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    Old 07-31-2003, 03:01 PM   #1
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    Post Trazodone

    My Dr. prescribed this medication for Fibromyalgia and I want to know if anyone has used this? The dose is 50mg and I'm worried to take it, because it is an anti-depressant. from what I know it has been on the market for a long time and I just want to know what the side-effects/benefits are? I have a sister who has gone through hell with different anti-depressants and had a terrible time getting off of them.

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    Hi Pretender

    I am also on Trazodone 50mg 2 pills (100mg) at bedtime. My doctor prescribed it to me for sleep but I also know it's an anti-depressant, which he probably thought it would be good because he heard me rambling on about my life quality with pain, work related problems with pain and so on.

    I really can't help on the benefits question because I don't think I am authority enough being on them for such a short period of time. I do however find them to be a better sleep aid. I don't know how hard it is to stop taking them because I don't think that would be in my best interest at the moment. As far as the depression qualities of the pill, I don't see much improvement, but like I stated they were originally prescribed for sleep, and it does help with that.

    I do not have any side effects except drowsiness. I would imagine if I took them during the day I would be asleep

    I have a good tolerance to most meds, and not sure how this medication effects others. Hopefully someone else will come along that has been on this for a longer period of time.

    Hope this helps answer even a little of your concerns..


    * 27 years old, male
    *Chronic upper back pain for about 6 years, recently getting really bad, really stiff in the morning takes forever to get going, lasts all day everyday.
    *Crackling sounds from rib cage area across upper and middle back when stretching.
    * Pain, tightness and burning all day long, usually ranges from a 4 through 9 depending on the day and how my body wants to react. Usually it's at least a 6/7 all day recently, used to be an annoying 3/4 all day, which I lived with but hated.
    *Problem areas are mainly around breastbone area of chest, across shoulder blades, dead center upper back, upper shoulders and back of neck. Feels as if it's muscles and bones/joints, possibly ribs.
    *Muscles spasms, had a couple that were severe enough to go to ER, felt like I was having a heart attack, pain radiated through upper back to chest area.
    *Taking Vicodin 5/500 Soma 350 and Celebrex 200, which also helps somewhat but not to where I am not bothered by the pain, burning, tightness ect..
    *Chiropractic 3 years, PT on and off again, all of which produces results that do not last for more than the day I have them.
    *Can't remember any trauma I had that would have caused all this. Don't understand how it's getting worse.
    *Can't really do anything, lifting, heavy physical ect.. Try and walk and stretch when I can.
    *Still undiagnosed and waiting

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    I've never used it, but I can tell you what it says in my pill book.

    The brand name is Desyrel. It's an antidepressant. Prescribed for Depression with or without anxiety, cocain withdrawels, panic disorder, agoraphobia (fear of spaces) and aggressive behaviors.

    It is chemically different from other antidepressents. It is just as effective as other drugs in treating the symptoms of depression but may be less likely to cause side effects.Symptoms can often be relieved as early as 2 weeks after starting trazodone, but 4 or more weeks may be required to achieve maximum benefit.

    I don't know if you are male or female, but there is a warning in here that says that although rare, painful and sustained erections have occurred with trazadone. If this happens stop taking the drug and call your doctor. One third of these cases may require surgery or may lead to a permanent inability to achieve erection.

    Most common side effects: upset stomach, constipation, abdominal pains, bad tast in mouth, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, palpitations, rapid heartbeat, rash, swelling of the arms and legs, and a whole lot more (let me know if you want me to email you the rest, I'll be happy to)

    Drug interactions: May increase digoxin or phenytoin blood levels and the risk of side effects. Trazodone may increase the effect sof sedatives. May cause a small reduction in blood pressure.

    Take it with food to increase its effectiveness and reduce the risk of the common side effects.

    Adult usual dose: 150 mg a day then may be increased by 50 mg a day every 3-4 days to a max of 400 mg a day.

