure know how you feel. I have had NO life for 4 years as of last month. I have been in chronic pain starting 2 weeks after a spot was removed from the tip of my left lung. It was not cancer and could have been left alone, but the doc said I had smoked so many years he was just sure I had cancer,,,NOT!!!!
    From 2 weeks after the surgery, I have been experimented on week by week. So many docs, so many meds,,none works. Even had nerve blocks, then last year a Lamainectomy to remove scar tissue or damage, but all it done was put more soreness and a bump on my back which is always "raw sore" and can't lay on my back. I sit up to sleep. No doc will do another surgery on me as they think it would cause more scar tissue I guess.
    I have no life, am considered disabled and can do no housework or anything. Can't even put clothes in the washer .Can't sweep, can't bend down to pick up anything from the floor.
    I don't enjoy anything anymore, ot even being around my grandkids as I am afraid they will bump me,,and gads it would kill me.I take methedone for about 4 days until it constipates me then I quit it for about 3 days until I hurt real bad again. Methedone doesn't help the pain at all , but it does just take a little soreness off the sore inside part. I feel raw sore under my left breast and even with that in my back and feels as though my left breast is swelled out hugh and I am not large. I have lost 70 pounds since I had the surgeries and did not do the weight loss on purpose. I just don't feel hungry because I am in such pain.
    It never stops burning and stinging and on a scale of 1 to 10, my pain never goes below about an 8 all the time and sometime is a little worse.
    I may be old, but I don't feel old in my head and I was healthy all my life until this surgery and then to find out I would not have had to have it done really makes me mad.
    I have not been able to sleep with hubby for 4 years and this is no way to live. I can't stand to be touched, I am so sore inside and out.
    It is so terrible to hurt ALL the time and have NO LIFE what-so-ever...If it is scar tissue, I wish some doc would just try and get rid of it but they won't and I think it is because all the 4 years of pain has caused me to have high blood [pressure when it pushes so hard under my left breast, and this never stops.
    Maybe some day they will find something that helps us..I wish!!!!

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