    There's more info on less common and rare side effects if you need it. Doesn't mention anything about using it for fibromyalgia (sp).The book was written in 2000.

    Hope it helps.

    ~head on collision in 1999 (car totaled)
    ~badly sprained ankle, bruised chest cavity, whiplash
    ~month later, recovered
    ~month and one week later, couldn't move neck LOTS of pain and crying. Tingling in right index and middle finger. Pain down right arm, pain always in neck and in upper back between shoulder blades (burning). Legs also hurt at times.
    ~went to various docs, prescribed muscle relax. and pain meds on and off whenever I got a "flare up".
    ~found my doc 2 years ago, prescribed lortab. insurance wouldn't cover preexistin cond till 6 months lapsed
    ~doc said "you are having muscle spasms and will prob be on pain killers the rest of your life"
    ~later, doc started to question my pain
    ~told him to schedule MRI
    ~MRI showed herniated disk, bulging on right side at C5 & C6
    ~kept me on pain meds and referred me to a wonderful chiro.
    ~now seeing chiro and taking pain meds
    ~next step is epidural shot if chiro doesn't work.
    ~UPDATE: Aug 2003: Saw Doc., discussed tolerence to Lortabs; Discussed long acting meds and complete loss of sensation in right thumb up to first finger; and pain worse, + wake up with right arm "dead" often!
    ~Set up appt with Neuro
    ~Prescribed MS Contin 30 mg 2x day plus Lortab 10 5 per day for BT.
    ~ 1 wk later: bumped up to 60mg MS Contin 2x day
    ~ So far MS Contin works excellent. Pain level 0 to 1 for 8-10 hours
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    Old 07-31-2003, 04:35 PM   #4
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    Prtender, I am on trazadone 50 mg for sleep. I am taking celexa 1 time a day for depression. Even though it is labled an anti depressant, they use it more for sleep and relaxation. It should help with the pain so you can sleep. I have been on it for 3 months and have no side effects. Best of luck.

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    Thanks you all are very helpful with your different experiences with this medication and even doing the research for me,painintheneck2! I will try it one night and see what happens. He didn't give me refills, I wonder why since it should not be stopped abruptly?

    Old 08-01-2003, 02:06 AM   #6
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    chriztene HB User

    Trazodone is a wonderful med for sleeping. It doesnt have the same properties as prozac, effexor, etc. My dr. told me trazodone is a very old antidepressent and was given to vietnam veterans for depression, anxiety, etc.

    I have stopped suddenly and really had no adverse reactions with the exception of not being able to sleep.

    You might feel a bit drowsy in the beginning, but, this should subside within a week or two.

    Best wishes,

    Old 08-01-2003, 07:44 AM   #7
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    Kimberbella HB User

    Hi Pretender

    I took Trazodone as a sleep aide, also for a while. I did the 50mg and then went up to the 100mg because the 50mg tended to not work as well. This was over a very short amount of time that I didnt this. Perhaps, 15 days? Suffered nothing after that.. as far as withdrawl.. well, perhaps I missed the lack of sound sleep a bit... lol.

    I ask why I was being given an anti-depressant (Trazodone) along with my usual anti-depressant (I was also on Celexia) and he said that the higher dosages of Trazodone are used as the "anitdepressants", the lower for the sleep aides.

    Not to say that this is what your doctor has in mind for you.. just saying this is what he wanted for me, though..

    I hope that maybe helps some

    So glad we can all share with each other and see what everyone has to throw into the mix! What a blessing!!

    Have a great day! Kim

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    Old 08-01-2003, 02:43 PM   #8
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    I also was prescribed trazadone for sleep, It did make me drowsy but it clogged my sinuses so bad I had to stop taking it. It did absolutely nothing for my depression. This is 1 drug that I omitted from my daily regimen, but drugs affect differente people in different ways, maybe it will work for you. I had no withdrawl after being on it for about 6 months. Good luck and God Bless,


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